Jesse Jackson

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Jesse Jackson's Successor Exits Civil Rights Organization

He'd taken over leadership of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, founded by Jackson in 1971

(Newser) - The successor to the Rev. Jesse Jackson at the civil rights leader's Rainbow PUSH Coalition is stepping down from the organization after less than three months. The Rev. Frederick Haynes III, a Dallas pastor, tells the AP he submitted his resignation Tuesday. "I remain committed to honoring the...

Defense Tries to Oust Jesse Jackson From Courtoom

But judge in Ahmaud Arbery case allows him to stay

(Newser) - The flap over "Black pastors" in the courtroom in the Ahmaud Arbery trial took another turn on Monday. Tensions flared when the Rev. Jesse Jackson sat in the back row of the courtroom between Arbery's parents, per the AP . Defense attorney Kevin Gough asked the judge to make...

Jesse Jackson Released, Saying Vaccine Saved His Life

Case of COVID still affected his ability to walk and talk

(Newser) - Update: The Rev. Jesse Jackson was sent home Wednesday after being hospitalized for a breakthrough COVID-19 infection and intensive physical therapy for Parkinson's disease. He and his wife, Jacqueline, were first hospitalized in August; she has not been vaccinated for COVID-19 and required oxygen before she was released. Before...

George Floyd's Family Urges Calm in Minneapolis

Seeing Minneapolis burning 'would devastate' him, girlfriend says

(Newser) - As civil rights leaders arrived in Minneapolis, relatives of a man killed in a confrontation with police this week urged an end to the violence and looting in the city George Floyd loved. A statement issued by the family's lawyer thanked demonstrators for "standing for justice," but...

Oprah Calls Ahmaud Arbery's Mom, Sends Birthday Gift

66-year-old said she was hoping for justice

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey and her family joined Viola Davis , Alicia Keys , and others in protesting the death of Ahmaud Arbery on Friday, but that wasn't all. The media mogul—who walked 2.23 miles in honor of the Georgia man who was shot and killed while jogging on Feb. 23,...

Rev. Jesse Jackson: I Have Parkinson's
Jesse Jackson:
I Have Parkinson's

Jesse Jackson: I Have Parkinson's

Civil rights leader reveals diagnosis in letter

(Newser) - The Rev. Jesse Jackson has Parkinson's disease, he announced in a letter to friends and supporters Friday. The civil rights leader opens the letter by recounting the 1960 arrest that started his activist journey and noting that God has "protected me and my family from dangers, seen and...

NBA Probes Racist Audio Said to Be Clippers Owner

Donald Sterling allegedly tells girlfriend not to bring black people to games

(Newser) - The NBA is investigating a TMZ-released tape of a racist screed, allegedly by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, ESPN reports. The recording, according to TMZ, reveals Sterling arguing with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, over a picture she posted on Instagram of herself and Magic Johnson. "It bothers me...

Phil Robertson Gets Slammed by Jesse Jackson

Calls him worse than Rosa Parks' bus driver

(Newser) - Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments have been getting the lion's share of attention in recent days, but he also said a few things to GQ about African Americans that, along with those aforementioned comments, aren't sitting so well with Jesse Jackson. In discussing his youth in pre-civil rights...

Celebs Back Calif. Prisoners' Hunger Strike

Jay Leno, Bonnie Raitt, others sign letter to governor

(Newser) - California prisoners have been hunger striking since July 8 to protest the state's use of solitary confinement, and now they have a cohort of celebrities and other big names on their side. In a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown sent yesterday, Gloria Steinem, Jesse Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, Jay Leno,...

Biden Leads 'Bloody Sunday' Civil Rights March

Voting rights fight still going on, he says at Selma re-enactment

(Newser) - Joe Biden vowed to keep up the fight for voting rights as he led a re-enactment of the 1965 "Bloody Sunday" civil rights march in Selma, Ala., yesterday. Biden is the first sitting vice president to take part in the annual march, which commemorates a march where voting rights...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty
 Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty 

Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty

Judge says he's not bound by sentencing guidelines

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief today and looked to his father, and the rest of his family gathered in court. "Guilty, your honor," he said, making official his reported intention to plead guilty to having misused $750,000 in campaign funds. Jackson pleaded guilty...

Jackson Vows March for Slain Teen

Hadiya Pendleton was shot in Chicago park

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson is organizing a march this weekend in remembrance of Hadiya Pendleton, the Chicago teen who was killed just days after performing with her school band at President Obama's inauguration. Chicago already has some of the nation's strictest gun laws, but Jackson says he's hoping to...

Jesse Jackson Convinces Gambia to Free US Prisoners

President suspends dozens of executions: Jackson's group

(Newser) - Gambia's president has agreed to release a pair of Americans imprisoned for treason, thanks to the work of Jesse Jackson, CNN reports. President Yahya Jammeh will also indefinitely suspend the executions of dozens of death-row inmates, says Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition, after Jammeh planned to execute all of...

Rumors Swirling, Jesse Jackson Denies Son Tried Suicide

Democrats unsure when Jesse Jackson Jr. will return to Congress

(Newser) - It could be September by the time Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. returns to Congress, insiders tell Politico after the Illinois lawmaker was hospitalized for exhaustion . And that's "if he comes back at all," notes one Democrat. An Illinois radio station reported a rumor that the son of...

Sanford March Compares Trayvon to Jesus Christ

Zimmerman ordered to take anger management after brush with law

(Newser) - Leaders from the NAACP and other groups led a massive crowd through the streets of Sanford, Florida, today to demand the arrest of George Zimmerman—and deny reports of an economic boycott, the Orlando Sentinel reports. "We want an arrest, shot in the chest," chanted the crowd, which...

Jesse Jackson Slaps Tea Party at MLK Tribute

Movement a 'new name for an old game'

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson lashed out at the Tea Party at a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial event, comparing its ideology to old states’ rights arguments against integration. The movement “is not new,” he said at the crowded luncheon in Washington. “It's just a new name for an...

Cavs Owner Acts Like LeBron Is 'Runaway Slave: Jackson

Jesse Jackson not so happy with that crazy letter

(Newser) - Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's open message to LeBron James certainly wasn't a love letter, but was it hate mail? Jesse Jackson seems to think so. Gilbert "speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers," Jackson said in a press release issued yesterday....

Dear Mel: Get Help

 Dear Mel: 
 Get Help 

Dear Mel: Get Help

Nearly everyone has an opinion on latest rant

(Newser) - Mel Gibson’s latest crazy rant comes as no surprise to those who have followed his offscreen woes, but this time the legendarily short-fused actor has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he needs help. “The actor who was so gifted at playing bitter, violent men on...

Meet Al Sharpton, Obama Booster, White House Insider
 Meet Al Sharpton, 
 Obama Booster, 
 White House Insider 

Meet Al Sharpton, Obama Booster, White House Insider

Formerly combative Rev. now key Obama ally on black issues

(Newser) - The Rev. Al Sharpton used to be one of the prime—and most belligerent—practitioners of the “protest politics” black activists used to get the ear of politicians, but times have changed, and he is now officially an Obama administration insider. The Rev. meets often at the White House,...

Civil Rights Leaders Talk Jobs With Obama

President promises to improve economy for black Americans

(Newser) - President Obama met with some of the country’s top civil rights leaders last night, laying out his plans to improve the economic conditions that have sent black unemployment soaring to 16.5%. Al Sharpton, NAACP head Benjamin Jealous, and National Urban League chief Marc Morial all braved the snow...

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