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Chris Rock, Conan O'Brien, and the Pope Walk Into a Bar...

Or rather, the Vatican, as pontiff hosts 100-plus comedians to celebrate the importance of humor

(Newser) - Before flying to Italy's southern Puglia region to meet world leaders at the Group of Seven summit, Pope Francis hosted a very different audience at the Vatican on Friday to celebrate the importance of humor. The pontiff welcomed more than 100 comedians from 15 nations, including US celebrities Whoopi...

Colbert Is Recovering From a Burst Appendix

'Late Show' host has been sidelined for a week

(Newser) - First this fall, another round with COVID-19 shuttered Stephen Colbert's The Late Show. Now the show is again sidelined as the host recovers from a burst appendix. The comedian in a post on Threads said Monday that he's recovering after surgery, wiping out planned shows for Tuesday, Wednesday,...

Guess Who Just Showed Up on the Late Show
Guess Who Just Showed
Up on the Late Show

Guess Who Just Showed Up on the Late Show

David Letterman visits Stephen Colbert at Ed Sullivan Theater, his first time since leaving in 2015

(Newser) - For the first time in more than eight years, David Letterman took to the stage at New York City's Ed Sullivan Theater, but this time, he was on the other side of the desk. The former Late Show host popped in for a visit on Monday with current Late ...

Buttigieg Weighs In on Mike Johnson's LGBTQ+ Views

Transportation secretary zings new House speaker on Colbert show: 'Maybe we'll just have him over'

(Newser) - Mike Johnson has been withstanding quite a bit of scrutiny since he ascended last month from being a virtually unknown Republican congressman to his current role as speaker of the House. Especially in the spotlight: the Louisiana lawmaker's anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric over the years, which has now spurred Pete...

Your Newest Late-Night Host Stands Apart

Taylor Tomlinson will become only female late-night host on network TV

(Newser) - A new late-night show is coming to CBS with a 29-year-old stand-up comic in the host chair. Taylor Tomlinson of Netflix comedy specials Look At You and Quarter Life Crisis will host After Midnight after The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Variety reports. Colbert, an executive producer of the show,...

Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon, Oliver, Meyers Just Teamed Up

Profits from podcast 'Strike Force Five' will go to their staffs, who are idled by Hollywood strike

(Newser) - Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver, and Seth Meyers have teamed up in a new podcast called "Strike Force Five" —named after their personal text chain. Because their respective shows have been dark since the Writers Guild of America went on strike in May,...

In One Week, Late Night Could Take a Hard Hit

Looming Hollywood writers strike will affect talk shows, 'SNL' first if deal isn't reached by May 1

(Newser) - May 1 is the deadline for Hollywood writers, represented by the Writers Guild of America, to reach a contract agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, and if no such deal is struck, the late-night TV arena will be the first to say goodbye to new episodes,...

Late Night on Trump Indictment: 'Arrested Developer'

'For the first time in 7 years, Melania is smiling at Mar-a-Lago'

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert seems to have ignored Rep. Eric Swalwell's call for Americans to not " celebrate nor destroy " over former President Trump's indictment by a New York grand jury. The news was clearly "worth celebrating" for the Late Show host, who opened his show on Thursday...

Colbert, Fallon Mock Biden's Happy Birthday Gaffe

'First rule: Don’t start singing Happy Birthday unless you know the person’s name'

(Newser) - President Biden appeared to forget the name of Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter-in-law when he tried to sing Happy Birthday to her during an event Monday—and that's not the kind of gaffe that goes unnoticed by late-night hosts. In a speech to the National Action Network'...

Colbert Jokes About Musk's $100B Loss

'All of us are having to cut back on how many cars we shoot into space'

(Newser) - Elon Musk's net worth has taken a massive hit this year—amid issues at Tesla and his acquisition of Twitter, he's down more than $100 billion. Stephen Colbert offered commiserations on The Late Show Wednesday night, Rolling Stone reports. "Listen, Elon. I know belt tightening is no...

Late-Night Hosts Couldn't Resist Poking at Ye

Late-night hosts pick fun at 'desperate' Kanye West, Elon Musk's sink

(Newser) - Late-night hosts had a field day with Kanye West and Elon Musk Thursday night, with Stephen Colbert announcing West wasn’t just restricted from social media platforms but was now banned from The Late Show . "I had to do it now because I was afraid that he would just...

Colbert Staffers Won't Be Tried Over Capitol Trip

Prosecutors say conviction seemed unlikely

(Newser) - Update: The nine Late Show staff members arrested at the US Capitol complex will not face trial on unlawful entry charges, federal prosecutors have decided. A spokesman said conviction seemed unlikely because the people arrested had been invited and weren't asked to leave by their escorts, the AP reports....

Colbert Producers, Puppet Arrested by Capitol Cops

Robert Smigel, voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog puppet, said to be among the 7 detained

(Newser) - It's been some time since Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has made headlines, but he's now back in the spotlight. The AP reports that seven staffers from Stephen Colbert's Late Show were arrested on Capitol Hill Thursday night, and among those detained, per a list seen by...

Proud Boy Calls Out Colbert in Court, Colbert Responds

Defense argued Jan. 6 trial should be moved because of coverage

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert noticed that lawyers for a leader of the Proud Boys mentioned him in their attempt to have Joseph Biggs' trial moved from Washington, DC. A defense filing last week asked for a new location because of the "unquestionably spectacular 24/7" coverage of the organization in the media,...

Kimmel on Gun Rules: 'This Is Now Our Fault'

Late-night hosts tackle the mass shooting in Texas

(Newser) - Late-night hosts dug into the Texas mass shooting during their Wednesday monologues, often with emotional pleas:
  • Seth Meyers: He said he knew when he started his show he'd have days in which he'd have to talk about school shootings before segueing into lighter fare. He added that he

New Zealand PM Ardern Responds to Uvalde Shooting

She tells Colbert about her country's ban on military-style guns

(Newser) - Reflecting on Tuesday’s school shooting, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she does not view such events as a politician. “I see them just as a mother," she told Stephen Colbert, per the Guardian. "I’m so sorry for what has happened here." The...

Late-Night Hosts Weigh in on 'QAnon Shaman' Sentence

He 'could be out in time to storm the Capitol in 2024,' jokes Stephen Colbert

(Newser) - With "QAnon shaman" Jacob Chansley now serving a 41-month federal sentence and probably out of the news cycle for a while, late-night hosts got a last round of jokes in on Wednesday night. Chansley, who stormed the Capitol shirtless wearing a horned, furry headdress, was described by prosecutors as...

Colbert Needs Top Hat, Song to Explain Congress
Colbert Uses Willy Wonka
to Explain Congress

Colbert Uses Willy Wonka to Explain Congress

He sings about 'reconciliation' in a top hat

(Newser) - Congress is nearing the end of a monumental week , one in which lawmakers are trying to avert a shutdown as they consider two huge pieces of legislation that could decide the fate of President Biden's legislative agenda. Stephen Colbert attempted to explain all this Wednesday night, in particular the...

Branson Invites Colbert to Host Launch Livestream

Billionaire will blast off Sunday morning

(Newser) - Richard Branson is going to space on Sunday— nine days before rival billionaire Jeff Bezos—and he's now lined up a celebrity host for the livestream. Branson invited Stephen Colbert to host the Sunday morning event after the late-night host joked on Twitter about not being invited on the...

6 Late-Night Jokes About Trump's Pants

No, he didn't wear them backward, but that didn't stop the hosts

(Newser) - There's a reason #Trumppants has been trending the last few days, even if it is a pretty strange one. After images surfaced online (see the aforementioned hashtag), the internet seemed convinced that Donald Trump wore his pants backward in North Carolina on Saturday, notes NPR . He did not. If...

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