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US, Internet Giants Cut Deal on Data Disclosure

Companies can say how often they give up your information

(Newser) - The government and leading Internet companies today announced a compromise that will allow those companies to reveal more information about how often they are ordered to turn over customer information to the government in national security investigations. The Justice Department reached agreements with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn that...

Tech Rivals Unite to Nag World About Spying

Google, Microsoft lead charge

(Newser) - What's big enough to bring together such competitors as Google and Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple, Facebook and Twitter, plus AOL and LinkedIn for good measure? The NSA spying drama. Those companies are publicly asking the world's governments to limit such spying, and have detailed their ideas on a...

Hackers Post 2M Facebook, Google, Yahoo Passwords

Most common one? '123456'

(Newser) - Some 2 million user credentials for Facebook and other top services have appeared on a Russian-language website, likely thanks to malware installed on users' computers, experts tell the BBC . They believe a crime ring was probably behind the dump, which claimed to include 318,121 Facebook usernames and passwords, along...

LinkedIn Sued for 'Hacking' Users' Email Accounts

One woman says site emailed 3K contacts in her name

(Newser) - You know those LinkedIn invites from random people in your past that are always clogging up your inbox? They might be more sinister than they appear. A group of LinkedIn users is suing the professional networking site, claiming it hacked their email accounts and harvested the addresses of their contacts...

Coming Soon on LinkedIn: 14-Year-Olds

Site hopes teens will use it to choose colleges

(Newser) - Your LinkedIn feed could soon be full of such awesome networking connections as "paperboy" and "babysitter": The site is dropping its minimum age next month, and come Sept. 12, 14-year-olds will be able to sign up, the Wall Street Journal reports. Why 14? That's the legal age...

LinkedIn Tells Prostitutes to Go Away

Networking site bans listings for escorts, too

(Newser) - LinkedIn's new user agreement includes a surprising clause: No promoting prostitution or escort services on your profile, even if it's legal where you live. ReadWriteWeb spotted the unusual inclusion, and wondered if it was even truly necessary. In its words, "would anyone really take the risk of...

Ex-State GOP Chair Charged With Facebook Fraud

Craig Berkman allegedly told investors he could sell them shares he didn't have

(Newser) - Federal authorities have arrested Florida financier—and former Oregon Republican chairman—Craig Berkman for allegedly bilking investors out of millions in a scheme to sell fake Facebook shares. Ahead of Facebook's IPO, Berkman allegedly told investors that he had access to shares of the company, a complete fabrication that...

LinkedIn Hit With $5M Suit Over Hack

Woman wants class-action status

(Newser) - LinkedIn's security breach —the one in which some 6 million passwords were stolen and posted online—is about to get more problematic for the company. An Illinois woman has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the networking site, and is seeking class-action status for it, Reuters reports. LinkedIn...

Unimaginative eHarmony Passwords Hacked, Too

At least 1.5M are compromised: Ars Technica

(Newser) - LinkedIn isn't the only password hacking victim this week. Add eHarmony to the list. About 1.5 million encrypted passwords were posted online by a hacker, along with the 6.5 million from the business networking site, reports Ars Technica . The dating site has confirmed a breach, but it...

Hacker Posts 6.5M LinkedIn Passwords

Experts: Change yours now

(Newser) - A hacker claims to have stolen 6.46 million LinkedIn passwords, and the list is posted online. The list—announced on a Russian forum—appears to be real, an expert says; users tell ZDNet that they have indeed found their passwords on the list. LinkedIn's encryption system is "...

Sick of Bad Seatmates? Airline to Let You Cherry-Pick

...using social media, of course

(Newser) - Not fun: Being stuck next to a super-chatty traveler or big drinker on a long flight when all you want to do is sleep. The modern-day solution: Forget earplugs, just book on KLM, which will next year launch a service called "meet and seat." The move will allow...

Obama on Taxes in LinkedIn Town Hall: We're in This Together

 Obama on Taxes: 
 Pay It Forward 

Obama on Taxes: Pay It Forward

Pay it forward, he says in Elizabeth Warren-esque appeal

(Newser) - President Obama tackled the economy, jobs, education, and more at today's LinkedIn townhall meeting, the AP reports. Of note: an audience member—later identified as a former Google executive—told Obama he had no job by choice after his search-engine startup did well, and asked, "Can you please...

Pandora IPO: Internet Radio Company Jacks Public Offering to $161M
 Pandora Jacks IPO to $161.5M 

Pandora Jacks IPO to $161.5M

Betting on LinkedIn-esque investor frenzy

(Newser) - This is getting to be one pricey box to open: Pandora has jacked the price of its hotly anticipated IPO to $161.5 million, reports the New York Post, up from a slightly more modest $109.5 million last week and $100 million in February. The stock market may be...

Your LinkedIn Lesson: Quick, Move to Silicon Valley

The dot-com madness is upon us again: Brett Arends

(Newser) - Investors went nuts over LinkedIn's IPO today —it more than doubled to close at $94.25 per share. What might you take from this? "Quit your job, move to Silicon Valley, and start a venture to compete with LinkedIn," writes Brett Arends at MarketWatch . After all,...

LinkedIn Shares Skyrocket in IPO

Market hungry for social networking companies

(Newser) - LinkedIn had its IPO today, and there was an investor feeding frenzy before the bell had even rung. The shares wound up opening at $83, an 84% premium on their $45 offering price, the Wall Street Journal reports. They're currently trading at around $105—having peaked this morning at...

Disney Site Brings Social Networking to 10-and-Under

Togetherville allows parents to moderate kids' activities

(Newser) - It's like Facebook, but with training wheels. Disney has bought the company that makes Togetherville , a social network that caters to the 10-and-younger set, reports TechCrunch . Togetherville is similar to other social networks but with a layer of parental oversight—parents oversee their kids' friends and edit or delete items...

LinkedIn Files to Go Public
 LinkedIn Files to Go Public 

LinkedIn Files to Go Public

IPO seen as gauge of market interest in social networks

(Newser) - After weeks of speculation , LinkedIn has confirmed what many suspected—it will go public later this year. The career-focused social networking site filed a registration statement with the SEC yesterday, setting the stage for the company to become the biggest social network yet to land on Wall Street, reports Mashable...

LinkedIn Going Public —to Trump Facebook

Financial underwriters already selected, say sources

(Newser) - Facebook may not be going public just yet, but LinkedIn sure as heck is. The professional networking site will go public this year, multiple sources tell Reuters , although a company rep officially calls an IPO “just one of many tactics that we would consider.” Why are they doing...

SEC Snooping Around Facebook, Twitter Trades

Booming private exchanges move social networks' shares

(Newser) - The SEC wants information about the surging private stock exchanges that have grown up around top social networks, the New York Times reports. Shares of Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, and LinkedIn are all sought-after commodities—though none of the companies are publicly held. As the exchanges gain popularity, Wall Street investment...

10 Overused Terms to Avoid on Your LinkedIn Profile

Sorry, those of you with 'extensive experience,' but ... zip it

(Newser) - So you just so happen to be a “results-oriented” “problem solver” with a “proven track record”? Sorry, Charlie: On LinkedIn, so is everyone. The Los Angeles Times lists the 10 most overused terms on the business networking site. The rest:
  • Motivated
  • Dynamic
  • Team player

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