Trump hush-money trial

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What&#39;s Next in the Trump Case
Next for Trump: Sentencing

Next for Trump: Sentencing

Judge could impose probation or prison time

(Newser) - The jury in Donald Trump's hush-money trial has been dismissed, and the case moves to the next phase. Because the crimes are nonviolent, experts say Trump is unlikely to be detained before sentencing. Here's what's ahead:
  • Sentencing: Judge Juan Merchan scheduled Trump's sentencing for 10am July

Trump Guilty of 34 Felonies, a First for a US President

New York jury returns guilty verdicts on all charges

(Newser) - A Manhattan jury has found Donald Trump guilty of all 34 counts he was charged with in his hush-money trial, making him the first onetime president to become a felon. Trump sat expressionless and slack at the defense table, the New York Times reports, as he heard "guilty" read...

Jury Has a Verdict in Trump's Hush Money Trial

Former president faces 34 counts in criminal case

(Newser) - The jury in Donald Trump's hush money trial reached a verdict on Thursday afternoon, signaling a highly anticipated culmination of the first criminal case against a former American president, the AP reports. The verdict from the 12-person jury is expected to be delivered soon in the Manhattan courtroom where...

Trump Jurors Ask to Rehear Pecker, Cohen Testimony

They also want to hear legal instructions again

(Newser) - The first day of the jury's deliberations in the first-ever criminal trial of a former US president ended without a verdict Wednesday. The New York jurors were dismissed just after 4pm, with Judge Juan Merchan asking them not to discuss the hush-money case with anyone, NBC News reports. He...

Trump: 'Mother Teresa Could Not Beat the Charges'

Judge says Trump has to stay in courthouse while jury is deliberating in hush-money trial

(Newser) - Judge Juan Merchan gave jurors an hour and 10 minutes of instructions before they began deliberations in Donald Trump's hush-money trial Wednesday morning—and the former president did not sound optimistic afterward. "Mother Teresa could not beat these charges," he told reporters outside the Manhattan courtroom. "...

Prosecutor Wraps Up Closing Argument in Trump Trial

'This case, at its core, is about a conspiracy and a cover-up'

(Newser) - After defense attorney Todd Blanche delivered his closing argument in Donald Trump's hush-money trial Tuesday, focusing on Michael Cohen's dishonesty, it was the turn of the prosecution. Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass reminded jurors that Cohen—slammed by Blanche as the "MVP of liars"—was not the one...

Biden Campaign Shows Up Outside Trump Trial

After De Niro spoke, Trump staffers slammed him as a 'washed-up actor'

(Newser) - President Biden's campaign showed up outside Donald Trump's New York City criminal hush-money trial Tuesday with actor Robert De Niro and a pair of former police officers in an effort to refocus the presidential race on the former president's role in the Capitol attack. It was a...

Trump Attorney Makes His Case in Closing Argument

Todd Blanche assails the credibility of Michael Cohen

(Newser) - Closing arguments began Tuesday in Donald Trump's hush-money trial , and Trump attorney Todd Blanche took direct aim at the prosecution's star witness—Michael Cohen. "He's literally like an MVP of liars," Blanche said of him. "He lies constantly." Referring to the infamous $130,...

Trump Jurors Have Their Biggest Day Yet

Closing arguments begin, and the panel could take up the case as soon as Wednesday

(Newser) - Donald Trump's hush-money trial resumes Tuesday, and it's a big day for all involved: closing arguments begin. A look at what's ahead:
  • Tuesday: Closing arguments are expected to take all day and perhaps continue into Wednesday, reports CNN . The defense goes first, and attorney Todd Blanche is

Trump Decides Not to Take the Stand
Trump Decides
Not to Take the Stand

Trump Decides Not to Take the Stand

Defense rests, with closing arguments up next

(Newser) - Donald Trump's Manhattan jury won't hear from the former president himself. Defense attorneys in his hush-money trial called only two witnesses—neither of them Trump—before resting their case on Tuesday morning, reports Politico . Closing arguments will follow, though not until after the Memorial Day weekend. After the...

Judge to Defense Witness: 'Are You Staring Me Down?'

Prosecution rested its case Monday

(Newser) - The prosecution rested its case against Donald Trump on Monday after four days of testimony from Michael Cohen, and the defense began calling its witnesses. Earlier Monday, Cohen admitted that he had stolen money from the Trump Organization.
  • After Trump attorney Todd Blanche finished his cross-examination of Trump's former

Michael Cohen: Yes, I Stole From Trump Organization

Defense wraps up its cross-examination

(Newser) - Michael Cohen returned to the stand on Monday in Donald Trump's hush-money trial , with the defense continuing their line of attack on his credibility. One of the more notable moments came when Trump attorney Todd Blanche got Cohen to admit that he stole from the Trump Organization, reports Politico...

Sources Say Trump Won't Testify at NYC Trial

Though some of them admit he could insist upon it at the last minute

(Newser) - Donald Trump has said more than once that he wants to testify in his criminal trial in New York, but will he? As the trial over hush money payments to Stormy Daniels in 2016 winds to a close, signs point to no. Four people close to Trump anonymously told the...

At Court, Gaetz Echoes Trump's Call to Proud Boys

GOP congressman assures defendant he's standing by

(Newser) - Rep. Matt Gaetz's expression of support on Thursday might have sounded familiar to Donald Trump. "Standing back and standing by, Mr. President," Gaetz posted on X, the Hill reports. Gaetz included with a photo showing Trump outside the New York courtroom where he's on trial , with...

Trump Lawyer Plays Cohen &#39;Revenge&#39; Clip
Trump Lawyer Plays
Cohen 'Revenge' Clip

Trump Lawyer Plays Cohen 'Revenge' Clip

At least 9 House Republicans were at courthouse

(Newser) - With Donald Trump's hush-money trial approaching its closing stages, more Republican lawmakers made the trip to Manhattan to show their support Thursday. The Hill reports that at least nine House lawmakers, including Reps. Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, and Bob Good, chair of the House Freedom Caucus, were at the...

Cohen Cross-Examination Had a 'Fiery Start'

Trump lawyer asked about social media insults

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Donald Trump's hush-money trial finished questioning of Michael Cohen Tuesday and a tense cross-examination began. The Hill reports that it got off to a "fiery start" when Trump lawyer Todd Blanche told Cohen that he had called him a "crying little s---" in a TikTok...

Appeals Court Upholds Trump Gag Order

Judges say jurors, witnesses should be 'free from threats, intimidation, harassment, and harm'

(Newser) - As Michael Cohen testified for a second day in Donald Trump's hush-money trial in Manhattan on Tuesday, an appeals court denied the former president's attempt to overturn a gag order against him in the case. A five-judge New York appeals court panel rejected Trump's argument that the...

As Cohen Testifies, Trump Gets More High-Profile Support

House speaker Mike Johnson is among Tuesday's court attendees

(Newser) - Donald Trump's trial is becoming a must-attend event for his A-list supporters. As Michael Cohen continued his testimony Tuesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson showed up at the Manhattan courthouse and denounced the case as a "sham," reports the AP . Also in attendance were North Dakota Gov. Doug...

Cohen: Trump Said &#39;Women Are Going to Hate Me&#39;
Cohen: Trump Said 'Women
Are Going to Hate Me'

Cohen: Trump Said 'Women Are Going to Hate Me'

He directly links Trump to Daniels payment

(Newser) - Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former lawyer and "fixer," took the stand in the former president's hush-money trial on Monday and directly linked Trump to the $130,000 payment made to Stormy Daniels. Cohen testified that after the release of the Access Hollywood tape ahead of the...

Sen. Vance, on VP Shortlist, Joins Trump at Court

Ohio senator shows his support in very public fashion

(Newser) - Memo to those in the race to be Donald Trump's running mate: A show of support in court might not hurt. Sen. JD Vance of Ohio turned up at the former president's hush-money trial in Manhattan on Monday, reports USA Today . Because Vance is thought to be a...

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