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Two Attacked by Rabid Fox at Virginia Theme Park

The fox was captured and died shortly after the attack

(Newser) - Last week, two people were attacked by a rabid fox at a Virginia theme park. The fox was found quickly, and died not long after it was captured, per the Daily Press . The local health district advised that rabies is preventable and treatable and recommended people vaccinate their pets and...

Cleaning Out a Drawer Earns Man $1M
Cleaning Out a Drawer
Earns Man $1M

Cleaning Out a Drawer Earns Man $1M

Finding a months-old winning lottery ticket is a nice reward for doing chores

(Newser) - Cleaning out the junk drawer, like virtue, is supposed to be its own reward. But a million bucks would be nice, too. Kenneth Morgan of Jacksonville, Florida, was tidying up over the Fourth of July weekend when he found an old lottery ticket, UPI reports. He’d bought the winner...

Atlanta Woman Startled By Wild Cat in Her Bed

Serval that wandered into house likely someone's illegal exotic pet

(Newser) - David Frank woke up before 7 one morning last week and opened the back door for the dog. That was the last normal thing to happen that morning. His wife, Kristine, felt a cat—a really big cat—jump up on the bed. But the Franks don’t have a...

New York Man Still Dodging Eviction After 20 Years

Guramrit Hanspal has made just one mortgage payment since 1998

(Newser) - A New York man who hasn't made a mortgage payment on his Long Island home in over 20 years has dodged eviction yet again. Per the New York Post , Guramrit Hanspal was saved from being kicked out on the streets yet again last week when a judge agreed to...

Woman Accidentally Shot at Texas Gun Show

Someone discharged a weapon indoors

(Newser) - A Texas gun show attendee was minding her own business Saturday when she was suddenly struck in the foot with a bullet. Per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram , the incident occurred indoors before 5 p.m. at the Will Rogers complex, where the weekend's show touts some 1,000 exhibitors...

Guy Finds Meaning, Pain Overnight in a Waffle House
Guy Finds Meaning,
Pain Overnight
in a Waffle House

Guy Finds Meaning, Pain Overnight in a Waffle House

Man who lost fantasy football had to spend 24 hours, with time off for each waffle

(Newser) - A Mississippi man’s mouth wrote a check his body very much did not want to cash. He promised to spend 24 hours straight in a Waffle House, with a one-hour credit given for each waffle eaten. If your first question is, "did he lose a bet?” then you’...

Passenger Cuts Trip Short, Jumps From Moving Plane

Passenger's sudden exit landed him in the hospital

(Newser) - A man had second thoughts pretty quickly after boarding a flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. As the plane was taxiing from the gate to the runway Friday evening, he got out of his seat, tried to open the cockpit door, and then decided to leave the only...

Kid Finds Message in Bottle On the Other Side of the Ocean

2 teens have since gotten in touch, thanks to social media

(Newser) - Putting a message in a bottle is a fun thing for a kid to do. Finding a message in a bottle is something every kid wants to do. And now, two kids on opposite sides of the Atlantic are pals because of just such a message. Christian Santos, 17, was...

Culprit in Car Break-Ins Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Police in New Hampshire town ask residents to stop leaving food in cars, and make lots of noise

(Newser) - Surveillance video helped police get to the bottom of a series of vehicle break-ins in the town of Thornton, New Hampshire. Home security footage captured the bandit—a black bear—opening the door of a vehicle and then crawling inside, per the AP .

Handwriting Sample Ends Harassment For Gay Couple

A neighbor had been sending mail with homophobic slurs for years

(Newser) - A couple in a Boston suburb ended five years of harassment with a little creative detective work. And the neighbors who rallied around them to help have raised over $25,000 for the Milton schools Gay Straight Alliance. The harassment took the form of subscriptions sent to the gay couple’...

Biologist Counting Turtles Finds These Instead

Bundles of cocaine wash up at Space Force base near Cape Canaveral

(Newser) - Florida, a place that has long had a reputation for strange goings-on, can add a tale of smugglers, sea turtles, a million dollars in drugs, and Space Force to its collection. A few weeks ago, Angy Chambers, a wildlife manager surveying sea turtle nests near Cape Canaveral found something besides...

Eerie, Apocalyptic Note Found in Delta Cockpit

The last pilot off the plane in March 2020 left a message for the next people in the cockpit

(Newser) - When the coronavirus first surged and lockdowns were expected to be brief, a Delta Airlines pilot left a note for the next person to take his seat. That cockpit note became a time capsule undisturbed for 435 days. When Chris Dennis first wrote it—and posted it on Facebook —...

'Explosive Diarrhea' Outbreak Halts Slip 'N Slide Show

NBC pauses production after area near set tests positive for giardia

(Newser) - Here are two ideas you'd want to be as far apart as possible: Slip 'N Slide and explosive diarrhea. And in the interest of keeping one away from the other, NBC shut down production on Ultimate Slip 'N Slide, a summer game show featuring a water...

Balenciaga, Crocs Team Up to Make Uncomfortable Shoes

And the resulting negative reaction about stiletto crocs is likely the whole point

(Newser) - Crocs are having a moment. They were hot sellers during the pandemic lockdowns, which makes sense. They put out a KFC-branded pair that looks—and smells!—like fried chicken, which really doesn’t make much sense. They’ve turned up on the famous feet of Nicki Minaj and...

Texas Mother Charged After School Stunt Video Goes Viral

30-year-old pretended to be her 13-year-old daughter for a day

(Newser) - It’s not unusual for mothers and daughters to look alike and share clothes. It’s very unusual for a mom to go to middle school in her daughter’s place, however. Casey Garcia, mom to a middle schooler in San Elizario, Texas, did just that, and now faces...

'Chocolate Frog' Discovered in New Guinea Swamp

Beautiful brown amphibian is likely related to Australian tree frogs

(Newser) - No, it's not Harry Potter magic invading the world of muggles. It's just a surprisingly cool skin color. Some frogs, possibly a new species of tree frog, have been found in New Guinea. Tree frogs are usually green, but these look like they've been dipped in...

Try Not to Worry Too Much About the Piranha in the Lake

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries just wants to know if there are any more

(Newser) - The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries doesn’t want you to freak out or anything, but somebody found a piranha in a lake. Definitely “use caution,” the LDWF said in a press release . It’s definitely illegal to sell them or have one as a pet...

Mystery of Florida Airport Monkeys Has Been Solved

Colony near Fort Lauderdale airport descended from primates captured for medical research

(Newser) - This is what happily ever after looks like. For a monkey, anyway. About 70 years ago, a colony of monkeys showed up near the Fort Lauderdale airport, in a mostly urban area with a small forest wedged into it. They’re friendly, if you call stealing your snacks from...

Free Waterfront Office Space, but There's a Catch, Of Course

The federal government will let certain groups use old lighthouses

(Newser) - Dreading your eventual return to the office? The federal government is making available for free some waterfront workspaces with killer views that are sure to entice. But there's a catch. The General Services Administration says the U.S. Coast Guard has decided it no longer needs four of the...

Missing Tiger Found, Alleged Owner Faces Serious Charges

Cub seen roaming Houston is safe

(Newser) - A tiger that frightened residents after it was last seen briefly wandering a Houston neighborhood has been found after a nearly week-long search and appears to be unharmed, police announced Saturday, per the AP . In a short video tweeted by Houston police, Cmdr. Ron Borza can be seen sitting next...

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