'Chipotle Boys' Are Having a Moment

The Bustle's Madeline Howard gets a close up look at the brand's most dedicated eaters
By Gina Carey,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 15, 2024 4:40 PM CDT
Chipotle Has Fans So Dedicated, They Earned a Nickname
Sign at a Chipotle restaurant.   (AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

Chipotle may have a certain group to thank for helping keep the lights on, and they now have a name: Chipotle Boys. The topic began trending on X when user Jackson McHenry posted an observation he had at one of Chipotle's New York locations. "Overheard two twenty-something women discussing the concept of a 'Chipotle boy,'" he wrote, "apparently a boy who eats Chipotle 5-7 days a week." In a cheeky field observation that Bustle describes as "bravely" spending "the lunch rush at a Midtown location of the fast-casual chain," writer Madeline Howard chats with said Boys in the wild.

One such customer, who stops by at least three times a week for his white rice, pinto beans, steak, hot salsa, sour cream, and cheese bowl, told Howard their offerings "tick all the boxes." "It's simple, it's somewhat cheap, and it's quick," he says. Howard writes that swift service was a common theme among the Chipotle Boys she interviewed, along with nutritional value and convenience. After diving in with the dedicated office-worker crowd that crams into Chipotles not far from their desks, Howard says an important cross-section comes from the Gym Bro crowd, who want to power up on their protein. One trainer said he recommends meals there to his clients so they can easily count macros.

But the poster Chipotle Boy-Gym Bro might just be Brooklyn Nets player Mikal Bridges, who told GQ Sports he's eaten Chipotle every day for the last 10 years. Per the NY Post, the brand didn't waste this opportunity, writing from the official Chipotle X account: "Boys really try 1 Chipotle order at 15 and decide that's enough flavor for life." And while people are both stepping forward as proud Chipotle Boys and poking fun at them for having a rather limited palate, some think the whole thing isn't a big deal. "Just let people enjoy things," a law student who dines there twice weekly told Howard. "Some days, I just have too much going on to cook. There's nothing more to it." Read Howard's full account on Bustle. (Chipotle CEO's tip for bigger portion sizes doesn't go over well.)

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