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Sanders Responds to Idea of '2 Old White Guys' Ticket

A Bernie-Biden unity ticket will 'probably not' happen

(Newser) - While Joe Biden is riding high after Super Tuesday, he has yet to unite the Democratic Party, which is why Brian Klaas at the Washington Post is urging him to "announce his pick for vice president this week." So what are the chances that Biden will team up...

Democrats Change How They'll Pick 2020 Nominee

Superdelegates won't have the same power as before

(Newser) - After two years of sometimes ugly public fighting, Democratic Party leaders on Saturday voted to limit their own high-profile roles in choosing presidential nominees, giving even more weight to the outcome of state primaries and caucuses, the AP reports. The debate over the influence of party insiders known as superdelegates...

502-70: Clinton Leads Where It Really Matters

Super Tuesday could spell the beginning of the end for Bernie Sanders

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders assured voters on Sunday that he'd pull off an upset to become the Democratic nominee. The delegate count in the Democratic primary, however, shows that's not very likely. A total of 2,383 delegates are needed to win the nomination, and Clinton now has 502 compared...

Clinton Isn't Losing in NH Delegate Count

'Superdelegates' are back

(Newser) - "Superdelegates"—and their importance to Hillary Clinton—are back in the news for the first time since 2008. Such delegates are Democratic Party insiders free to support any candidate at the convention, and Clinton has the support of six of them in New Hampshire, the Hill reports. That...

Romney Wins Caucus in American Samoa
Romney Wins Hawaii, American Samoa

Romney Wins Hawaii, American Samoa

Pacific wins soften blow from the South

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has a double victory in the Pacific to soften the blow of Rick Santorum's dual wins in Alabama and Mississippi . He surfed to an easy win in Hawaii's Republican caucuses, taking 45% of the vote to Rick Santorum's 25%, and Ron Paul's 18%. Newt...

Superdel Win Signals Change Dem Honchos Believe In

Victory in 'smoky backrooms of power' shows how country has shifted

(Newser) - Barack Obama clinching the Democratic nomination is a major moment in history, Eric Easter writes in Ebony, and it is the superdelegate victory that signals the biggest shift in attitudes. The candidate's win among ordinary voters of all races is hugely significant, but it is the win in "the...

Dems Move to End Clinton Campaign

Pelosi, Reid, Dean give superdelegates 48 hours

(Newser) - The Democratic party's three top leaders wasted no time in calling on all outstanding superdelegates this morning to make up their minds by Friday. Only a few hours after Barack Obama laid claim to the Democratic presidential nomination, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean issued a carefully worded statement...

Networks Call It: Obama Clinches

He becomes the first black candidate for a major party

(Newser) - Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination tonight to become the first black candidate for president on a major-party ticket. Obama reached the necessary number of delegates—2,118—as the polls closed in South Dakota at 9pm EST, CNN reports. AP reported earlier today that Obama had clinched, but media...

AP: Obama 'Effectively' Clinches Nomination

Tally based partly on private superdelegate commitments

(Newser) - The AP declared today that Barack Obama has “effectively clinched” the Democratic nomination, basing its projection in part on 15 private commitments from superdelegates. Adding to that a minimum 11 delegates Obama is poised to capture in the final two primaries today, the wire service concludes that the Chicagoan...

Obama Superdelegate Surge Said to Be on Its Way

Candidate could clinch tonight

(Newser) - The coming superdelegate surge may just be big enough to put Barack Obama over the top before the day is through. The Chicago Tribune says as many as 30 supers may endorse the Chicagoan today, with 10 coming from each chamber of Congress. But the Washington Post says that Harry...

Clyburn Endorses Obama
 Clyburn Endorses Obama 

Clyburn Endorses Obama

More superdelegates likely to follow

(Newser) - House Majority whip James Clyburn, the top-ranking African American in Congress, endorsed Barack Obama this morning, CNN reports. “Senator Obama brings a new vision for our future and new voters to our cause,” Clyburn said. “He has created levels of energy and excitement that I have not...

Signs Point to Clinton Exit
 Signs Point to Clinton Exit 

Signs Point to Clinton Exit

Schedule empties out; staffers told to tally expenses

(Newser) - With the final primaries a day away, the press corps is following a trail of breadcrumbs that may lead to a quick departure by Hillary Clinton. Campaign staffers were urged to turn in all outstanding expense receipts by week’s end, the Atlantic reports. And advance staffers were told they’...

Most Unpledged Senators Will Go Obama Soon

Some said to want 'grace period' for Dem colleague Clinton

(Newser) - "Most” of the Senate’s 17 uncommitted Democrats will endorse Barack Obama this week, sources tell CNN, though Majority Leader Harry Reid will remain neutral until Hillary Clinton officially exits. Obama officials had been “pressing” for earlier endorsements, but colleagues "don’t want to pound Hillary Clinton,...

All Eyes on Clinton, Who's Hanging Tough

Candidate not budging, but gives several staffers notice

(Newser) - As campaign watchers strain to suss out Hillary Clinton’s endgame, the candidate’s not helping much—winking that she’ll stay in even as she lets some employees go. Asked about her plans after tomorrow’s last-in-the-country primaries, she said yesterday, “I’m sort of a day-at-a-time person,...

Bill Decries 'Cover-Up' By Dem Brass

'They' are trying to pressure superdelegates, bury poll numbers favoring Hillary

(Newser) - Bill Clinton claimed this weekend that there is a conspiracy to bury polls showing Hillary to be the better Democratic general-election candidate against John McCain, adding, “I have never seen a candidate treated so disrespectfully just for running.” “Oh, this is so terrible," said the former...

Clinton Ready to Take It to Convention

Defiant candidate emphasizes the importance of Florida's vote

(Newser) - A defiant Hillary Clinton signaled yesterday that she might take the nomination fight all the way to the convention, the New York Times reports, again emphasizing the importance of seating Florida and Michigan delegates in a swing through the Sunshine State. Those delegates still wouldn't erase Barack Obama's lead, but...

Superdelegates Rejected $1M 'Deal' From Clinton Donor

Billionaire offered Young Dems big bucks to back Clinton, say sources

(Newser) - A billionaire Clinton backer offered to donate a million bucks to the Democratic Party's unofficial youth arm if its two uncommitted superdelegates endorsed his candidate, sources told the Huffington Post. Entertainment mogul Haim Saban allegedly made his million-dollar proposal to the Young Democrats of America just before the Indiana and...

Clinton Romps in Kentucky
 Clinton Romps in Kentucky 

Clinton Romps in Kentucky

As expected, she beats Obama handily; Oregon later tonight

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton cruised to a lopsided victory in today's Kentucky primary, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. Clinton won 65% to 30%, a margin of victory she called an "overwhelming vote of confidence." Despite the huge win, Barack Obama picked up enough support to clinch a majority of pledged delegates...

Clintons Are Reliving Their Worst Ordeal: Impeachment

Resemblances between 1998 and 2008 striking, New Republic 's Crowley finds

(Newser) - For Bill and Hillary Clinton, 2008 is smacking of 1998, as the struggle to stay in the presidential race looks remarkably like the battle to survive impeachment, argues Michael Crowley in the New Republic. The former first couple is under siege again, and again is willing to “ride out...

'I'm More Determined Than Ever'

Clinton insists she's the stronger candidate after win in West Virginia

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton said tonight she is "more determined than ever" to continue her campaign for the White House after what she termed an "overwhelming" victory in West Virginia, NBC reports. "I believe I'm the strongest candidate," she told supporters in Charleston after romping in nearly all-white...

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