10 Careers With Staying Power

Career site lists the jobs that won't wear out before you do
By Sophie Goldstein,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 15, 2007 3:17 PM CDT
10 Careers With Staying Power
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For most people job security is a thing of the past, and obsolescence a looming threat.  Happily though, there are some roles that never go out of style. Careerbuilder.com lists the most unshakable jobs, along with median annual income.

  1. Doctor: We always need someone to care for our ill.  Median annual salary is $120,000.
  2. Teacher: New crops of kids always need someone to educate them. $41,400 to $45,920
  3. Mortician: Unless we somehow manage to eliminate death, we'll always need someone to lay our loved ones to rest.  $37,000
  4. Waste Disposal Manager:  Humans are messy creatures.  $35,000
  5. Scientist: We don't even know how much we don't know.  For a research scientist, $70,000; for an environmental scientist, $42,000

  1. Tax Collector:  As the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes, and we already covered death. $38,000
  2. Barber:  Hair just won't stay cut. $34,000
  3. Soldier:  The 20th century proved world peace is, for now, a pipe dream. $14,137 but also includes paid housing, food allowance, health insurance, paid leave and education stipends
  4. Religious Leader:  Those nagging questions of existence just won't go away by themselves.  $34,000
  5. Law Enforcement Officer: Governments need people to enforce their rules. Public, $38,236; private security, $62,700
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