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For Hillary Clinton, Next Gig Is a 'Dream Come True'

Former secretary of state is co-authoring 'State of Terror,' a political thriller, with Louise Penny

(Newser) - First lady, senator, secretary of state, presidential nominee, and now, author of an "international political thriller." That's the latest addition to Hillary Clinton's CV, per Axios , which reports that Clinton is partnering with writer Louise Penny, a longtime pal, to pen State of Terror, due out...

Hillary Clinton: Impeaching Trump Isn&#39;t Enough
Hillary Clinton: Impeaching
Trump Isn't Enough

Hillary Clinton: Impeaching Trump Isn't Enough

We need new laws on extremism, plus a lot of 'soul-searching'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is out with an op-ed in the Washington Post on last week's violence in DC, and she's all in favor of seeing President Trump impeached and removed from office. She also thinks members of Congress "who joined him in subverting our democracy should resign, and...

One Trump, One Obama Take Home 'Most Admired' Crowns

Donald Trump ends Barack Obama's 12-year winning streak, while Michelle Obama wins top spot for women

(Newser) - Donald Trump didn't beat Joe Biden in the election, but he can notch a win against Barack Obama. In its annual survey on the matter, Gallup pollsters asked 1,000 or so American adults to name, without being given choices, a man and a woman they most admire anywhere...

Hillary Clinton to Cast Vote in Electoral College

She's a New York state elector this year

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has decried the Electoral College—but this year she'll cast a vote in it. The former Democratic presidential nominee, who won the popular vote in 2016, announced she would be one of 29 electors for New York during an interview on Sirius XM's "Signal Boost"...

Clinton: Idea of Trump Win Makes Me 'Literally Sick'

She tells Kara Swisher she's hopeful for Biden because 2020 is different than 2016

(Newser) - In a wide-ranging interview with journalist Kara Swisher for Swisher's Sway podcast , Hillary Clinton makes clear that she thinks a woman would have handled the pandemic better than President Trump. "I have no doubt, especially if it were me," she says in the New York Times transcript....

Clinton Has Thoughts on Biden's 'Shut Up'

'You have no idea' how much she wanted to say that during the 2016 debates

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton entered the debate fray Tuesday night with a comment on Joe Biden's request that President Trump "shut up, man." In a tweet , the writer Jill Filipovic said she empathized with Clinton "because I'm positive she wanted to say that [during the 2016 presidential...

Melania Trump Used Private Emails at the White House: Report

Former friend and colleague Stephanie Winston Wolkoff talks about their email use

(Newser) - Want to reach Melania Trump at the White House? You might try one of her private email accounts. Or iMessage. Or Signal. That's according to former advisor and friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who wrote the tell-all memoir Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the ...

The Times' Op-Ed Page Fumbles Yet Again

This time, Maureen Dowd's latest column left out an entire Democratic presidential ticket

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has a little advice for celebrated New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd: ditch the pot brownies. The former presidential candidate and secretary of state fired off a sharp tweet Saturday after the op-ed writer apparently forgot about Clinton's run for office in 2016, Mediaite reports. "It'...

Remembering John Lewis: 'We Have Lost a Giant'

Tributes pour in from Obama, MLK Jr.'s family, and more

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered flags at the US Capitol to be flown at half-staff in honor of Rep. John Lewis, who died Friday at the age of 80 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Tributes and statements are now pouring in for the civil rights legend and longtime...

Ghislaine Maxwell's Arrest Was Far From Genteel

The disgraced British socialite was arrested by more than 20 armed law officers

(Newser) - Turns out Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest was no small affair. The alleged madam—who's accused of delivering underaged girls to infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein—was collared by more than 20 armed police and agents who stormed her private New Hampshire retreat, the Guardian reports. Seems they kicked down the...

Georgia&#39;s Election: &#39;Some Sneaky Trick&#39;?
Georgia Election:
'Some Sneaky Trick'?
the rundown

Georgia Election: 'Some Sneaky Trick'?

Republicans and Democrats duel over who to blame

(Newser) - Democrats and black activists are saying Georgia's botched primary election was no mistake—it was by design, and someone needs to pay. "There's always some sneaky trick that's played," Democratic activist Bobby Fuse, 68, tells CNN . "This time, they had a whole bunch of...

Tulsi Gabbard Not Going After Clinton Anymore

She drops defamation suit against the former secretary of state

(Newser) - "Plaintiffs Tulsi Gabbard and Tulsi Now, Inc. dismiss this action." So reads the Wednesday court filing that puts an end to Gabbard's defamation suit against Hillary Clinton. Gabbard sued Clinton in January over Clinton's late 2019 suggestion that the then-2020 candidate was a "Russian asset....

Tweet From Hillary Clinton Foreshadows Announcement
Hillary Clinton Makes
Her Endorsement

Hillary Clinton Makes Her Endorsement

'Think of what it would mean if we had a real president'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has made her endorsement for the 2020 election—and, unsurprisingly, she's not getting on board the Trump train. The 2016 Democratic nominee endorsed Joe Biden at a virtual "Women's Town Hall" event discussing the coronavirus crisis Tuesday, CBS reports. "Just think of what a...

Clinton to Launch Podcast, With a Surprising Influence

Politico reports former secretary of state was said to have been inspired by Howard Stern

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has been profoundly influenced in her life by her mother , her grandkids , and ... Howard Stern? That's the revelation Ryan Lizza makes in his report for Politico that Clinton will in late spring be debuting a podcast in which she'll interview anyone from politicians and world leaders...

Bloomberg-Hillary Ticket? Drudge Says It's Possible

No confirmation from either camp, however

(Newser) - Matt Drudge is running a red headline across his Drudge Report on Saturday about a provocative, but unconfirmed, political scoop: He says Mike Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate. The blurb (see this Drudge tweet ) quotes sources close to the Bloomberg campaign as saying that "...

Here's What Hillary Has to Say About VP Possibility

'Never say never,' but she tells Ellen DeGeneres she doesn't think it's going to happen

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has long flirted with the speculation that she might jump into the 2020 race for president, but with the primaries officially underway, that speculation seems likely to end. But what about vice president? "I never say never, because I do believe in serving my country. But it'...

Hillary Has More to Say About Bernie

Clinton says Sanders didn't unify the Democratic party after 2016 primary

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is not done talking about Bernie Sanders. The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said in a podcast interview that aired Friday that Sanders didn't try to unify the party after losing the primary to her four years ago and that he and his supporters contributed to her loss...

Trump Made Telling Remark About Bernie

The president says he's glad Hillary Clinton didn't pick Sanders as a running mate

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton isn't exactly bursting with Bernie love—and for President Trump, that could be a bonus. In a recording of a private 2018 dinner, Trump says Clinton might have been harder to beat in 2016 if she had chosen Bernie Sanders as her running mate, Newsweek reports. "...

Here's What to Be Excited About as Sundance Begins

Big names including Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton, Lin-Manuel Miranda featured

(Newser) - Plenty of change is in the air at the Sundance Film Festival, where some 118 feature films are set to premiere over the next 10 days beginning Thursday, the AP reports. Streaming companies are now among the most likely companies to scoop up buzzed-about breakthroughs. The marquee event of opening...

Hillary Clinton Just Got Sued for $50M for Defamation

Tulsi Gabbard is not having that Russian asset accusation

(Newser) - Remember that time Hillary Clinton called a presidential candidate in her own party a Russian asset , and then everyone had a good chortle and ate scones and jam together ? No? Well, neither does the aforementioned presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who's now suing Clinton for defamation and $50 million...

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