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'The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye'
'The Time Has
Come to Say

'The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye'

Pat Sajak's final episode of 'Wheel of Fortune' airs after 40-plus years at the helm

(Newser) - After more than four decades lording over his show's giant wheel, Pat Sajak just presided over his final spin. The last Wheel of Fortune episode featuring the 77-year-old host aired Friday , and it was mostly business as usual in terms of gameplay, reports the New York Times . Then, at...

Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings Get a Job Upgrade
Mayim Bialik: No More
Jeopardy! for Me

Mayim Bialik: No More Jeopardy! for Me

Actor says Sony has informed her she's not hosting anymore; Ken Jennings will remain as sole host

(Newser) - And then there was one. One host, that is, for Jeopardy!, which for more than two years has relied on two co-hosts since the death of former host Alex Trebek: actor Mayim Bialik and Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings. The former announced Friday that Sony had informed her she'll no...

Squid Game Contestants Threaten Lawsuit

Contestants on Netflix's spin-off game show say they suffered injuries while filming

(Newser) - Contestants on Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix's spin-off reality competition show based on the mega-hit series from South Korea, say they were harmed while filming and are threatening the streaming company and producers of the show with a lawsuit. Two contestants say that while filming in cold weather in...

Ken Jennings Reveals 'Secret Sauce' to Jeopardy Wins

Knowing the cadence of Alex Trebek's voice helped him, he says

(Newser) - How was Ken Jennings so good at Jeopardy? The onetime champion contestant, now host, of the beloved game show revealed a big secret to his success in an interview with Chris Wallace that CNN is previewing. As Jennings explains, contestants must pass the same test to even get a chance...

For First Time in 18 Years, Vanna White Gets Raise: Report

The icon will be staying with 'Wheel of Fortune' 2 more years after Pat Sajak leaves

(Newser) - Wheel of Fortune will still have one familiar face after longtime host Pat Sajak leaves the iconic game show: Vanna White has signed on for two additional seasons, meaning that after the upcoming 41st (Sajak's last, which started filming last week) she'll be there to welcome new host...

Price Is Right Contestant Injures Himself While Celebrating

Henry was so excited over his win that he dislocated his shoulder

(Newser) - Spinning the big wheel on CBS' The Price Is Right isn't usually a family affair. But in a recent episode of television's longest-running game show , one man celebrated a win so hard that he hurt himself and needed his wife's assistance to continue. CNN reports that during...

Nick Cannon's Show Seemed Too Bad to Be True. It Was

'Who's Having My Baby' promo with Kevin Hart was just a stunt for their new 'Celebrity Prank Wars'

(Newser) - In a world where Reality TV Land includes shows featuring the "best funeral ever," Vanilla Ice becoming temporarily Amish, and a group of women who've convinced themselves they're vying for the hand of Prince Harry (it was an obvious lookalike), a series dedicated to prolific dad...

Not Everyone Loves Change to Wheel of Fortune Puzzleboard

Thanks to NASA tech, Vanna doesn't even need to touch letters now; some say board looks 'cheap'

(Newser) - If you tuned in to the first episode of the 40th season of Wheel of Fortune that aired Monday, you may have noticed a subtle change in the puzzleboard. In the early days of the game show, as host Pat Sajak would interact with the contestants, co-host Vanna White would...

This Hasn't Happened on Jeopardy! Since 2020

Contestant Mattea Roach had solo final round

(Newser) - The final round of a Jeopardy! match this week saw a rare occurrence happen for the first time in the post-Alex Trebek era. Canadian contestant Mattea Roach was the only player still in the game for Final Jeopardy after the other two contestants finished the second round with a negative...

Pat Sajak Defends the Puzzle-Missers
Pat Sajak Blasts Twitter
Critics After Wheel Misfire
in case you missed it

Pat Sajak Blasts Twitter Critics After Wheel Misfire

'Have a little heart,' he says of those mocking contestants playing on national TV

(Newser) - Wheel of Fortune misfires crop up now and then, but they seldom reach the gone-viral peak of this latest one. And Pat Sajak isn't having it, reports Deadline . All but four letters were revealed in "another feather _n yo_r _a_," but the contestants couldn't get the...

Jeopardy! Is Bringing Back Guest Hosts

Mayim Bialik will return for 15 episodes

(Newser) - After the "permanent" replacement for Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek lasted just one day of filming , the show is apparently back to square one in its search for a worthy successor. Sony Pictures Television said Monday that Mayim Bialik— selected earlier this month to host Jeopardy! specials while regular hosting...

Jeopardy! Confirms 2 New Permanent Hosts

Mike Richards, Mayim Bialik named as replacements for Alex Trebek

(Newser) - Beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek left some big shoes to fill—and Sony Pictures Television has decided it will take more than one new permanent host to replace him. After months of guest hosts, game show veteran Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik, former star of The Big Bang Theory, have...

He Solved the Puzzle Correctly, but One Word Was His Downfall

'Wheel of Fortune' fans miffed contestant lost on a technicality after saying the word 'and' during answer

(Newser) - The conjunctions will always get you—at least on Wheel of Fortune. Fans are blasting the show for the "dumbest rule ever" after a contestant who correctly solved a puzzle didn't get credit for it, over a technicality. Per Entertainment Weekly and ET Canada , the episode that aired...

Ken Jennings, Make Way for Katie Couric

Per 'LAT' report, Couric set to be 2nd guest host for 'Jeopardy!'

(Newser) - With one upcoming guest host of Jeopardy! embroiled in a bit of online controversy , a second has just been announced. Sources tell the Los Angeles Times that Katie Couric has been selected to fill a one-week slot in Alex Trebek's place in the wake of his November death at...

Tragedy on the Set of the Game Show Wipeout

Sources say contestant collapsed after finishing and later died

(Newser) - A male contestant on the game show Wipeout died Wednesday after completing the show's obstacle course. The AP reports by way of sources that the man, who was in his 30s, required medical attention after finishing the course, which features "giant balls and pitfalls that often result in...

Alex Trebek's Last Day Filming Was 10 Days Before Death

Tributes are pouring in for 'Jeopardy!' host

(Newser) - Tributes to beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek are pouring in after he died Sunday at age 80 following a battle with pancreatic cancer. The three Greatest of All Time tournament contestants all weighed in, including Ken Jennings, who ultimately won the title. "Alex wasn’t just the best ever...

Longtime Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Dead at 80

'Thank you, Alex'

(Newser) - One of America's most cherished game-show hosts is gone. Alex Trebek, the level-headed host of Jeopardy!, has died at age 80 amid a battle with pancreatic cancer, TMZ reports. "Jeopardy! is saddened to share that Alex Trebek passed away peacefully at home early this morning, surrounded by family...

'Lurid' Wheel of Fortune Answer Gets Internet Buzzing

Uh ... OK

(Newser) - One of the most wholesome game shows on TV sent ripples over the airwaves Thursday night with what some viewers at home called a rather "kinky" answer. Yahoo reports that Adam Goodell was the lucky contestant who banked $2,450 by solving the "Before and After" puzzle, where...

Jeopardy! Crowns Its All-Time Champion

Ken Jennings wins 3rd match in GOAT tournament

(Newser) - It's official: Ken Jennings is the greatest Jeopardy! contestant of all time. The 45-year-old won his third two-game match in the Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time tournament, taking both the title and the $1 million prize. Jennings, whose 74-game winning streak in 2004 has never been equalled, defeated...

Jennings Is a Win Away From Jeopardy! Title

He beat Holzhauer, Rutter for a second time Thursday

(Newser) - Ken Jennings is closing in on the title in the Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time tournament. Jennings, who already holds the records for consecutive wins and regular-play earnings, took a 2-1 lead over James Holzhauer with a win Thursday night, the New York Daily News reports. The first contestant...

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