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Secret Service on Working Near Bidens' Dog: 'Have a Safe Shift!'

Report from right-wing Judicial Watch claims more biting incidents from German shepherd Commander

(Newser) - It's well known that President Biden's dogs have been busted biting , but a new report from a right-wing activist group suggests there may have been more bites than previously reported. TMZ was one of the first outlets to report on Secret Service records obtained from the Department of...

Shark Attacks Hit Florida Coast, 4 Miles Apart

Walton County incidents injure 2 teens and a woman, who had part of her arm amputated

(Newser) - Three people in Walton County, Florida, were attacked by sharks Friday within a couple of hours of each other, including two teens. South Walton Fire District Chief Ryan Crawford tells ABC News that around 1:20pm local time, a 45-year-old woman was swimming near a sandbar with her husband off...

Teen Acts on 'Instinct' During Texas Shark Attack

Oklahoma's Damiana Humphrey should make a full recovery after incident in Galveston

(Newser) - An Oklahoma teen vacationing with her family in Texas last week got quite the shock while swimming at a beach in Galveston. Per FOX 26 , Damiana Humphrey, 19, her siblings, and another family member were in water up to their waists off of Jamaica Beach on the evening of May...

The Takeaway From Orca Boat Strikes: 'It's a Game'
The Takeaway From Orca
Boat Strikes: 'It's a Game'

The Takeaway From Orca Boat Strikes: 'It's a Game'

With full bellies, bored juveniles find fun in the risky play of bumping boats: study

(Newser) - Killer whales known to ram and sink boats off the Iberian Peninsula aren't bent on destroying humans. Rather, they're likely bored teenagers who find ship rudders incredibly entertaining, according to a new report from more than a dozen orca experts who sought to explain hundreds of boat strikes...

As Croc Attacked Woman, Her Twin Sprang Into Action

UK's Georgia Laurie will receive King's Gallantry Medal for saving her twin sister in Mexican river

(Newser) - A UK woman will receive a special honor from King Charles III for saving her twin sister from a crocodile attack a few years ago during a trip to Mexico. CBS News reports that the King's Gallantry Medal , conferred to civilians "for acts of exemplary bravery," will...

Plantation Worker Mauled to Death by Tiger

He was reportedly 3rd person in Indonesia killed by Sumatran tiger in 5 months

(Newser) - Screams were heard on Indonesia's Sumatra island before a man's body was discovered Thursday, with one of the hands torn off. Authorities say the 26-year-old, found dead on a plantation in Riau province, was attacked by a tiger. "The area is within the tiger habitat," said...

Protecting Her Kids, Woman Mauled to Death by Dog Pack

Up to a dozen dogs went after Courtney Williams and her 3 kids in Georgia, relative claims

(Newser) - A mother of three found dead in a yard in Georgia days before Mother's Day was mauled to death by a pack of dogs, authorities say. Courtney Williams, 35, was attacked at her home in Quitman, near the Florida-Georgia state line, after her children got off the school bus...

Tourist's Attempt to Take Photo With Bear Goes Very Badly

Scotland's Moira Gallacher is lucky to be alive after ursine encounter while vacationing in Romania

(Newser) - Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? In this case perhaps, "I see a tourist bothering me." That's after a vacation in Romania's Carpathian Mountains went horribly awry for one woman after she tried to take a picture of one of the resident omnivores. Per...

Ram Kills New Zealand Couple
Ram Kills New Zealand Couple

Ram Kills New Zealand Couple

'Never trust a hand-reared ram,' neighbor says

(Newser) - An elderly couple in New Zealand were killed by a rogue ram, authorities say. Family spokesman Dean Burrell, a police officer, says Alfred Helge Hansen, 82, and Gaye Carole Hansen, 81, were found dead in a paddock at their home in a rural area outside Auckland, the New Zealand Herald...

Sperm Whales Employ a Stinky Defense Against Orcas

Witnesses saw the whales use an enormous cloud of poop to fend off attack

(Newser) - Orcas have been known to pick fights with everything from sharks to yachts , but a pod in Western Australia recently learned the hard way that they should really leave sperm whales alone. Off the state's southern coast, viewers on a whale-watching tour following the orcas realized the creatures were...

Brothers in Fatal Cougar Attack Fought Ferociously

Family describes heroic efforts by Taylen and Wyatt Brooks

(Newser) - One of two brothers who were searching for shed deer antlers in Northern California on Saturday became the first person to be killed by a mountain lion in the state since 2004—and authorities described how fiercely the pair fought back during the attack. The Guardian reports Taylen and Wyatt...

California Sees First Fatal Cougar Attack in Decades

Man killed, younger brother injured in Northern California

(Newser) - A California mountain lion has killed a person in for the first time since 2004. The big cat, also known as a cougar, puma, or panther, attacked two brothers who were searching for shed deer antlers in Northern California on Saturday afternoon, ABC News reports. The younger brother, who is...

Rare Crocodile Attack Takes Place in Florida

Man capsized his sailboat before the attack took place

(Newser) - A 68-year-old man fell off a sailboat at a marina in the Florida Everglades and was bitten by a crocodile as he tried to swim to shore, the AP reports. The rare crocodile bite occurred Sunday afternoon at the Flamingo Marina in Everglades National Park and left the man, who...

Fisherman Reportedly Loses Hand to Gator

Florida man was apparently trying to retrieve fish from pond

(Newser) - A Florida fisherman reportedly lost a hand in an alligator attack. "He took his hand off ... Hand is gone!" a witness who called 911 reported Sunday, per WOFL . A second 911 caller described a man "moaning and groaning constantly," per WKMG . The unnamed male was reeling...

His Pet Gila Monster Bit Him. He Was Dead Within Days
His Pet Gila Monster Bit Him.
Within Days, He Was Dead

His Pet Gila Monster Bit Him. Within Days, He Was Dead

Experts say this was a rare event

(Newser) - A Gila monster, one of two a Colorado man had as pets, bit the 34-year-old man on February 12. Four days later, the man died in a hospital in what experts say was a rare occurrence. While Gila monster bites can be so painful they cause victims to lose consciousness,...

Bloody Scene of Shark Attack Was 'Completely Surreal'

Woman suffers serious leg injuries after rare ambush in Australia's Sydney Harbor

(Newser) - A rare shark attack in Sydney Harbor has a victim recovering from serious injuries. The AP reports that the woman was swimming off of Elizabeth Bay on Monday evening when she encountered a suspected bull shark. The woman, identified by Sky News as 29-year-old Lauren O'Neill, was in the...

As Man Walked His Dog, the Moose Charged 'Without Notice'

Both owner and canine appear to be fine after tussle with creature along an Alaskan trail

(Newser) - Man's best friend has proved its worth once again, this time in the Last Frontier. A local man taking his dog for a walk in the Tsalteshi Trails system in Soldotna was attacked by a moose on Dec. 18, though his injuries were thankfully non-life-threatening, Alaska State Troopers say...

Woman Killed in Shark Attack Off Mexico

26-year-old was swimming with her daughter in Melaque

(Newser) - A Mexican woman died after she was severely bitten in the leg by a shark in the Pacific Ocean off the beach town of Melaque, authorities said Sunday. Rafael Araiza, the head of the local civil defense office, said the attack occurred Saturday a short distance from the beach in...

Man Uses Unusual Method to Fend Off Crocodile Attack

Australian farmer survives mauling after biting his predator on the eyelid

(Newser) - "Hey, whatever works" is an Australian cattle farmer's apparent M.O. when it comes to fighting off crocodile attacks. ABC Australia reports that Colin Deveraux, in his mid-60s, was set to be released from the Northern Territory's Royal Darwin Hospital this week after spending almost a month...

After Decade Without Fatal Bear Attacks, a Chilling Shift in Japan

College student among at least 5 people thought to have been killed by bears this year

(Newser) - Prior to this year, no fatal bear attacks were reported in Japan for more than a decade. Now, police in the country are investigating what's thought to be at least the fifth such attack of 2023. Police on the northern Hokkaido island, where brown bears roam, say the body...

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