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All the Theories on Why Abramson Got the Boot

Unequal pay? Being 'pushy'? One thing is clear: It was a shock

(Newser) - It's still not officially clear why Jill Abramson got abruptly booted as executive editor of the New York Times, but theories certainly abound:
  • Abramson knew her days were numbered, sources tell Gabriel Sherman at Daily Intelligencer , but everyone was "shocked" at how quickly the end came, says one

Benghazi Testimony: Stevens Said, 'We're Under Attack'

Greg Hicks says his 'jaw dropped' over Rice's testimony

(Newser) - The House Oversight Committee held its much-anticipated hearing on the Benghazi consulate attack today, and as expected, the testimony was both explosive and unflattering for the administration. Perhaps the most gripping testimony came from Ambassador Chris Stevens' top deputy, Greg Hicks, who said he'd known the attack was terrorism...

BBC Head Named New NYT Chief

Mark Thompson's hire signals Times ' multimedia plans

(Newser) - The New York Times has a new boss—Mark Thompson, the head executive of the BBC, reports the Boston Globe . Thompson is set to take over the Gray Lady in November as president and CEO, taking over from Janet Robinson, who was ousted from the Times last December. "It...

No Sex (After 9), Please—We're the BBC

Survey prompts British channel to cut back on racy content, swearing

(Newser) - Responding to viewers’ concerns, the BBC will no longer give free rein to potentially offensive material after 9pm, the Telegraph reports. A network survey of 2,700 people age 11 and up found that its audience, especially older viewers, is unhappy with the content. Now, foul language may be subject...

$4B Crunch Threatens BBC Jobs
$4B Crunch Threatens BBC Jobs

$4B Crunch Threatens BBC Jobs

(Newser) - A massive funding shortfall at the British Broadcasting Corporation could trigger unprecedented job cuts, reports the Independent. As many as 2,800 people—about 12% of the BBC's labor force—could lose their jobs. Officials at the BBC, which is financed by a $270 license fee paid by viewers, project...

Summer of Scandals Leaves BBC in Crisis

Top anchor accuses net of 'catastrophic loss of nerve'

(Newser) - The Brits are having a crisis of conscience over the BBC: A summer of scandals has left the BBC's squeaky-clean image compromised. The UK's public broadcaster has aired rigged call-in games, sneakily edited news stories, and credulity-straining reality shows. A leading broadcaster charges the station has suffered "a catastrophic...

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