Shooter's 'Death Note' Calls Out Walmart Workers

'I was harassed by idiots,' he wrote among references to demons and Satan
By Arden Dier,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 25, 2022 10:46 AM CST
Shooter's 'Death Note' Calls Out Walmart Workers
Flowers and balloons have been placed near the scene of a mass shooting at a Walmart, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, in Chesapeake, Va.   (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The employee who opened fire at a Virginia Walmart on Wednesday, killing six co-workers and himself, left behind a manifesto claiming "my intent was never to murder anyone" but "things just fell in place like I was led by the Satan." Andre Bing apologized to God for not listening to "the holy spirit" and claimed another employee recognized "a demonic aura" within him, per Fox News. He also wrote of "torment" from coworkers, whom he believed were sabotaging his life and speaking about him in "code," according to the document found on his phone and shared in a Friday tweet from the City of Chesapeake. "The associates gave me twisted grins, mocked me and celebrated my down fall the last day," reads the document labeled "death note." The names of coworkers included in the note have been redacted.

"I was harassed by idiots," the shooter wrote, adding his "dignity was completely taken away beyond repair by my phone getting hacked." An employee has said the 31-year-old night manager was paranoid about government surveillance and "kept black tape on his phone." The shooter said he "failed my management team and everyone that ever loved me by convincing them that I was normal." He added he was "actually one of the more loving people in the world" who "just wanted a wife" and "obsessed over the thought." But "I didn't deserve a wife." He also wrote that he wished his parents had "paid closer attention to my social deficits." He legally purchased the 9mm handgun used just hours in advance, police said Friday. He had no criminal history.

His note claimed he would "spare" one person in particular. Survivor Jessica Wilczewski tells the AP that he was clearly targeting others. "The way he was looking at people’s faces and the way he did what he did, he was picking people out," she says. "He went back and shot dead bodies that were already dead. To make sure." Wilczewski adds Bing spoke to her directly, telling her to get out from under a table where she was hiding, but then told her to "go home." Wilczewski had only been working at the Walmart for five days. The dead have been identified as Brian Pendleton, 38; Kellie Pyle, 52; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Randy Blevins, 70; and Tyneka Johnson, 22. The name of a 16-year-old boy who was also killed has not been released. (More mass shootings stories.)

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