Mexico City

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It May Be the Smallest Eatery Ever to Get a Michelin Star

Arturo Rivera Martínez runs a taco stand in Mexico City

(Newser) - Newly minted Michelin-starred chef Arturo Rivera Martínez stood over an insanely hot grill at the first Mexican taco stand ever to get a coveted star from the French dining guide, and did exactly the same thing he's been doing for 20 years: searing meat. Though Michelin representatives came...

Search Group Makes Grim Find in Mexico City

Volunteers say they found clandestine crematorium

(Newser) - Volunteer searchers say they have found a clandestine crematorium on the edge of Mexico City. It's the first time in recent memory that anyone claimed to have found such a body disposal site in the capital. In northern Mexico, drug cartels often use drums filled with diesel or caustic...

Mexico City Is Nearly Out of Water
Mexico City Is
Nearly Out of Water

Mexico City Is Nearly Out of Water

Drought and extreme heat have dried up water sources in the city of 22M

(Newser) - One of the world's largest, most densely populated cities is on the verge of having no or very limited water for its 22 million residents. As UPI reports, this crisis has sparked protests in Mexico City, where water levels in its aquifer have reached their lowest point on record....

Bullfighting Returns to Mexico City, as Do Protests

It had been suspended in the city for 1.5 years amid legal battle

(Newser) - With protesters outside a full arena, bullfights resumed in Mexico City on Sunday after the country's highest court temporarily revoked a local ruling that sided with animal rights defenders and suspended the events for more than a year and a half, the AP reports. The resumption of bullfights in...

Travelers Stuck on Plane for Hours Applaud Rebel Passenger

Man turned over to Mexican cops after walking onto wing; others say he did it 'to protect everyone'

(Newser) - At first it sounds like a typical case of bad behavior aboard airplanes. The Mexico City International Airport acknowledged in a statement Friday that a man had opened an emergency exit and walked out on a wing of a plane that was parked and waiting for takeoff on Thursday. The...

VW Beetle Still Rules in Mexico CIty Neighborhood
Classic Beetle Is Still King
of One Neighborhood
in case you missed it

Classic Beetle Is Still King of One Neighborhood

'They say that it drives even just on the pure smell of gasoline'

(Newser) - The classic Volkswagen Beetle went out of production 20 years ago, but the beloved "Vocho" still rules the streets in one Mexico City neighborhood. The iconic car remains a common sight across Mexico's capital, but it's especially popular in Cuautepec, nicknamed "Vocholandia," where having the...

Report: 11K Cheated in Mexico City Marathon

Some of them reportedly took public transport to the finish line

(Newser) - This year's Mexico City Marathon was a carnival of cheating, with more than a third of the 30,000 runners disqualified, according to Spanish sports newspaper Marca . According to Marca, tracking data showed that 11,000 runners didn't pass checkpoints set up every 3.1 miles along the...

Rogue Chicken Halts City's Subway Service

Mexico City Metro workers scrambled to capture bird

(Newser) - Service was temporarily halted on a line of Mexico City's subway system after a chicken got loose on the tracks. Video distributed by the city’s Metro system showed the electricity cut off at a station near the city’s center on Sunday. The video showed maintenance personnel and...

Fans Rage Against Ticketmaster After Bad Bunny Concert Fiasco

Ticketholders with real tickets were turned away from Mexico City show due to influx of fake tickets

(Newser) - Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican rapper and singer known for such hits as "Moscow Mule" and "I Like It," performed in Mexico City on Friday and Saturday night, the final shows on his World's Hottest Tour across North America and Latin America, and he was filled...

Flight From Canada to Mexico Makes Unplanned Stop in Texas

Aeromexico flight had to dump 3 unruly passengers after a reportedly drunken face-mask tiff

(Newser) - Houston, we have a problem. Rather, three of them, and they were all booted from an Aeromexico flight that had to be diverted to the Texas city after a reportedly drunken confrontation over face masks. According to an incident report from the Houston Police Department cited by CNN , Aeromexico Flight...

At 63, Gabriel Garcia Marquez Had an Affair—and a Daughter

AP confirms what was an open secret among family

(Newser) - For decades renowned Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez kept the public from knowing about an intimate aspect of his life: He had a daughter with a Mexican writer, with whom he had an extramarital affair in the early 1990s. The closely guarded secret was published by Colombian newspaper...

Grisly Find at Ex-Butcher's Home: 3.8K Bone Fragments

Suspect may be responsible for 'greatest femicide in the history of Mexico'

(Newser) - A former butcher in Mexico has reportedly admitted to killing the 34-year-old wife of a local police official, but that appears to be only the tip of the iceberg, based on what authorities say they found in the basement of his home on the outskirts of Mexico City. The AP...

Bulldozers, Looting Reported at Mexico's Teotihuacan

Private building crews said to have chased away cops

(Newser) - Mexico's government says private building crews are refusing to stop work that threatens one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, ancient Teotihuacan. At least 25 structures at the protected pre-Aztec site boasting twin pyramids and "hundreds of smaller, more remote, and often unexplored sites "...

23 Dead After Mexico City Subway Overpass Collapses

Dozens injured after accident on city's newest subway line

(Newser) - Rescue workers and firefighters converged in Mexico City late Monday after a subway overpass collapsed as a train was passing over it, sending the train plunging to the road 16 feet below and killing at least 23. "There are unfortunately children among the dead," says Claudia Sheinbaum, the...

Families Struggle to Get Oxygen for Patients
Refill Offer

Oxygen Refill Offer Draws Crowds

Families are struggling to fill tanks for patients in Mexico City

(Newser) - On New Year's Day, dozens of people stood in line with empty oxygen tanks in one of Mexico City’s hardest-hit boroughs to take advantage of a city offer of free oxygen refills for COVID-19 patients. Jorge Infante took his place in line at 8am with three tanks he...

Police Chief Hurt in Morning Ambush in Mexico City

Omar Garcia Harfuch in stable condition, but 'there were deaths and several arrests' after shooting

(Newser) - Heavily armed gunmen attacked and wounded Mexico City's police chief in a brazen operation that left an unspecified number of dead, Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said Friday. Security Secretary Omar Garcia Harfuch was being treated in a hospital but was out of danger. However, "there were deaths and several...

Skeletons May Be First African Slaves in Americas
Found in
Mass Grave
Depict 'Grim

Skeletons Found in Mass Grave Depict 'Grim Period'

Remains found in Mexico City were likely those among first group of slaves from Africa

(Newser) - In the late 1980s, archaeologists unearthed three skeletons in a mass grave in Mexico City, at the former site of a 16th-century hospital that served indigenous people. What made these skeletons stand out was their teeth, which were filed into shapes much like those found in people from parts of...

She Set a Soda Can Near a $19K Sculpture. Then, Lots of Glass
Art Critic Pushes
Back After Her
Soda Can Destroys
$19K Art

Art Critic Pushes Back After Her Soda Can Destroys $19K Art

Glass sculpture shatters at Mexico City art fair; Avelina Lesper says it was an accident

(Newser) - You don't want to be "that guy" (or gal) when you're at an art fair—you know, the one who causes a $19,000 glass sculpture to shatter into a zillion pieces when you place your soda can on or near it. Unfortunately for Avelina Lesper, she...

Rollercoaster Car Derails, Kills 2
A Day of Fun Turns to Horror

A Day of Fun Turns to Horror

Rollercoaster in Mexico City derails, kills 2 and injures 2

(Newser) - Two people were killed and two others wounded on Saturday when the last car on a rollercoaster in La Feria Chapultepec amusement park in Mexico City derailed, reports the BBC . Witnesses say the car came loose, was dragged along at high speed, then fell from 33 feet halfway through the...

Disguised Woman Kills 2 Israeli Men in Mexico City Mall

Police say she lied about the motive

(Newser) - A woman wearing a blond wig disguise fatally shot two Israeli men at a restaurant in an upscale Mexico City shopping mall, and authorities said Thursday they were investigating links to organized crime. Though the woman was quickly arrested and claimed the killings were a crime of passion, prosecutors later...

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