Lusty She-Chimps Emulate SATC

Females mate with as many males as possible
By Peter Fearon,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 18, 2008 12:31 PM CDT
Lusty She-Chimps Emulate SATC
New research suggests female chimpanzees are promiscuous to fool several males they are the father of offspring.   (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

New research into the sex lives of chimpanzees compares the behavior of females to their  peers in the urban jungle of Sex and the City. Female chimps are promiscuous, hoping to fool several male Mr. Bigs into thinking they fathered offspring, and noisy, to attract other partners. Dominant males are more likely to protect females and provide child care if they think they're the dad. But the females turn secretive around female rivals, reports the Daily Telegraph.

At the heart of the research is the study of loud Samantha-like "copulation calls"—the sounds they make during sex—to induce males to mate. "The female chimps we observed in the wild seemed to be concerned with having sex with as many different males as possible—without other females finding out about it," said a researcher. (More chimpanzees stories.)

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