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In Guam, a Jungle Now 'Looks Like Toothpicks'

Storm was strongest to hit US territory since 2002

(Newser) - Many residents of Guam remained without power and utilities Thursday after Typhoon Mawar tore through the remote US Pacific territory the night before and ripped roofs off homes, flipped vehicles, and shredded trees.The strongest typhoon to hit the territory of roughly 150,000 people since 2002, Mawar briefly made...

Emergency Declared in Guam as Super Typhoon Approaches

It could be fiercest storm to hit US territory in decades

(Newser) - President Biden approved an emergency declaration as an intensifying Super Typhoon Mawar approached Guam, where anyone not living in a concrete house was urged to seek safety elsewhere and emergency shelters began to fill ahead of what could be the most powerful storm to hit the US Pacific territory in...

Federal Court: Cockfighting Not a Right in US Territories

Appeals court upholds Guam ban

(Newser) - In one of his lesser-known moves, then-President Trump signed a law in 2018 banning cockfighting in all US territories, 11 years after Louisiana became the final state to ban the practice. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court ruled against Guam businessman Sedfrey Linsangan, who argued the ban was unconstitutional because...

Guam's Stray Dogs Have Made All Dogcatchers Quit but One

Nicholas Ibanez is the only pro left to deal with 30K strays, and it's a problem that won't ease up soon

(Newser) - For more than five years, Nicholas Ibanez has had a unique job on the island of Guam: resident dogcatcher. But it's not an easy one, mainly because the 41-year-old is extremely outnumbered, by about 30,000 strays to one. With a human population on Guam of around 170,000,...

Scenes From China's New Propaganda Clip May Look Familiar

Observers say nation's air force lifted scenes from 'The Hurt Locker,' 'The Rock'

(Newser) - A new Hollywood-style video from China's armed forces showing a simulation of an attack on a US military base maybe got a little too Hollywood. Entitled "The god of war H-6K goes on the attack!," the two-minute-plus footage released on Chinese social media by the People's...

Navy Wants to Reinstate Carrier's Captain

Brett Crozier was removed over handling of coronavirus outbreak

(Newser) - After an investigation, the Navy has decided it wants Capt. Brett Crozier, back in charge of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The recommendation to reinstate the captain, who was fired over his response to a coronavirus outbreak on his aircraft carrier, is under review at the Pentagon, and would have to...

Guam Nervously Takes In Quarantined Roosevelt Crew

Rooms are set aside for up to 4,000 sailors

(Newser) - People in Guam are used to a military presence on the strategic Pacific island, but some are uneasy as sailors from a coronavirus-stricken Navy aircraft carrier flood hotels for quarantine. Officials insist they have enforced strict safety measures, the AP reports. An outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt began in...

Cost of Ex-Navy Secretary's Trip to Guam: $243K

Modly reportedly flew at a cost of $7K an hour

(Newser) - Former acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly's trip to Guam to lecture sailors who gave a roaring sendoff to their fired captain cost taxpayers a whopping $243,151.65. Modly, who resigned Tuesday , flew 35 hours on a C-37B at a cost of $6,946.19 per hour, USA ...

Guam Responds to US Carrier's Plea for Help

'We can protect Guam while being humane to them,' says Guam's governor

(Newser) - Sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt are finally putting legs on land, the BBC reports. With at least 100 testing positive for the coronavirus—and the vessel's captain issuing a plea for help —US officials have arranged for crew members to be quarantined in Guam, where the aircraft...

US Captain Fighting Outbreak Pleads With Navy to Evacuate

USS Roosevelt, docked in Guam, has at least 100 infections among crew

(Newser) - With at least 100 sailors having tested positive for the coronavirus, the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt is pleading with his Navy bosses to let him evacuate the crew onto land. The ship has a crew of more than 4,000. "We are not at war. Sailors do...

This US Territory Has a Big Issue: No Tests

A coronavirus outbreak could devastate American Samoa

(Newser) - Worried about the coronavirus? Imagine getting it in American Samoa, which can't test for COVID-19 and has only one hospital with space to quarantine 10 patients. Now, NBC News reports, someone living in the distant US territory appears to have symptoms. So American Samoa tried sending the samples to...

China Has US Targets in Crosshairs: Pentagon

A new report says the People's Liberation Army is training for long-distance strikes

(Newser) - China is flexing its military muscles, according to a Pentagon report that gets right to the troubling point: "Over the last three years, the PLA [People's Liberation Army] has rapidly expanded its overwater bomber operating areas, gaining experience in critical maritime regions and likely training for strikes against...

First US Baby of 2018 Wasn't Born in Any of the 50 States

Logan James Lynch Perez was born on the island of Guam, a US territory

(Newser) - At the end of every calendar year, imminent parents-to-be around the US wonder if their bundle of joy will be the one to nab the nation's "first baby" honors. In 2018, that distinction goes to Logan James Lynch Perez—and he wasn't born in any of the...

North Korea Threatens Guam Again: 'US Should Be Tamed With Fire'

North Korea upset about joint naval exercises between US and South Korea

(Newser) - North Korea is once again threatening to launch missiles toward Guam, the New York Times reports. The US territory is in the crosshairs this time over a joint naval exercise being held by the US and South Korea and scheduled to start Monday in the waters around South Korea. "...

Seoul Responded to Latest Pyongyang Launch Within Minutes

Test shows Guam is now in range, experts say

(Newser) - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for "direct actions" against North Korea from oil suppliers China and Russia after the country launched another missile over Japan early Friday. China and Russia "must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own,"...

Trump Praises Kim Jong Un's 'Wise' Decision

'The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!'

(Newser) - President Trump had nicer words than "fire and fury" for North Korea Wednesday morning, Politico reports. "Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!" Trump tweeted , referring to the country's decision...

North Korea: We'll Hold Off on Guam Missile Launch

Kim Jong Un has reviewed plans, state media says

(Newser) - North Korea says its plan to fire ICBMs into the waters around Guam is on hold while it waits to see what the "foolish Yankees" do next. North Korean state media said Tuesday that Kim Jong Un has reviewed the plan for "the enveloping fire at Guam,"...

Guam Advises Residents: Don't Look at Fireball

Government releases fact sheet with nuclear attack tips

(Newser) - The residents of Guam are trying to keep their nerves in check as tensions rise between the White House and Pyongyang. The latest fact sheet to come out of the territory's Homeland Security department may either soothe those nerves or worsen them, as it lists what one should do...

North Korea Details Guam Strike Plan
North Korea Details
Guam Strike Plan

North Korea Details Guam Strike Plan

Pyongyang calls Trump 'bereft of reason'

(Newser) - North Korea took things up yet another notch Thursday by issuing detailed plans for a strike near Guam —and some insults directed at President Trump. Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency said a plan to fire four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missiles into waters 25 miles off Guam will...

Trump Makes Bold Claim About US Nuclear Arsenal
Trump Makes
Bold Claim About
US Nuclear Arsenal
the rundown

Trump Makes Bold Claim About US Nuclear Arsenal

Claims his order made it 'more powerful than ever'

(Newser) - President Trump doesn't appear to be heeding calls to end his rhetoric in regard to North Korea. In a pair of tweets, he boasted about America's nuclear prowess. "My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal," he tweeted . "It is...

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