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There's Nothing Wrong With Retouching

 There's Nothing Wrong 
 With Retouching 
in case you missed it

There's Nothing Wrong With Retouching

Nothing, as long as you view it as art

(Newser) - We love to hate retouched photos (click here , here , or here for evidence)—but why? We claim to be concerned about the self-esteem of young girls who might be influenced by these unrealistic pictures, but the truth is, "the endless cavalcade of before-and-after shots is an outgrowth of the...

BP Admits Doctoring Gulf Photos

Staff ordered to stop Photoshopping crisis images

(Newser) - BP has told its staff to stop altering images on its Gulf crisis website after sharp-eyed bloggers spotted some clumsy Photoshopping. One image of a crisis center was altered to make it appear as if all the screens were in use. Another photo, taken from a helicopter on the deck...

Health Mag Ripped for 'Fattening Up' Cover Model

Critics lash emaciated model whitewash

(Newser) - Another magazine is in trouble for altering a model's photograph—but this time it's for "fattening her up" rather than slimming her down. Healthy packed as much as 44 pounds on the waif-like Kamilla Wladyka when she turned up at a photo shoot looking "really thin and unwell,...

Pelosi Takes a Ribbing for 'Airy' Photo

Is that Nancy? Rightie paper pokes fun at magazine image

(Newser) - The rightie Washington Examiner did a double-take over the new issue of DC magazine Capitol File. It features "cover girl Nancy Pelosi looking particularly young." And "if Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears get flak for airbrushing their photos, why not the speaker of the House?" Their gossip...

10 Unretouched Celebrities
 10 Unretouched Celebrities 


10 Unretouched Celebrities

Of course, most of them still look great...

(Newser) - Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson both got attention recently by releasing unretouched photos, but they’re far from the first celebs to do so. The Daily Beast found eight more—check them out in the gallery:
  • Kim Kardashian: The reality star wasn’t upset when Complex posted the wrong—

Stop Photoshopping Demi Moore
 Stop Photoshopping  
 Demi Moore  

Stop Photoshopping Demi Moore

She looks better in Ashton Kutcher's Twitpic photo than in perfume ad

(Newser) - Demi Moore is entangled in another Photoshop controversy, but at least this time she didn’t lose any body parts. Her recently released perfume ad is obviously retouched—and it’s especially striking when compared to a similar picture husband Ashton Kutcher posted on Twitter . “The main thing this...

Fitness Mags' Bikini Bods Promote Eating Disorders
Fitness Mags' Bikini Bods Promote Eating Disorders
worst offender: shape

Fitness Mags' Bikini Bods Promote Eating Disorders

Shame on Shape for putting recovered bulimic Katharine McPhee on cover

(Newser) - No single thing causes eating disorders, but fitness magazines and their hard-bodied celeb cover models aren't helping, writes Katie Drummond. "Like heroin for the eating disordered, they offer misleading diet information, along with airbrushed photos of impossible physical ideals," she writes for True/Slant . One in particular has sunk...

Bin Laden's Hair 'Borrowed'
 Bin Laden's Hair 'Borrowed' 

Bin Laden's Hair 'Borrowed'

FBI used Spanish official's 'do for updated Osama photo

(Newser) - When the FBI released digitally enhanced images showing what Osama bin Laden might look like today, it took one Spanish lawmaker in particular by surprise. That's his hair photoshopped atop the terrorist's head. "It's almost like out of a comedy if it didn't deal with matters as serious as...

Emma Watson Loses Leg in Burberry Ad

Hermione is apparent latest victim of Photoshop

(Newser) - Emma Watson has apparently become the latest victim of Photoshop, and has lost a leg in the process. A Burberry ad of Watson posing with her brother, Alex, shows the sexy witch with a weirdly bent partial right leg that seems to end at mid-thigh (unless it's somehow twisted up...

Google Issues Disclaimer Over Racist Michelle Image

But company won't pull doctored photo

(Newser) - Hackers have doctored a photo of Michelle Obama to look like an ape and rigged Google search results so it comes up first under an image search of her name. The move prompted Google to take out an ad on the results page, reading in part, “Sometimes our search...

Demi Moore: That's Really My Hip!

W mag cover not photoshopped, she says, even if unbelievable

(Newser) - The latest Photoshop scandal to hit the magazine world involves Demi Moore, who is apparently missing a portion of her hip on the cover of W—but she says the image was not touched up. A close-up courtesy of the Huffington Post shows that a chunk of her leg appears...

Even Babies Are Airbrushed
 Even Babies Are Airbrushed 

Even Babies Are Airbrushed

Babies subject to the tyranny of Photoshop, too

(Newser) - Even babies can't meet the media-industrial complex's exacting standards: Baby photos are airbrushed before making their way to magazines, to tweak skin tone, swap eye color, and airbrush fat lines and creases, reports the Daily Telegraph . While many are riled, to some, this is not news: "You kind of...

She Got Fired for Being Too Fat
She Got Fired
for Being 
Too Fat 

She Got Fired for Being Too Fat

Model from altered ad says Ralph Lauren called her 'overweight'

(Newser) - Feminists, grab your pitchforks. Filippa Hamilton, the model who appeared in a Ralph Lauren ad so ridiculously photoshopped that her waist looked smaller than her head, now says the fashion label fired her for being too fat. “They said I was overweight and I couldn’t fit in their...

German Women's Mag Bans Models

'Whole industry is anorexic,' says fed-up editor

(Newser) - The most popular German women's magazine is banning professional models from its editorial pages. Brigitte will use only "real woman" from now on to illustrate its stories, declared its editor, who said he was "fed up" with having to retouch pictures of underweight models who bear no resemblance...

For That Photoshopped Look: Airbrush Yourself at Home

Effect of digital retouching on real women's body issues is now creepily tangible

(Newser) - As if the fake beauty of those Photoshopped magazine covers wasn’t enough, enter Temptu, a home “airbrush system” that can give anyone that flat, plastic look in the flesh. Chloe Angyal is appalled. One really needs to focus in order “to think about just how incredibly screwed...

Microsoft Apologizes for Racial Photoshopping

(Newser) - Microsoft has apologized after eagle-eyed Twitter users and bloggers noticed it swapped a white head onto the body of a black model in an image for its website in Poland. The image on Microsoft’s US homepage, captioned “Empower your people,” shows a white woman, a black man,...

Chicagoan 'Fesses Up to 'Joker' Poster

But Firas Alkhateeb isn't behind 'socialism' campaign

(Newser) - A 20-year-old college student from Chicago is the artist behind the now-famous image of Barack Obama as Heath Ledger’s Joker, the Los Angeles Times reports. Firas Alkhateeb made the image using Photoshop and Time magazine’s Obama cover when he was bored one day during winter break. It attracted...

Airbrush's Bristles Get Prickly for Fashion Mags

Readers demand more realistic photos

(Newser) - After years of digital enhancements that make today’s celebrities look more alien than human, a movement is under way to make fashion photography more realistic, the New York Times reports. Leading by example is photographer Peter Lindbergh, responsible for a series of un-retouched celebs on the cover of French...

Pogue's Top Tech Ideas of '08
 Top Tech 
 Ideas of '08 

Pogue's Top Tech Ideas of '08

List includes advancements from iPhone, Amazon and Netflix

(Newser) - David Pogue runs down the best tech ideas of 2008 in the New York Times, “the flashes of genius that somehow made it through committee, past the lawyers, and into the marketplace.” Highlights include:
  • Headache-free packaging: Amazon’s plastic-free alternative is good for the environment and does not

Iran Adds Extra Missile to Image of Yesterday's Tests

AFP retracts photo, front-page material across US, after discovery

(Newser) - Enemies of Tehran, prepare to be 25% less intimidated—and perhaps more amused. An image of three missiles being test launched yesterday was doctored by Iranian state media to add a fourth, the New York Times reports. Agence France Presse picked up the photo, which made front pages around the...

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