Zimmerman Lawyer Invokes Shaken Baby Syndrome

Hal Uhrig argues that Zimmerman could have died in confrontation
By Kevin Spak,  Newser Staff
Posted Apr 6, 2012 2:43 PM CDT

George Zimmerman's lawyers put forth a novel assertion on CBS today, when lawyer Hal Uhrig suggested that Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin because he might have gotten… shaken baby syndrome? "People have said, the force was too much even if he broke his nose and slammed his head into the ground," Uhrig said. "We're familiar with Shaken Baby Syndrome. You shake a baby, the brain shakes around inside the skull. You can die."

Reuters writes that Uhrig's "use of a recognized sign of child abuse to defend a 28-year-old man who killed a kid seemed likely to raise more than just a few eyebrows." The wire also notes that there are no signs that Zimmerman suffered a brain bleed consistent with SBS. Uhrig also made the strange choice of apparently likening his client to OJ Simpson. "We've heard the rush to judgment story—I guess that started with Johnnie Cochran and the OJ Simpson case," he said. "It's certainly an example here." (More George Zimmerman stories.)

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