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Germany Rebuts Genocide Claim, Cites the Holocaust

Nicaragua brought case before the UN's top court over Germany's arms sales to Israel

(Newser) - In an appearance before the UN's highest court on Tuesday, Germany responded to Nicaragua's accusations that it has been facilitating genocide in Gaza by providing weapons to Israel. The Guardian reports lawyer Tania von Uslar-Gleichen cited the Holocaust, saying, "Germany has learned from its past, a past...

Report From UN Experts Puts Ortega in the Crosshairs

They found Nicaragua's government keeps perpetrating systematic human rights abuses

(Newser) - A panel of UN-backed human rights experts on Thursday accused Nicaragua's government of continuing to perpetrate systematic human rights abuses "tantamount to crimes against humanity"—implicating a range of high-ranking officials in the government of President Daniel Ortega. The allegations follow an investigation that has been underway...

After Pope's Public Comments, Nicaragua Frees Jailed Bishop

Along with 18 other clergy members

(Newser) - Nicaragua's government released a prominent Catholic bishop and 18 other clergy members imprisoned in a crackdown by President Daniel Ortega and handed them over to Vatican authorities, who welcomed them in Rome on Sunday. Bishop Rolando Alvarez—described by the New York Times as "one of the most...

After 4 Days, Grounded Plane Finally Leaves Rural France

Indian passengers bound for Nicaragua were caught up in human trafficking allegations

(Newser) - A charter plane grounded in France for a human trafficking investigation departed on Monday for India, after an exceptional holiday ordeal that left about 300 Indians en route to Central America blocked inside a rural French airport for four days. The unmarked Legend Airlines A340 took off from Vatry Airport...

300 Travelers Held for 3 Days at French Airport

Authorities say they received tip about suspected human trafficking

(Newser) - About 300 Indian citizens heading to Central America were sequestered in a French airport for a third day Saturday because of an investigation into suspected human trafficking, authorities said. The 15 crew members of the Legend Airlines charter flight en route from United Arab Emirates to Nicaragua were questioned and...

Nicaragua Surprises US By Sending 222 Detainees

Biden welcomes arrivals, saying, 'I'm glad they're out'

(Newser) - In the middle of the night, political leaders, priests, students, and activists languishing in Nicaragua's most notorious prisons were awoken, given back the clothes they had been arrested in and told to dress. Hours later, 222 of them, widely considered political prisoners, landed at a Washington-area airport, deported from...

Biden Targets Nicaragua's Gold
Biden Goes After
Nicaragua's Gold

Biden Goes After Nicaragua's Gold

In new move against President Daniel Ortega's authoritarian rule

(Newser) - The Biden administration is ratcheting up pressure on President Daniel Ortega’s authoritarian rule in Nicaragua , threatening a ban on Americans from doing business in the nation’s gold industry, raising the possibility of trade restrictions and stripping the US visas of some 500 government insiders. The actions, stemming from...

At the Border, a Milestone on Migrant Arrivals

There were more than 2M 'encounters' with border officials over the past year—a big first

(Newser) - There were more migrant arrivals along the US-Mexico border in the past fiscal year than any other: More than 2 million people tried to enter the United States from our southern neighbor, a record achieved in the first 11 months alone. Per a document from US Customs and Border Protection,...

Nicaragua Raids Church Residence, Arresting Bishop

Police knock down door at 3am, taking other priests and seminarians to prison

(Newser) - Nicaraguan riot police raided a Roman Catholic diocese's headquarters at 3am Friday, knocking the door down and taking a bishop and several priests and seminarians into custody. The raid was on the residence of Bishop Rolando Álvarez in the northern city of Matagalpa, the Wall Street Journal reports....

Nicaragua Agrees to Host Russian Troops, Ships

Putin's government points out US forces also are permitted for emergency responses, joint campaigns

(Newser) - The government of President Daniel Ortega has authorized Russian troops, planes, and ships to deploy to Nicaragua for purposes of training, law enforcement, or emergency response. In a decree published this week and confirmed by Russia on Thursday, Ortega will allow Russian troops to carry out law enforcement duties, "...

Ortega's Opponents Ask Voters to Sit Out Election

With rivals in jail, president seeks another term

(Newser) - Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega sought a fourth consecutive term in elections Sunday against a field of little-known candidates, while those who could have given him a real challenge sat in jail. More than 13,000 polling places opened in the morning even as the opposition denounced more arrests of its...

Rivers Begin Overflowing as Eta Hits Nicaragua

Thousands move to shelters, and army has moved in to prepare

(Newser) - The heart of powerful Hurricane Eta began moving ashore in Nicaragua on Tuesday with devastating winds and rains that had already destroyed rooftops and caused rivers to overflow. The hurricane had sustained winds of 140mph, according to the US National Hurricane Center, down from an overnight peak of 150mph. On...

Rain From Latest Hurricane Could Measure in Feet, Not Inches

Hurricane Eta threatens flooding in Central America

(Newser) - Hurricane Eta erupted quickly into a potentially catastrophic major hurricane Monday as it headed for Central America, where forecasters warned of massive flooding and landslides across a vulnerable region, the AP reports. Eta was a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 150mph late Monday, the US National Hurricane...

Powerful New Hurricane Heads to Central America

Some places could get 25 to 35 inches of rain

(Newser) - Hurricane Eta erupted quickly into a potentially catastrophic major hurricane Monday as it headed for Central America, where forecasters warned of massive flooding and landslides across a vulnerable region. Eta had maximum sustained winds of 120mph and was located about 85 miles east of the Nicaragua-Honduras border, according to the...

To Find Friend's Body, They Climbed in Killer's Window

'48 Hours' examines 2018 murder of college student Haley Anderson

(Newser) - The 2018 murder of Binghamton University nursing student Haley Anderson is the subject of a 48 Hours investigation to air Saturday. On Thursday, a network promo revealed it was Anderson's roommates who found her body in the off-campus residence of her sometimes romantic partner and killer after climbing through...

Bolton: These 3 Countries Are the 'Troika of Tyranny'

He slams leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

(Newser) - More than 16 years after arguing that George W. Bush should add Cuba, Syria, and Libya to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea in the "Axis of Evil," John Bolton has coined a new term. In a policy speech at a conference in Miami, the national security adviser dubbed...

Ex Arrested in Nicaragua Over Student's NY Death

Police say Haley Anderson's death was a homicide

(Newser) - An ex-boyfriend has been arrested in Nicaragua over the killing of college student Haley Anderson in New York. Anderson, 22, who hails from Long Island, was found dead in an off-campus house at the State University of New York at Binghamton in upstate New York Friday, WABC reports. The exact...

Thousands of Nicaraguans in the US Just Got Bad News
Thousands of Nicaraguans
in the US Just Got Bad News
the rundown

Thousands of Nicaraguans in the US Just Got Bad News

Their Temporary Protected Status is ending

(Newser) - Hurricane Mitch and the flooding it brought to Central America killed more than 19,000 people in 1998. In its wake, the US granted Nicaraguans and Hondurans a Temporary Protected Status (TPS), meaning they were sheltered from deportation and allowed to get things like jobs and insurance. On Monday, the...

Syria's OK on Paris Accord Leaves US All Alone

United States now only country in the world to oppose climate agreement

(Newser) - In a move that further isolates the US from the international community, Syria has officially agreed to sign the Paris climate accord. The announcement was made at a climate summit in Germany on Tuesday, reports Politico . That means the US—which will withdraw from the deal on the basis that...

US, Syria Will Soon Be Only Holdouts on Paris Accord

Nicaragua will sign the climate agreement soon

(Newser) - When President Trump announced earlier this year that the US would pull out of the Paris climate accord, much of the coverage pointed out that only Nicaragua and Syria were also in the "no" camp. That group just got a little smaller: Nicaragua plans to sign the accord, leaving...

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