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'Guerrillas' Try to Sway Election, Bird Blows It for Them

Attempt to influence Ecuador polls with fake 'guerrilla' vid fails after bird guide hears bird call

(Newser) - Nothing gets past an eagle-eyed, carefully listening ornithologist—not even a propaganda video meant to sway an election. Manuel Sanchez, a bird-watching guide based in Ecuador, was watching just such a video shared on social media, supposedly showing three armed left-wing men from Colombia's ELN guerrilla force deep in...

Sudan Rebels Holding 29 Chinese

China reportedly building roads in dangerous southern Sudan

(Newser) - At least 29 Chinese citizens are being held by Sudanese militants after a battle with Sudan's army at a road-construction project in a remote and volatile region of the country yesterday, reports the AP . The rebels tell MSNBC that they're holding the Chinese "for their own safety...

Top 5 Civilians Who Battled Armies

Freedom fighters with a grudge exist outside of Hollywood

(Newser) - Throughout history, vast armies have met their enemies on the battlefield and even conquered civilizations—unless, that is, some totally untrained person got really mad at them. Yes, this has actually happened outside of the movies. Cracked lists five of them:
  • Rejected by the Greek army in the 1930s for

Getty Nails Guerrilla Girls Archive

Rad fems' files going to LA research institute

(Newser) - The Guerrilla Girls gang of subversive feminist artists has apparently reached an accommodation with the white male establishment with an agreement to turn over the organization's archives to the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, reports the Independent. "We've had this stuff sitting in boxes for ages," noted...

Sri Lanka Celebrates 'Decisive' Win Over Rebels

(Newser) - Sri Lanka’s president called today’s seizure of a Tamil Tiger stronghold “an unparalleled victory” that could bring an end to the nation's 25-year civil war, the Times of London reports. Most observers, however, say the government will need to make some sort of political agreement with the...

Colombia: FARC Was After Uranium
After Uranium

Colombia: FARC Was After Uranium

Ecuador cuts ties, says slain rebel leader was key in hostage deal

(Newser) - Colombia has accused Ecuador and Venezuela of cooperating with FARC guerrillas who were trying to buy uranium, the BBC reports, even as Ecuador cut ties with Colombia and Venezuela expelled its diplomats. “FARC is taking big steps in the world of terrorism to become a global aggressor,” said...

Hamas Launches Navy in Gaza
Hamas Launches Navy in Gaza

Hamas Launches Navy in Gaza

Palestinian faction is recruiting sailors; now all they need is a ship

(Newser) - Hamas, the Palestinian faction that seized power in the Gaza Strip in June, is launching a naval defense force, reports the Times. They're busy recruiting sailors—even though they don't have any ships.  “The requirements to join are that you have to be a good soldier, be fit,...

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