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Kelis' Milkshake Reportedly Bringing Bill Murray to the Yard

At least according to the US version of British tabloid 'The Sun'

(Newser) - Bill Murray is said to have a new girlfriend almost three decades his junior. The Ghostbusters star, 72, is dating "Milkshake" singer Kelis, 43, according to the US Sun 's sources. The tabloid reports they first met in the US, where they both live, but they've been...

3 Stars, 3 Accusations Against Bill Murray

Seth Green says actor held him over trash can, plus Geena Davis, Solange Knowles allegations

(Newser) - Bill Murray's October started out uncomfortably, amid what Deadline calls an "avalanche of new accusations." Three of them involve fellow celebrities, while one centers on a crew member working on his latest film:
  • Geena Davis: The Academy Award-winning actress has a new memoir out called Dying of

Details Emerge About Bill Murray's 'Inappropriate Behavior' on Movie Set

This follows recent revelations from Geena Davis about Murray's on-set behavior

(Newser) - Details have emerged regarding a settlement between Bill Murray and a young female production assistant who accused the 72-year-old actor of "inappropriate behavior" on a film set earlier this year. According to the Guardian, Murray paid "about $100,000" in return for the unnamed woman’s confidentiality and...

Bill Murray Discusses Gaffe That Halted Movie

'I did something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t taken that way'

(Newser) - Bill Murray isn't revealing exactly what happened, but the actor is acknowledging that he acted badly toward a woman on a movie set—behavior serious enough that it has shut down production . “I did something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t taken that way,” Murray...

Film Paused After Bill Murray Accused of 'Inappropriate' Behavior

'Being Mortal' production suspended

(Newser) - Following a complaint of what media outlets are referring to as "inappropriate behavior on set" by Bill Murray, the production of Being Mortal has been suspended, sources say. Details beyond that are not yet clear. "Late last week, we were made aware of a complaint, and we immediately...

Peter Venkman Will Be Back in Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Murray, Aykroyd, Hudson will reprise roles

(Newser) - Some 36 years after he was first seen carrying out dubious ESP research at Columbia University, Dr. Peter Venkman is back. Vanity Fair has confirmed that Bill Murray will be reprising his role as one of the original Ghostbusters in upcoming sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Fellow Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd and Ernie...

Sequel to Original Ghostbusters Is on the Way

'First fan' Jason Reitman will direct

(Newser) - A new sequel to the old Ghostbusters movies is on the way, 30 years after Ghostbusters 2—and it's going to be a family affair. The movie, penciled in for a summer 2020 release, will be produced by original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and directed by his son Jason...

Bill Murray: What I See Today Recalls Vietnam War Protests

He says students have the power and the idealism it takes

(Newser) - The students in Florida pushing for an end to gun violence after the Parkland mass shooting remind Bill Murray of the students who pushed for an end to the Vietnam War half a century ago. "It really was the students that began the end of the Vietnam War,"...

SNL Finally Unveils Its Steve Bannon

And it's Bill Murray beneath the Grim Reaper hood

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live wasted little time in tackling the brouhaha over Michael Wolff's White House exposé, with alum Fred Armisen returning as the Fire and Fury author on a Cold Open that returned to the show's running spoof on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Amid what Mashable terms Mika...

Bill Murray Wins Comedy Prize, Hands It to Audience

He's this year's Mark Twain winner

(Newser) - Bill Murray accepted a bust of Mark Twain for his lifetime achievement in comedy—and immediately handed it to the audience to be passed around. Murray was honored Sunday night at the Kennedy Center by more than a dozen of his co-stars and collaborators, including David Letterman, Sigourney Weaver, and...

Bill Murray Holds White House Press Briefing

He talks Cubs baseball and the plight of trees in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Bill Murray stepped in for White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Friday, holding his own short briefing in the White House press room, the Chicago Tribune reports. Murray, as one would expect, used his time to discuss the Chicago Cubs with the handful of assembled reporters, one of whom...

Cops: Bill Murray Chucks Fans' Phones Off Roof

The star was apparently in no mood for photos

(Newser) - Well, not every Bill Murray sighting can feature the star "epically" crashing a bachelor party or parachuting into the middle of an air show . The BBC reports the actor allegedly tossed a couple of phones from a rooftop bar Thursday in Carmel, California, after getting annoyed at people taking...

Aloha Stinks of 'Flop Sweat'
 Aloha Stinks of 
 'Flop Sweat' 


Aloha Stinks of 'Flop Sweat'

All-star cast can't save a messy script: critics

(Newser) - An all-star cast of Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, and Bill Murray comes together in Aloha, a love-triangle romantic comedy set in, you guessed it, Hawaii. But that all-star cast wasn't enough to win over most critics:
  • "Aloha is a marshmallow of a film: soft on the

5 Crazy On-Set Hollywood Feuds

Apparently those 'Desperate Housewives' friends weren't so friendly

(Newser) - These 10 celebrities rounded up by YourTango must be really good actors, because they all kept filming together despite on-set feuds. A sampling:
  • While Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones were filming Batman Forever, Carrey happened to go to the same restaurant where Jones was having dinner. He went to

De Niro Crashes Party to Watch Soccer Game

He was filming in Brooklyn but desperate to watch World Cup

(Newser) - If you're planning a party to watch America's next World Cup game on Tuesday, here's one thing you might try adding to the mix: Robert De Niro. It seems the actor was in Brooklyn filming a movie today, but there was no way he was missing the...

13 Celebrities Who Are Big Tippers

They like to spread the wealth

(Newser) - Dr. Dre just became the richest man in hip-hop —and he's spreading his good fortune around. Last week, the rapper was partying at West Hollywood's Mondrian Hotel, and when he left, he gave his waitress a $5,000 tip. "She was stunned," a source tells...

Bill Murray Epically Crashes Bachelor Party

And gives attendees some advice about getting married

(Newser) - Bill Murray, never not awesome , crashed a bachelor party in Charleston last weekend, an attendee tells Deadspin . A friend first saw Murray, wearing a fishing vest, while the group ate dinner at a steakhouse; he asked to send over drinks to the actor, but Murray declined. Another friend then approached...

10 Celebs Who Won't Work Together

And, boo, list includes Captain Kirk and Mr. Sulu

(Newser) - Everyone loves a good celebrity feud: And these 10, rounded up by TheRichest , are reportedly so bad that the actors involved refuse to work together. Five standout pairs:
  • Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte's 1994 romantic comedy I Love Trouble was spark-free, and perhaps that's because they worked together

10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups
 10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups 

10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups

YouTube and cross-dressing and tell-alls, oh my!

(Newser) - Admit it: You kind of love when a Hollywood split gets ugly. Well you're in luck, because Radar has rounded up 30 of the nastiest celebrity breakups ever :
  • Mary Harvey accused Steve Harvey of cheating on her ... on YouTube. A judge finally ordered her to take the videos down.

Bill Murray Soars as FDR
 Bill Murray Soars as FDR 
movie reviews

Bill Murray Soars as FDR

But 'Hyde Park' itself isn't so hot, say critics

(Newser) - Bill Murray is getting generally strong reviews for his portrayal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson, although the movie itself—which centers on FDR's relationship with his cousin and eventual mistress—is disappointing critics. The Week checks out some reviews and sums it up: "Murray...

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