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Shuttle Atlantis Embarks on Final Voyage

Craft scheduled to reach International Space Station Sunday

(Newser) - Space shuttle Atlantis is on its way to orbit for the last time. Atlantis and an experienced crew of six blasted off this afternoon from the Kennedy Space Center. More than 40,000 guests gathered at the Florida launch site, all of them eager to catch one of the few...

Racing Bad Weather, Shuttle Endeavour Lands in Florida

Space shuttle safely wraps up mission after 2 weeks, 3 spacewalks

(Newser) - The first of the space shuttle program's final five missions ended without a hitch tonight as Endeavour landed at Cape Canaveral, beating bad weather forecast for the Florida coast. "Houston, it is great to be home," the mission commander said after returning from the International Space Station on...

Shuttle Crew Return Moon Rock to Space

Apollo 11 rock left behind as Endeavour finishes mission to ISS

(Newser) - The Endeavour shuttle departed the ISS last night, leaving behind the station's new connecting hub and observation deck as well as one well-traveled lump of rock. A lunar rock brought to Earth by Neil Armstrong and brought to the top of Mount Everest by astronaut Scott Parazynski is now an...

Space Station Gets Observation Deck

Astronauts complete mission, attach glass dome

(Newser) - After a long night spent struggling with bolts and wiring, astronauts have attached a new observation deck complete with glass lookout dome to the International Space Station. Two of the astronauts used a giant robotic arm to move the observation deck—which is expected to provide unprecedented 360-degree views of...

Shuttle Blasts Off on Last Night Flight

Endeavour headed for construction work at space station

(Newser) - The shuttle Endeavour lifted off early this morning from Cape Canaveral in what will likely be the last nighttime launch of the soon-to-end space shuttle program. The six astronauts on board are hauling a new room and observation deck up to the International Space Station, where they are set to...

Clouds Delay Last Nighttime Shuttle Launch

Endeavour now looks for liftoff early Monday

(Newser) - Clouds prevented space shuttle Endeavour from blasting off this morning on the last planned nighttime shuttle launch, delaying its trip with a final few building blocks for the International Space Station. Launch time was re-scheduled for 4:14am tomorrow. It's expected to be the last shuttle launch in darkness; only...

International Cast Crowds Space Station

(Newser) - The International Space Station is more international than it's ever been before. With a full 13 astronauts aboard—six regular crew members and seven from the visiting Endeavor shuttle—the station has its biggest human payload ever, including representatives from all five of the top station partners. “It’s...

Space Station Toilet Calling Astroplumber!

(Newser) - A broken toilet is turning into a real pain on the International Space Station, reports Space.com. The record 13 astronauts in the station are forced to queue up for the one remaining functional commode, or use the facilities aboard the space shuttle Endeavor, currently docked there, say NASA officials....

At Last, Endeavour Reaches ISS
 At Last, Endeavour Reaches ISS 

At Last, Endeavour Reaches ISS

Shuttle arrives nearly a month late for construction mission

(Newser) - Space shuttle Endeavour docked today at the International Space Station, an important milestone in its oft-delayed mission, Space.com reports. The crew is scheduled to board the ISS later today. When the Endeavour's seven astronauts climb on, they will push the station's total population to a record-high 13.

Shuttle Endeavour Blasts Off

(Newser) - Space shuttle Endeavour and seven astronauts are on their way to the international space station after more than a month's delay. The shuttle blasted off about 6pm, hauling up a veranda for Japan's space station lab. It was NASA's sixth attempt to launch Endeavour after a series of gas leaks...

Weather Pushes Back Shuttle Launch Again

(Newser) - Lightning and thunderstorms in Florida today forced NASA to postpone the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour, Space.com reports, the fifth delay for the mission. Officials are now looking at approximately 6:25pm EDT tomorrow, though there’s a 60% chance of bad weather; the forecast looks better Wednesday,...

Endeavour Heads Home
 Endeavour Heads Home 

Endeavour Heads Home

After a successful mission, shuttle returns to Earth

(Newser) - The space shuttle Endeavour separated from the International Space Station today and headed back to earth. Having completed a 12-day mission that upgraded the station’s living quarters, Endeavour’s seven-person crew began the 2-day trip back to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida Today reports. "Thanks for the incredible...

Endeavour Anchors at Space Station
Endeavour Anchors
at Space Station

Endeavour Anchors at Space Station

Astronauts ready to enter International Space Station

(Newser) - Space shuttle Endeavour docked at the International Space Station today, Florida Today reports. Commander Christopher Ferguson flipped the shuttle 360 degrees before docking, allowing space station residents to photograph possible damage sustained during liftoff. The radar worked well despite worries about the shuttle's antenna, the AP reports.

Shuttle Returns to Earth
 Shuttle Returns to Earth 

Shuttle Returns to Earth

Endeavour makes a rare night landing

(Newser) - The space shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth with a rare night landing to wrap up an ambitious mission to the International Space Station, the AP reports. The shuttle had to land in darkness after NASA called off an earlier attempt because of cloud cover. Astronauts blasted off 16 days ago,...

Endeavour Heads Home
 Endeavour Heads Home 

Endeavour Heads Home

Crews say farewell as space shuttle undocks from ISS

(Newser) - The space shuttle Endeavour has begun its two-day trip back to Earth after successfully undocking yesterday from the international space station, reports the Houston Chronicle. The seven astronauts on board hailed an "awesome" mission and said fond farewells to their colleagues staying behind. A glitch unlatching a solar panel...

Shuttle Prepares to Quit Station

Endeavour crew about to zoom home after record mission

(Newser) - The crew of shuttle Endeavour prepared to undock from the International Space Station today after a leisurely Easter Sunday spent off-loading cargo, enjoying a holiday meal, and talking to family back home. The shuttle commander compared the flurry of work to wrap up the record-setting mission to March Madness: "...

Dextre Moves Into Place, Awaits First Call

Gigantic robot successfully added to space station

(Newser) - The giant space robot Dextre moved into his new digs last night, and now resides outside the International Space Station's Destiny lab awaiting his first marching orders. Back at Mission Control the mood is buoyant, reports the Houston Chronicle. "That really was the kind of spacewalk that when it's...

Endeavour Docks After New Damage Check

Shuttle docks without hitch but launch video shows possible bird hit

(Newser) - The Endeavour docked with the international space station without a glitch yesterday just after the shuttle was again examined for damage, AP reports.  The craft did a full backflip before docking so every inch of it could be inspected. Launch videos first revealed that something may have hit the...

Shuttle Safe, Mission On
Shuttle Safe, Mission On

Shuttle Safe, Mission On

No sign of dings in heat shield after blast-off

(Newser) - The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour is on course to dock with the international space station with apparently no damage to the heat shield during takeoff, the Houston Chronicle reports. Tracking cameras indicated possible debris near the shuttle just after launch that may have struck near the ship's nose....

Endeavour Blasts Into Space
Endeavour Blasts Into Space

Endeavour Blasts Into Space

Shuttle will dock with space station tomorrow

(Newser) - The shuttle Endeavour thundered off its launch pad early this morning, carrying seven astronauts and two major pieces of hardware to the International Space Station. On board is a $1 billion science module that contains research gear for the station's lab, the first Japanese contribution to the orbital base, reports...

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