Undeclared Superdelegates: the Bestiary

Politico unveils the motives of the 'undecided' kingdom
By Sam Gale Rosen,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 31, 2008 12:17 PM CDT
Undeclared Superdelegates: the Bestiary
Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, right, is holding out for the candidates to address the issues she considers most important.   (AP Photo/Monica Rueda)

More than 460 Democratic superdelegates have yet to throw support behind a candidate. Politico reports that few if any are truly undecided, and offers a taxonomy of the undeclared:

  1. Crypto-Obamans—Superdelegates like Nancy Pelosi, who haven't come out for a candidate, but are assumed to be sympathetic to Obama.
  2. Throwbacks—"Proud, unapologetic superdelegates" like James Clyburn, who have no problem with deciding the election in a smoke-filled room.

  1. Parochials—Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur and her ilk, who are waiting until the candidates start addressing their local concerns.
  2. Nailbiters—Pols who are dithering till the last minute to avoid a potentially damaging misstep.
  3. Strong and Silents—Bigwigs like Al Gore, keeping a pregnant pause until the precise moment.
  4. Unknowns—The 75 or so superdelegates who themselves haven't yet been selected.
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