2 Guys Just Made an 'Earth Sandwich'

They precisely placed slices of bread on the ground in New Zealand and Spain
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Jan 21, 2020 11:25 AM CST
2 Guys Just Made an 'Earth Sandwich'

Two strangers who live a world apart just made an unusual sandwich together. In New Zealand, 19-year-old Etienne Naude placed a slice of bread on the ground at a precisely calculated spot. In Spain, 34-year-old Angel Sierra did the same, reports the BBC. The result is an "earth sandwich"—two slices of bread placed on opposite sides of the planet with about 7,900 miles of earth between them, per the Guardian. See the resulting images for yourself via Reddit. (Sierra actually placed nine slices on the ground, to make extra-sure he hit his precise coordinate.) The men used longitude and latitude to figure out where to lay their respective slices of bread. Technically speaking, they placed the slices on antipodes—points opposite each other on the Earth's surface.

“We made sure to get the exact location with Google Maps, to get us within a few meters range, and then we used the actual image data on Google Maps to pinpoint ourselves even closer than that," Naude tells RNZ. His spot was relatively close to where he lived, but Sierra had to travel several miles. "It's quite tough to find a spot which isn't water on the New Zealand end—and where public roads or paths intersect in both sides," he says. They are not the first to make such a sandwich, with that honor going to American artist Ze Frank in 2006, notes the BBC. But this latest effort is drawing plenty of attention, in part because of a Reddit section that now allows people to find their own sandwich mates across the planet. (More geography stories.)

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