10 Gourmet Restaurant Swindles

As eateries cut costs, watch out for cheap shortcuts
10 Gourmet Restaurant Swindles
COURSE 22   ((c) xmatt)

As the price of food goes up, what cost-cutting measures at restaurants might end up on your plate? The Independent lists 10 shortcuts, swindles and downright lies you should be wary of.

  1. Lookalike fish species
  2. Supermarket-bought salads
  3. Instant powdered eggs and potatoes

  1. Glued-together scampi tails
  2. False claims of "organic" meat
  3. Cheap wine foisted on unsuspecting customers
  4. "Wild" salmon from fish farms
  5. The meaningless phrase "home-cooked"
  6. Boil-in-a-bag entrées
  7. "Line-caught" fish: not a fisherman but a trawler
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