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There's a New DunKing on the Block
Dunkin' Has a New
Celebrity Pitchman

Dunkin' Has a New Celebrity Pitchman

Will Arnett steps in for Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and he's got Dunkin'terns for the summer

(Newser) - Ben Affleck and Matt Damon might've teamed up for a little film that won some Oscars, but they more recently teamed up for a little Super Bowl commercial for Dunkin' . They've apparently now got the summer off, and the coffee-and-doughnut chain has a new pitchman in the form...

Dunkin' Merch Sold Out in 19 Minutes After Affleck Ad

Orange tracksuits worn by 'Air' actor and his fake boy band are apparently a coveted item

(Newser) - If you haven't had a chance yet to catch the Ben Affleck-Matt Damon-Jennifer Lopez-Tom Brady commercial for Dunkin' that aired on Super Bowl Sunday, everyone else made up for you. In fact, so many people were invested in the coffee and doughnut company's ad—which shows the three...

Matt Damon Not Happy Trump Lifted Movie Speech for Ad

Actor's monologue from 'Air' showed up in a campaign video

(Newser) - His name is Matt Damon, and he does not approve Donald Trump's message. Damon and Ben Affleck's production company, Artists Equity, has blasted the Trump campaign for using Damon's monologue from Air in a campaign ad, Deadline reports. The fundraising ad, posted on Truth Social company, features...

Matt Damon Takes His Lumps on South Park

Matt Damon
Takes His
Lumps on
South Park
in case you missed it

Matt Damon Takes His Lumps on South Park

Show skewers him for his advocacy of cryptocurrency

(Newser) - The first episode of the 25th season of South Park is not kind to Matt Damon. As the The Hollywood Reporter notes, Cartman and the gang make the actor the butt of a running joke over his advocacy of cryptocurrency. The hook is this commercial that Damon made for Crypto....

Matt Damon Backtracks After 'F' Slur Backlash

Says his original comments were misunderstood

(Newser) - If you read Matt Damon's recent Sunday Times interview, you may have come away with the impression that he was still using the homophobic 'f' slur until his daughter recently enlightened him on how offensive it is. Not so, the actor insists. Far from being praised for allowing...

Matt Damon's Daughter Schooled Him on Gay Slur 'Months Ago'

50-year-old Harvard alum just recently realized he shouldn't use the word after an ill-received 'joke'

(Newser) - Matt Damon is making the promotional rounds for his new film, Stillwater, but an anecdote he relayed in a recent interview is making its own headlines. Talking with the Sunday Times , the 50-year-old Harvard alum touched on the state of the movie industry before moving onto the topics of the...

Amanda Knox's Reaction to Film: 'Does My Name Belong to Me?"

She blasts 'Stillwater,' starring Matt Damon

(Newser) - The so-so reviews are in for the new film Stillwater, and now Amanda Knox has panned the whole project. The film is fiction and doesn't set out to portray what happened to Knox, an American who was convicted, then acquitted, of the murder of her roommate in Italy. In...

For Americans, Stillwater May Be 'Ugly'
For Americans,
Stillwater May Be 'Ugly'

For Americans, Stillwater May Be 'Ugly'

Film has something to say about the US, but doesn't quite manage it: critic

(Newser) - A denim-wearing Oklahoma roughneck (Matt Damon) seeks a killer on the streets of Marseille, France, where his estranged college-age daughter (Abigail Breslin) is serving time for a murder she says she didn't commit. That's Stillwater , the new film inspired by the case of Amanda Knox and directed by...

Trump Stays in Zoolander, Says Ben Stiller

Cameo was one of many, possibly because they were part of the deal

(Newser) - Donald Trump didn't get the reaction 20 years ago when he stepped before a camera that he gets now. When Ben Stiller was making Zoolander, he was filming at the VH1 Fashion Awards when Trump and his wife, Melania, arrived for the show, the New York Post reports. "...

Kimmel Shares Big News, Followed by Surprise Guest

Late-night host is taking summer off to spend time with family; Matt Damon is perturbed

(Newser) - If you're a Jimmy Kimmel fan who tuned in to his show last night, you'll be glad you did, as it was his final one for a while. "Tonight is my last new show for the summer," he said in a surprise announcement, per People . "...

DJs Get Interview of a Lifetime: a Locked-Down Matt Damon

'I feel like I'm about to throw up,' Dublin's Nathan O'Reilly told Damon, quarantined in small Irish town

(Newser) - Talk about an at-work win. Per the BBC , Dublin DJs Nathan O'Reilly and Graham O'Toole nabbed none other than Matt Damon for a Zoom interview after finding out the 49-year-old star was quarantining with his family in the coastal town of Dalkey. For six weeks, O'Reilly had...

Far-Flung Town Adopts Matt Damon: 'Leave Him Be!'

He's a surprise resident in Dalkey, Ireland

(Newser) - Small town, meet your new celebrity neighbor—and pretend he's just like anyone else. That sums up a New York Times report on an Irish town's reaction to Matt Damon, who's been seen walking and talking around Dalkey while holed up there during the coronavirus shutdown. "...

Hold Onto Your Seat for Ford v. Ferrari
What Critics Think
About Ford v. Ferrari

What Critics Think About Ford v. Ferrari

Expect a thrill ride

(Newser) - The true story of Ford's effort to show up Ferrari at an epic 24-hour auto race in France in 1966 is retold in Ford v. Ferrari , James Mangold's latest film starring Matt Damon as auto designer Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as the man he recruits to drive...

SNL Has Field Day With Kavanaugh Hearings

Meanwhile, Kanye West goes on pro-Trump rant

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live opened its 44th season with no shortage of material by the way of Brett Kavanaugh's hearings Thursday, Kanye West and his name change , and Pete Davidson's engagement over the summer to Ariana Grande. A lengthy cold open reimagined the Kavanaugh hearings, with Matt Damon as...

Jaw-Dropping Expose to Get the Affleck-Damon Treatment

Ben Affleck will direct, Matt Damon will star in movie about McDonald's Monopoly scam

(Newser) - Jeff Maysh's deep dive in the Daily Beast about McDonald's rigged Monopoly prize contest is what everyone's been buzzing about the past few days—and which Fox now hopes will translate to Hollywood gold. Deadline reports the film studio nabbed the rights to Maysh's story over...

Over 20K Sign Petition to Boot Matt Damon From Movie

Thousands want him cut from 'Oceans 8' after recent comments

(Newser) - Ocean’s 8’s star-studded cast could potentially be down one A-lister. Fox News reports that an online petition with more than 23,000 signatures at the time of this posting is calling for Matt Damon’s cameo in the all-female reboot to be cut. The reason why? Damon’s...

2 New Sets of Sex Misconduct Comments Draw Fire

McKellen says women used to offer sex for roles; Damon says focus on guys who aren't predators

(Newser) - Ian McKellen has jumped into the conversation on sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, and he has much to say about the "madness." Except the madness he referred to in a recent talk at Oxford Union comes courtesy of the women he learned of early in his career...

Minnie Driver Shuts Down Matt Damon on Sex Harassment

Actress lit into her ex after his comments on 'spectrum of behavior'

(Newser) - Matt Damon opined this week that the wave of sex harassment and assault claims sweeping Hollywood and society at large include "a spectrum of behavior" and that "none of us came here perfect," and the woman he once dumped on Oprah wasted no time in shutting him...

Clooney's Suburbicon Is 'Tone-Deaf' Failure
Clooney's Suburbicon
Is 'Tone-Deaf' Failure

Clooney's Suburbicon Is 'Tone-Deaf' Failure

Critics call it 'shameful,' 'strikingly bad'

(Newser) - You'd think only good fun could come from George Clooney directing Matt Damon in Suburbicon . Apparently not so. The satire touching on murder, fraud, and also racism in 1950s suburbia has just a 29% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes . Here's what they're saying.
  • "There's

Matt Damon on Weinstein: I Only Knew 'He Was an A------'

George Clooney also speaks, plus more on the fallen producer

(Newser) - Matt Damon and George Clooney continue to declare they were in the dark when it came to Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misdeeds. On Good Morning America Monday to promote Clooney's new film, Suburbicon, in which Damon stars, Damon said, "When people say like, 'Everybody knew,'...

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