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John Boehner's Tears Return to the Capitol
John Boehner's Tears
Return to the Capitol

John Boehner's Tears Return to the Capitol

Former GOP speaker of the House gets misty-eyed at ceremonial unveiling of Nancy Pelosi portrait

(Newser) - On Wednesday, an official portrait for outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was unveiled in the US Capitol's Statuary Hall, honoring her role as the first woman speaker. The Washington Post notes that "a generation of congressional leaders fought back tears" during the ceremony—including one of the most...

Ted Cruz Is Not Going to Like John Boehner's Audiobook

Former House speaker reportedly tells senator to 'go f--k yourself'

(Newser) - The audio version of John Boehner's upcoming book will be $10 more than the print version, per Forbes , and a new report from Axios might explain why. Boehner—who appears on the cover of On the House: A Washington Memoir holding a glass of wine, next to a smoking...

Boehner Does a 180, Joins Cannabis Board

His thinking on the drug has 'evolved'

(Newser) - As a lawmaker, John Boehner was against marijuana legalization—way against it. In fact, in 2011, he said he was "unalterably opposed" to legalization out of a concern that it would "result in increased abuse of all varieties of drugs." He had reiterated that opposition as recently...

Boehner Has Choice Expletives for Former Foes
Boehner Has Choice
Expletives for Former Foes

Boehner Has Choice Expletives for Former Foes

Retired House speaker is indeed 'unchained' in interviews with Politico

(Newser) - Politico is out with a long, entertaining profile of former House speaker John Boehner, and there's a reason the headline is "John Boehner Unchained." In a series of extensive interviews, Boehner unloads on lots of people, mostly within his own party, but the 67-year-old also seems...

McConnell's Task: Recover From Worst Day of Political Life

The big question: Can he rebound?

(Newser) - As has been widely noted , Mitch McConnell had a truly awful Tuesday. The Senate majority leader had to surrender on ObamaCare repeal, ally Bob Corker announced he was retiring , and, perhaps worst of all, the Senate candidate that McConnell strongly backed in Alabama got trounced by one backed by the...

Boehner Says President Trump Mostly a 'Complete Disaster'

Though he'd rather drink wine and mow his lawn than be president

(Newser) - John Boehner isn't shedding any tears over his decision to resign as speaker of the House in 2015, telling attendees at an energy conference: “I wake up every day, drink my morning coffee and say hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.” RigZone reports Boehner was keynote speaker for Wednesday's...

Boehner Says ObamaCare Repeal 'Not Going to Happen'

New poll shows the ACA is still getting more popular with voters

(Newser) - John Boehner could only laugh when he heard Republicans talking about quickly repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. “Republicans never ever agree on health care," Politico quotes the former house speaker as saying Thursday. Despite President Trump saying to expect a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare...

Boehner's New Gig: Tobacco Company Board Member

He's elected to the Reynolds American board, will start immediately

(Newser) - John Boehner, who in addition to being a well-known crier is also a well-known smoker, has been elected to the board of tobacco company Reynolds American Inc., Reynolds announced in a statement Thursday. Reynolds owns the Newport brand of cigarettes as well as Camel, Boehner's preferred brand. (As Bloomberg...

Boehner 'Not Surprised' if Biden Takes Clinton's Spot

Ex-speaker also disses Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and Ted Cruz

(Newser) - For a retired speaker of the House, John Boehner has had a lot to say lately. Over the past couple of weeks, he's likened Ted Cruz to Lucifer and bragged about the House GOP's victory against ObamaCare , and now he's moved on to his next target: Hillary...

'Huge' Win for House GOP in ObamaCare Lawsuit

Federal judge says administration spending on health care subsidies is unconstitutional

(Newser) - In what Politico labels a "huge win" for the House GOP, a federal judge ruled Thursday that the Obama administration is making unconstitutional federal expenditures to maintain the president's ObamaCare law, the AP reports. At issue: $175 billion in so-called "cost-sharing" reimbursements that the government doles out...

Satanists Reject Ted Cruz Comparison

Boehner's not being fair to Lucifer, they say

(Newser) - Likening Ted Cruz to "Lucifer in the flesh" is deeply unfair to the Dark One, according to annoyed Satanists. After John Boehner made the comparison , adding that he had "never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch," the Satanic Temple was quick to distance itself...

Boehner: Ted Cruz Most 'Miserable SOB' I Ever Worked With

He's 'Lucifer in the flesh,' says former speaker

(Newser) - Ted Cruz and Donald Trump don't have to wonder whether they'd get John Boehner's vote in the general election. Trump, whom Boehner calls his golfing and texting buddy, is the lesser of two evils and would surely win his vote, Boehner says. But when speaking of Cruz,...

Boehner Just Endorsed a Non-Candidate

Paul Ryan for the win?

(Newser) - Should the GOP fail to choose a nominee on the first ballot at a convention in Cleveland in July, John Boehner has his pick ready—and it isn't any of the current contenders. "I'm for none of the above. I'm for Paul Ryan to be our...

Boehner: Budget Deal 'Had to Be Done'

He has a few regrets, but he's not sad to be going

(Newser) - Speaker John Boehner, reflecting Wednesday on a nearly quarter-century run on Capitol Hill, defended his decision to push a bipartisan budget deal through the House as his final act before leaving Congress. "It's a solid agreement and I'm proud of it," Boehner told reporters shortly before...

Paul Ryan on Budget Deal: Process 'Stinks'

He blasts Boehner, system, ahead of becoming speaker

(Newser) - The late budget deal struck by leaders of both parties and the White House means that Paul Ryan will have one less major hassle to deal with when he becomes House speaker later this week. In fact, the Washington Post says John Boehner gave him a "parting gift" in...

House GOP Leaders Reach 2-Year Budget Deal

Boehner's last deal will make it a lot easier for Ryan

(Newser) - House GOP leaders struck a budget deal made with the White House just before midnight Monday aimed at averting a government shutdown and forestalling a debt crisis. Speaker John Boehner is making one final appeal to restive Republicans: Pass the hard-won agreement with President Obama before Rep. Paul Ryan assumes...

Freedom Caucus Won't Formally Endorse Ryan

But caucus leaders say they have 'super-majority'

(Newser) - Paul Ryan hasn't been able to secure one of his key demands for running for House speaker, but he has decided he has come close enough. Ryan failed to gain the formal endorsement of the powerful House Freedom Caucus, though the group told him it had a "super-majority"...

Legislator Trolls Republicans With Fake Craigslist Ad

'Babysitting experience STRONGLY PREFERRED' for next speaker

(Newser) - "Proven ability to work with irrational people who pursue narrow priorities at the expense of millions of others." That's one of the main job requirements for speaker of the House, at least according to a fake Craigslist ad posted to social media Thursday by a Democratic congressman'...

'Dark Horse' Hops Into Race to Succeed Boehner

Jason Chaffetz says Kevin McCarthy can't unite hardcore, moderate factions

(Newser) - As Kevin McCarthy's bid to succeed John Boehner as speaker of the House seems slightly less inevitable , the race got a new entrant Sunday in the form of Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee. "There are very few people who can win...

Boehner Says No Shutdown, Rips GOP's 'False Prophets'

Speaker takes aim at hardline faction of party that dogged him

(Newser) - House Speaker John Boehner said Sunday there will be no government shutdown when funding expires this week, and he unloaded on the uncompromising faction of the GOP that dogged him throughout his speakership. "The Bible says, beware of false prophets. And there are people out there spreading, you know,...

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