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Scientists Envision a Massive Space Umbrella

Idea is to protect us from the sun's solar radiation

(Newser) - Sometimes, proposals to keep the Earth cool are too complicated for non-scientists to understand. And sometimes, they're like this one: "the equivalent of a giant beach umbrella, floating in outer space." That's from the New York Times in its coverage of a proposal being floated by...

France Puts Stop to iPhone 12 Sales Over Radiation

Agency said it found a level of electromagnetic energy absorption that was above the standard

(Newser) - A government watchdog agency in France has ordered Apple to withdraw the iPhone 12 from the French market, saying it emits levels of electromagnetic radiation that are too high. The National Frequency Agency, which oversees radio-electric frequencies as well as public exposure to electromagnetic radiation, called on Apple in a...

Richard Nixon, Wife Exposed to Radiation on 1959 Russia Visit
Richard, Pat Nixon Exposed to
Radiation on 1959 Russia Visit
in case you missed it

Richard, Pat Nixon Exposed to Radiation on 1959 Russia Visit

Documents regarding incident published online for first time

(Newser) - Declassified documents just released online for the first time reveal that Richard and Pat Nixon were exposed to a significant dose of ionizing radiation during a trip to Russia in 1959. The then-VP and his wife were staying at the US ambassador's residence in Moscow when it occurred, but...

Some Cancer Patients May Be Able to Skip Chemo
Some Cancer Patients Can
Skip Chemo, Radiation
new studies

Some Cancer Patients Can Skip Chemo, Radiation

Studies point way to less treatment for some sufferers of colon and breast cancer

(Newser) - After surgery, some cancer patients can safely skip radiation or chemotherapy, according to two studies exploring shorter, gentler cancer care. Researchers are looking for ways to precisely predict which cancer patients can avoid unneeded treatment to cut down on harmful side effects and unnecessary costs, per the AP . One new...

Mission to Take Chernobyl May Have Been 'Suicidal'

Russian soldiers had no protection from radioactive dust, workers say

(Newser) - Russian soldiers' seizure of the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine may have been "suicidal," according to Ukrainian workers at the site. Two workers on duty during the takeover tell Reuters that Russian vehicles kicked up clouds of radioactive dust as they drove through the Red Forest, a heavily...

As Threat of Nuclear Attack Looms, a New Hot Commodity

Demand surges in Europe, prices spike for iodine, potassium iodide pills amid Russia-Ukraine conflict

(Newser) - With Russia's nuclear deterrent forces on high alert , and a wary eye cast upon the situation at Ukraine's Chernobyl and other local nuclear power plants , there's a new hot commodity in Europe: iodine and potassium iodide pills that residents hope would mitigate the effects of radiation poisoning...

Musk Issues Strange Challenge After Tweets on Nuclear Power

In defense of tweets, Tesla CEO says he'll go to high-radiation area, eat locally grown fare on TV

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Elon Musk decided to air his thoughts on nuclear-powered energy amid concerns of a gas shortage due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the backlash on those thoughts led him to issue a most unusual challenge. "Hopefully, it is now extremely obvious that Europe should...

Pilot Who Braved Chernobyl Dies After Contracting COVID

Russia's Nikolai Antoshkin led helicopter mission to try to put out fire

(Newser) - Nikolai Antoshkin survived the Chernobyl nuclear explosion, but it appears he has fallen victim to COVID more than three decades later. The New York Times reports that the 78-year-old, who led helicopter missions to put out the fire at the nuclear plant, has died after contracting the virus last month...

'Bad News' on Radiation as Fire Burns Near Chernobyl

Radiation spikes near the forest fire

(Newser) - Two forest fires were still burning near the Chernobyl nuclear power station as of Sunday night, and radiation levels in the area were said to be substantially higher than normal, the AP reports. "There is bad news—radiation is above normal in the fire’s center," said the...

For This New Tourist Site, You Need a Hazmat Suit

Ukraine makes Chernobyl control room open for short visits

(Newser) - Not every vacation requires you to receive not one but two tests for radiation exposure, but not every vacation involves a visit to the control room at Chernobyl. Officials in Ukraine are now letting tourists make five-minute visits to the room where the infamous meltdown took place in 1986, reports...

Norway Detects Radioactive Iodine After Russia's Mystery Blast

It's not clear whether it's linked to the deadly explosion

(Newser) - A week after the deadly— and mysterious —missile explosion at a navy testing range , Norway's nuclear safety authority, DSA, has detected radioactive iodine in the air. DSA says its air filter station in Svanhovd, near the river that separates the two countries, detected "tiny amounts of radioactive...

A Body Was Cremated. Then the Radiation Was Detected

Cancer patient's body contaminated crematorium

(Newser) - Radiation has been found all over a crematorium in Arizona, following the incineration of a man who'd recently received cancer treatment. Though the potential risks of cremating patients treated with "radiopharmaceuticals" have long been known by the medical community, the contamination of an entire facility hasn't been...

'Rogue' Email Warns About Grand Canyon Radiation

For 18 years, tourists, workers may have been exposed to 3 buckets of uranium in park building

(Newser) - A whistleblower at Grand Canyon National Park has made a startling disclosure in what the Arizona Republic calls a "rogue" email: Three 5-gallon paint buckets of uranium ore were stored for 18 years in one of the park's buildings, possibly exposing tourists and workers to radiation. In a...

Their Daughter's Prognosis Was Dire. Then, the Tumor Just Vanished

An 'extraordinarily rare' turn of events for 11-year-old Roxli Doss

(Newser) - A Texas girl's parents were told she had an inoperable brain tumor, and the odds looked bad—a survival rate beyond five years of less than 1%. Consider Roxli Doss an odds-beater. In what the 11-year-old's doctor tells CBS News and HuffPost is an "unbelievable" and "...

Potential Future for Chemo Patients: a Man-Made Ovary
Scientists Unveil
Man-Made Ovary

Scientists Unveil Man-Made Ovary

Artificial ovary implanted in mouse could help women who've gone through chemo

(Newser) - News on the fertility front may offer hope in the future for women who have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation during cancer treatment. Per the Guardian , scientists have created an artificial ovary out of human tissue and eggs, and that ovary's performance on tests is encouraging. Susanne Pors, a...

Fukushima's Water Issue Is Growing. The Ice Wall Isn't Enough

Experts: It's working, but other methods are also needed to keep groundwater around plant clean

(Newser) - A government-commissioned group of experts concluded Wednesday that a costly underground ice wall is only partially effective in reducing the ever-growing amount of contaminated water at Japan's destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant. The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., says the ice wall has helped reduce the radioactive water...

North Korean Defectors Reveal 'Ghost Disease' Back Home

They say people's health is suffering from radiation exposure due to country's nuclear tests

(Newser) - Horrific tales are being shared by North Korean defectors who fled their homes near the Punggye-ri nuclear testing site, with stories of sickened residents and wildlife, and even a deformed baby born without genitals and murdered soon after birth. Lee Jeong Hwa, who got out in 2010 from her home...

Scientists May Know Source of Mysterious Radiation Cloud

They say Russian facility is 'obvious candidate'

(Newser) - Researchers say they've found the "obvious candidate" for the source of a mysterious radiation cloud that hovered over much of Europe last month before dispersing, NPR reports. More than 40 countries detected a radioactive isotope called ruthenium-106 in the atmosphere. Ruthenium is not found in nature, and Danish...

One-Two Punch From the Sun Knocks Out Radios

X9-level solar flare was preceded by weaker one on Wednesday

(Newser) - In what one space scientist says is "just part of living with a star," two solar events rocked the cosmos Wednesday, one of them strong enough to knock out radio communications for up to an hour. Scientific American reports on a pair of X-class solar flares (the most...

With Wife in Isolation, Husband Won't Leave Her Side

John, Marci Newman have been married for 18 years

(Newser) - A picture a girl took of the back of her father's head has gone viral as it captures a moment that has brought some to tears. John Newman, 45, has been married to 49-year-old Marci Newman for almost 18 years, and he's taking quite seriously his vow to...

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