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Jon Stewart: Debate Could've Used More Drugs
Jon Stewart: 'This
Cannot Be Real Life'

Jon Stewart: 'This Cannot Be Real Life'

'Daily Show' host calls out Biden's stumbles, Trump's lies at debate

(Newser) - If there were performance-enhancing drugs in use at Thursday's presidential debate, there weren't enough, according to Jon Stewart. President Biden's stumbles and former President Trump's blatant lies showed "both of these men should be using performance-enhancing drugs"—"as much of it as they...

Jon Stewart Skewers Trump Conviction Coverage in 5 Points
Jon Stewart Skewers Trump
Conviction Coverage in 5 Points

Jon Stewart Skewers Trump Conviction Coverage in 5 Points

Host blasts the left, the right, and the media

(Newser) - It was a one-two punch from Jon Stewart on Monday as the Daily Show host offered his typically skewering take on media coverage of former President Trump's fraud conviction. He also hit out at the left, the right, and, occasionally, both at the same time. The major points and...

Jon Stewart Has Beef With Coverage of Trump Trial

'What the f--- are we doing?'

(Newser) - The media may think it's learned from its outsized coverage of Donald Trump, but nope, not according to Jon Stewart, who spent Monday's Daily Show blasting coverage of the former president's hush money trial in New York. "It's a trial. It's boring, mostly,"...

Jon Stewart's Show Takes a Personal Turn
Jon Stewart's Show
Takes a Personal Turn

Jon Stewart's Show Takes a Personal Turn

He breaks down celebrating his dog Dipper, who just died

(Newser) - Jon Stewart tackled the Israel-Hamas war on the The Daily Show Monday night, floating the idea of a demilitarized zone "between Israel and a free Palestinian state," reports The Hollywood Reporter . You can watch the 13-minute segment for the full details here . However, the part of the show...

Stewart in 'Classic Form' for Daily Show Return
Stewart Returns, Gets
Right Down to Business

Stewart Returns, Gets Right Down to Business

He's back hosting the 'Daily Show' on Mondays, kicks off first show by ripping on Biden, Trump

(Newser) - It's been nearly a decade since fans got their "Moment of Zen" from Jon Stewart—but on Monday night, the comedian was back manning The Daily Show desk that he abandoned in summer 2015—right after Donald Trump announced he was running for president the first time. Stewart,...

Almost 9 Years Later, Daily Show Gets Jon Stewart Back

Comedy Central says he will serve as executive producer and will host on Monday

(Newser) - After sitting out two election cycles, Jon Stewart is returning to The Daily Show for 2024. Comedy Central says Stewart, who hosted the show from 1999 to 2015, is returning as an executive producer and will host the show on Mondays starting Feb. 12, Variety reports. Chris McCarthy, president and...

Jon Stewart Suddenly Splits With Apple on Talk Show

Sources: Host of streaming program 'The Problem' broke with tech giant over creative control

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has two seasons of his talk show The Problem With Jon Stewart, which streams on Apple TV+, under his belt—but it now looks like there won't be a third, at least not through Apple. Sources tell the New York Times that the 60-year-old former Daily Show...

Jon Stewart Unloads on GOP After Burn Pits Bill Failure

'I am not used to the cruelty'

(Newser) - A military burn pits bill failed to pass the Senate Wednesday, and Jon Stewart on Thursday unloaded on the Republicans who blocked the bill's passage. The bill would have expanded healthcare and disability benefits for veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits during their service (read the tragic...

Jon Stewart: 'Pronoun Police' Isn't the Threat to Comedy

It's the 'fragility of leaders,' he says in accepting Mark Twain honor

(Newser) - Jon Stewart collected one of the rarest honors in comedy Sunday night, the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. It was mostly a night of laughs, notes the Washington Post , though Stewart himself delivered a more serious message about comedy and the modern...

Jon Stewart: No, I Didn't Change Tucker Carlson
Jon Stewart: No, I Didn't
Change Tucker Carlson
in case you missed it

Jon Stewart: No, I Didn't Change Tucker Carlson

Comedian, pundit reflects on career ahead of Kennedy Center honor

(Newser) - Jon Stewart enters a comedy pantheon of sorts this weekend when he will receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor from the Kennedy Center. The accolade has prompted some in-depth profiles, including at the Washington Post and the Atlantic . Both trace the 59-year-old's career, including his recent return...

Jon Stewart's New Talk Show Is Reportedly a 'Flop'

It's down 78% in viewership from series premiere

(Newser) - The problem with Jon Stewart's The Problem With Jon Stewart is, apparently, a lack of viewers. A new Bloomberg report refers to it as the latest in a long line of "streaming talk show flops," noting that while 180,000 households watched the premiere episode within a...

Jon Stewart Has Thoughts on Tucker Carlson

Ex-'Daily Show' host calls him 'dishonest propagandist,' also rips into Rupert Murdoch

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson has been attracting attention of late with seemingly supportive comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who's been decried by much of the world for the war he's waging in Ukraine . The Fox News host has since walked his remarks back a bit, but that didn't...

Zelensky Earns Praise in Unexpected Role

Show business skills have helped, but president's actions have won over many

(Newser) - A former comedian and actor, President Volodymyr Zelensky's latest role couldn't be more serious: uniting the people of Ukraine in fighting off the Russian invasion. He's receiving positive reviews from his people and from abroad. The communication skills from his previous career and his ability to move...

Jon Stewart: Drama Over Spotify, Joe Rogan Is a 'Mistake'

Don't 'censor' him, 'engage,' Stewart advises

(Newser) - Don't count Jon Stewart among those deleting Spotify over its continued hosting of Joe Rogan's podcast. The former Daily Show host defended Rogan on Thursday on his own podcast, The Problem With Jon Stewart, Mediaite reports. Rather than attempting to "censor" Rogan, Stewart advised critics of his...

Date Set for Jon Stewart's Return to TV

'The Problem With Jon Stewart' will debut Sept. 30

(Newser) - Six years after he said goodbye to the Daily Show, Jon Stewart is set to return to TV. Apple says his new current affairs show, The Problem With Jon Stewart, will debut worldwide on Sept. 30, CNN reports. Apple says the show, which will deliver new installments every second week,...

GameStop Drama Spurs Stewart to Join Twitter

'We've learned nothing from 2008'

(Newser) - Jon Stewart never took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Donald Trump's presidency, but the GameStop drama managed to draw him in. The former Daily Show host joined Twitter Thursday to defend the small investors wreaking havoc with hedge funds after trading restrictions were brought in, Fox News...

'Anxious' Jon Stewart Unloads on The Late Show

With Election Day looming, Stewart has a lot to tell Stephen Colbert

(Newser) - Jon Stewart popped up on The Late Show Friday night and described himself as a little stressed—and then some, the Huffington Post reports. "I'm terrified. I'm anxious, I'm lonely, I'm wishing it was 2010 again," he told host Stephen Colbert. "An election...

Jon Stewart Has a New Show
Jon Stewart Is
Returning to TV

Jon Stewart Is Returning to TV

He will host current affairs show on Apple TV+

(Newser) - Jon Stewart is returning to TV, more than five years after bowing out as host of The Daily Show and with a new home at Apple TV+. Stewart will host an hour-long, current affairs series that will explore topics of national interest as well as his advocacy work, the streaming...

Jon Stewart's New Cause: Military Burn Pit Victims

Parallels to 9/11 are 'incredible,' he says

(Newser) - Jon Stewart, long a passionate advocate for compensating 9/11 first responders, was in Washington Tuesday on behalf of a cause that he says has many similarities. Stewart is lobbying Congress for legislation that would assist Iraq and Afghanistan veterans exposed to burn pits, the Hill reports. More than 200,000...

Jon Stewart's New Film Takes a Beating
Jon Stewart's New
Film Takes a Beating

Jon Stewart's New Film Takes a Beating

One reviewer likens it to 'a stale corn chip trampled into Party-convention carpeting'

(Newser) - Steve Carrell plays a Democratic political consultant hoping to recruit a widowed farmer and retired Marine to run for office in rural Wisconsin in the aftermath of the 2016 election in Jon Stewart's new political satire Irresistible . But the second feature from the writer-director isn't nearly as well-received...

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