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The Brainiest Cities in America
The Brainiest
Cities in America

The Brainiest Cities in America

Ann Arbor, Michigan, tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - A smart city is a more prosperous one, according to WalletHub , which notes that higher education levels among an urban center's residents boost salaries and, in turn, tax dollars flowing into local government. The site wanted to see which cities are attracting the best and brightest, so it reviewed...

Musk: AI May Be Smarter Than Humans by 2025
Elon Musk Offers a Chilling
Prediction on AI's Smarts
in case you missed it

Elon Musk Offers a Chilling Prediction on AI's Smarts

He thinks artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans as early as next year

(Newser) - Elon Musk has long expressed his fears over artificial intelligence, and his latest assessment isn't likely to tamp down those of a like mind. In a Monday interview livestreamed on his X social media platform, the Tesla CEO and co-founder of ChatGPT developer OpenAI predicted that as early as...

Highest-Paid Aren't Necessarily the Smartest
Highest-Paid Aren't
Necessarily the Smartest
new study

Highest-Paid Aren't Necessarily the Smartest

Study suggests that highest earners aren't as bright as those below them

(Newser) - In the debate over income inequality, one view is that people who make the most earn it by being the smartest people in the room. A new study out of Sweden, however, casts doubt on that, reports Fortune . Researchers looked at about 60,000 men who took standardized intelligence tests...

Mensa Welcomes Its Youngest Member Ever
Mensa Welcomes Its
Youngest Member Ever

Mensa Welcomes Its Youngest Member Ever

Parents of Kentucky 2-year-old Isla McNabb say she already reads at kindergarten level

(Newser) - Mensa has a new member, and she's still in diapers. Meet 2-year-old Isla McNabb of the Louisville suburb of Crestwood, Ky., a precocious little girl the IQ society says is now its youngest member ever. Isla's parents say even though she does standard toddler things—plays with toys,...

Judge: US Marine Could Be Murdered if Extradited to Spain

Judge hopes higher authority will intervene

(Newser) - Update: The life of a US Marine veteran accused of participating in a 2019 raid on the North Korean embassy in Spain may be in danger if he is extradited to Spain to face charges, a judge warned in her recent ruling on the case. She ruled that Christopher Ahn...

Documents: Capitol Police Misjudged Risk of Violence

Documents show clashing assessments warned of possible trouble and even 'war'

(Newser) - Intelligence reports compiled by the US Capitol Police in the days before last year's insurrection envisioned only an improbable or remote risk of violence, even as other assessments warned that tens of thousands of pro-Trump demonstrators could converge in Washington to create a dangerous situation. The documents, obtained by...

You May Be as Bright as a Rocket Scientist
You May Be as Bright
as a Rocket Scientist
new study

You May Be as Bright as a Rocket Scientist

Or even a brain surgeon for that matter, according to a new study

(Newser) - Everyone is familiar with the phrase "It's not rocket science" or "It's not brain surgery," and that got researchers wondering whether rocket scientists or brain surgeons were most justified in saying it. Answer: Neither camp outdid the other in a general cognitive test, reports the...

US to Share Report Blaming MBS for Khashoggi Killing

UN expert says it must be released 'for the sake of American democracy'

(Newser) - Though Donald Trump played nice with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it does not appear that President Biden will keep that up . The Biden administration plans to release on Thursday a declassified version of a 2018 intelligence report that concluded the crown prince approved and likely ordered the killing...

Trump Rebuffed US Intel on the Coronavirus: Report

But Trump calls the Post's report 'a disgrace'

(Newser) - Those crumpled papers near President Trump's trash bin? Some might have been US intelligence reports warning about the coronavirus. That's according to a Washington Post report about classified warnings Trump apparently received in January and February and fully ignored as he assured the American people that everything would...

Pompeo Puts the Soleimani Killing a Little Differently

As officials debate the intelligence report behind the Iranian general's assassination

(Newser) - Media reports are casting doubt on the Trump administration's claim that it killed Qassem Soleimani in order to stop an "imminent attack." Some unnamed officials and Democratic lawmakers are quoted as saying the Iranian general didn't appear to pose more of a threat than usual. "...

Germany Opens Massive Spy Headquarters

4K agents will work in the massive complex

(Newser) - The largest foreign intelligence service headquarters on the planet just opened its doors in Berlin, reports the Guardian —just not to the public. The new home of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service took 12 years to build and cost $1.23 billion. Covering a site where an East German...

Akron Public Schools Weighs In on LeBron James' Intelligence

'He's a bright guy, end of story,' spokesman says

(Newser) - "Anyone that's done what LeBron James has done for the past decade to 15 years for our children to prepare them to flourish in life has to be an intelligent person." With that, Akron Public Schools spokesman Mark Williamson joined first lady Melania Trump in praising a...

Dumb and Dumberer? IQ Surveys Say Yes

After steadily rising for decades, IQ scores appear to be falling

(Newser) - It's official: We're not getting any smarter. Worse, media exposure might be to blame. Researchers analyzed 730,000 IQ scores of Norwegian men entering the country's military draft who were born between 1962 and 1991, per ScienceAlert . They found that IQ scores rose almost 0.3 points...

Babies May Not Get the Concept of 'Zero,' but Bees Do

Researchers amazed that honeybees can grasp the abstract construct of 'nothing'

(Newser) - Dolphins, monkeys, birds, and homo sapiens have a shared understanding of a quite difficult concept, and now honeybees are joining the party. Per a release , that concept is "zero," an abstract mathematical construct that scientists say stumps humans until at least preschool , but which they now note is...

Older Dads Have Geekier Sons
Older Dads Have
Geekier Sons
new study

Older Dads Have Geekier Sons

Study says mother's age appears to have no effect at all

(Newser) - A new study suggests an upside for boys who have older dads: higher IQs. More specifically, they tend to score higher on what the researchers call the "geek index," reports the Guardian . And this is clearly seen as a positive: "If you look at who does well...

2 Views on Claims Our Spies Aren't Telling Trump Everything

'WSJ' report says this isn't entirely novel, but the reason for it is

(Newser) - "Information is illegally given out by 'intelligence' like candy," tweeted President Trump Wednesday. A new report from the Wall Street Journal alleges some of that candy is being withheld from the president himself. Some of what's allegedly being kept from Trump by US intelligence officials are...

Firstborn Kids Have Higher IQs by Age 1
Advantage for Firstborn
Kids Shows Up Early
new study

Advantage for Firstborn Kids Shows Up Early

They have higher IQs by age 1, say researchers

(Newser) - Firstborns really do have an advantage, a new UK study suggests. Research out of Edinburgh University finds that there's a measurable IQ difference between firstborns and their siblings, and it shows up as early as age 1, reports the BBC . The reason? Parents tend to spend more time with...

By 6, Girls Think Boys Are Smarter
Gender Stereotypes
Set In Surprisingly Early
study says

Gender Stereotypes Set In Surprisingly Early

Girls at age 6 think boys are smarter

(Newser) - A new study suggests that girls start to view boys as smarter as early as age 6. And that's even though, just a year earlier, boys and girls both associate brilliance with their own gender. "It's really heartbreaking," lead author Lin Bian of the University of...

How a Major US Airport Has Become an Intel Jewel

How a Major US
Airport Has
Become an
Intel Jewel

How a Major US Airport Has Become an Intel Jewel

LAX counterterrorism unit's capabilities could 'rival agencies of small nation-state': 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - A suicide car bombing killing dozens hasn't ever hit LA's airport, and if Anthony McGinty and Michelle Sosa have anything to do with it, it never will. In the Atlantic , Geoff Manaugh tells the story of McGinty (a Marine vet who looks like JK Simmons) and Sosa (a...

Bumble Bees Learn Trick, Surprise Researchers

Most figured out how to pull string for reward after seeing how it's done

(Newser) - Ever wondered how tiny a bumble bee's brain is? Imagine a sesame seed clinging to a burger bun, reports the Washington Post —in other words, it's about 0.0002% the volume of a human brain, as calculated by Science . But that doesn't mean you can't...

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