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Rock Slab Found in 1900 Now Hailed as 'Treasure Map'

Researchers believe the Saint-Bélec slab points to Bronze Age burial sites in France

(Newser) - There's no bright red "X" marking the spot where treasure can be found. Still, archaeologists believe they've found a "treasure map" in the form of a 4,000-year-old rock slab whose engraved markings match natural features in France's westernmost Brittany region. The large stone, known...

Believers in 1930s Tale Hunt for a River of Gold
Old Map, 1930s Tale Spurs
Modern Hunt for Gold

Old Map, 1930s Tale Spurs Modern Hunt for Gold

'Los Angeles Times' digs into the fabled treasure of Mount Kokoweef in the Mojave Desert

(Newser) - It's a great American yarn. Whether there's any actual gold at the heart of it is a whole other matter. Writing for the Los Angeles Times , Daniel Miller digs into the legend of a veritable river of gold said to exist somewhere in the caverns beneath Mount Kokoweef...

Antarctic Seafloor Mapped in Unprecedented Detail

New deepest spot revealed along with seamounts and channels

(Newser) - We have the clearest view yet of what's below the Antarctic or Southern Ocean , one of the most remote and harsh regions on Earth, thanks to a five-year mapping effort that, among other things, revealed a previously unknown deepest point. The Factorian Deep at the southern end of the...

New Zealand Definitely Exists. Just Not on Ikea's World Map

It's not the first time the country has been forgotten by cartographers

(Newser) - Usually when you buy something from Ikea, it's necessary to assemble all of the parts, but a world map should really come preassembled with all of the countries included. At least that's the feeling of New Zealanders, who are a bit miffed that a map from the retailer'...

What May Be 'Most Famous Map in English Lit' Up for Grabs

1926 EH Shepard sketch of Hundred Acre Wood appears in AA Milne's 'Winnie-the-Pooh'

(Newser) - Sotheby's is prepping for a children's books and illustrations auction in July, and at the top of the list is what one expert calls "probably the most famous map in English literature." That, per the BBC , would be EH Shepard's original ink sketch of the...

Gun Group: Boycott Paper's Advertisers Over Gun Map

New York gun advocates aim for the Journal News

(Newser) - Gun advocates are targeting a New York newspaper's most sensitive spot—its wallet—over the paper's online map of gun owners, Politico reports. The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is asking "concerned citizens" nationwide to boycott advertisers of Westchester's Journal News, which sparked an...

Meet a Man Who Has Been to All 3,143 US Counties

Reid Williamson is one of 32 Extra Miler Club 'completers'

(Newser) - Apparently visiting all 50 states wasn't enough for Reid Williamson: The 64-year-old is one of just 32 "completers," Extra Miler Club members known to have visited all 3,143 US counties. Washington Post columnist John Kelly takes a fascinating look at Williamson's quest, which started at...

Kid, 13, Catches Error at the Met

Museum working to fix Byzantine map

(Newser) - There was a mistake in a map at the Metropolitan Museum of Art—but nobody noticed until 13-year-old Benjamin Lerman Coady visited with his mom. The Connecticut seventh-grader and history buff was checking out a permanent exhibit on the Byzantine Empire when he spotted the problem: A map that purported...

Google Ditches Mapmakers, Hires ... You?

Google ditches industry giant for user content, and others follow

(Newser) - Online maps that depend on user-generated content are growing at quite a clip, even threatening the more traditional purveyors of digital cartography. The famously canny Google marked the transition last month by dropping map company Tele Atlas from its US maps, opting to rely on free info provided by the...

Google Earth Helps Amateur Spies Map North Korea

Annotated map exposes graves, nuke facilities—and swimming pools

(Newser) - Spying on North Korea would seem to be a job for intelligence services, but one PhD student at George Mason University has exposed many of the secrets of the insular regime from his home computer. Piecing together clues from news reports, photos, and eyewitnesses, Curtis Melvin and colleagues have annotated...

3-D Map Adds Light Years to Concept of Universe

Survey used red shift to find relative distances of heavenly bodies

(Newser) - Telescope photographs of the night sky are compelling, but it’s hard to get a feel for the heavens when you’re Earthbound. The recently completed Sloan Digital Sky Survey can help: It is a 3-D map of the area within 2 billion light years of Earth that allows the...

Online Maps Give Personal View of World

User-generated custom atlases are becoming guides to everything

(Newser) - Taking a page from Wikipedia, Internet users are harnessing the collective knowledge of millions and applying it to maps. On the rapidly growing "GeoWeb," surfers create custom atlases using mapping technology by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others. The user-generated maps can highlight anything from stores to previously unavailable...

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