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Utah Hunter Kills Famed 'Grand Canyon' Gray Wolf

Hunter said he thought endangered gray wolf was a coyote

(Newser) - Hundred of miles from its Wyoming home, "914F" wandered to the rocky North Rim of the Grand Canyon last fall—the first gray wolf spotted there in 70 years, the Arizona Republic notes—before heading into Utah, likely searching for food or a mate. But in December, the wolf'...

Californians Can't Win Cash for Killing Coyotes Anymore

Fish and Game Commision nixes predator-killing contests

(Newser) - Dogfighting and cockfighting are illegal in the US , but until Wednesday, coyotes could be shot dead for a belt buckle in California. Animal activists are celebrating the ruling by the California Fish and Game Commission against wildlife-killing contests that offer prizes, said to be the first such ban in...

Chicago Firemen Save Coyote Floating on Chunk of Ice

At one point it tried to swim in the 33-degree waters of Lake Michigan

(Newser) - Firemen in the nation's third largest city staged a daring rescue today ... of a wild canine resident. A coyote was spotted floating several hundred yards off the Chicago shore on a chunk of ice. A fire department boat, aided by helicopters and onshore crews, snatched the shivering animal—which at...

Jogging Texas Gov. Shoots Coyote Dead

Sent animal menacing his dog to 'where coyotes go'

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry took a single shot to drop a less-than-wily coyote that menaced his daughter's Labrador while he was jogging on a trail near Austin. Perry, who was out without his security detail, says he always carries his Ruger when jogging in undeveloped areas because he's afraid of...

Singer Wouldn't Have Wanted Coyotes Killed: Mom

Taylor Mitchell was huge nature lover

(Newser) - Taylor Mitchell, the 19-year-old Canadian singer killed by coyotes on a hike Tuesday, was such a nature lover that she would have wanted to spare the coyotes, her mom says. “When the decision had been made to kill the pack of coyotes, I clearly heard Taylor's voice say, 'Please...

Coyotes Kill Canadian Singer
 Coyotes Kill Canadian Singer 

Coyotes Kill Canadian Singer

Teen folk musician attacked in national park

(Newser) - A rising star of the Canadian folk music scene was killed in a savage coyote attack while hiking alone in Nova Scotia. Singer-songwriter Taylor Mitchell, 19, suffered multiple bite wounds and massive blood loss after a pair of coyotes pounced on her. She died a day later in a local...

Jessica's Daisy Snatched by Coyote

Maltipoo hasn't been seen since, Jessica heartbroken

(Newser) - Jessica Simpson's beloved Maltipoo Daisy has been snatched by a coyote near her Los Angeles home and hasn't been seen since, reports the New York Daily News. "My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes," tweeted Simpson. "We...

Circle of Life Closes In on Backyard Coyotes

Animal-rights groups again clash with pet owners over predators

(Newser) - Across Southern California, an old battle is raging: tireless hunter vs. wily coyote. It's tough to tell who's winning, but it's easy to hear who's unhappy: both animal-rights groups and homeowners. "We had a cat, and he became coyote sushi," one resident tells the LA Times. Suburbia,...

Bigfoot Sighting Revealed to be Big Mistake

Bad case of mange made bear look like legendary Sasquatch

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania hunter's footage of a "juvenile Sasquatch" has been discredited after officials said the star of the show was actually an unhealthy bear. Same deal for a Texas rancher who claimed to have captured a chupacabra, the legendary Mexican goat-killer, but had in fact only bagged a coyote....

Relax, It's Just a Bald Coyote
Relax, It's Just a Bald Coyote

Relax, It's Just a Bald Coyote

Strange find is not chupacabra of urban legend

(Newser) - Scientists have identified the peculiar animals found in southern Texas this summer—and they’re not the bloodsucking chupacabras of Mexican lore. No, the three bodies discovered near San Antonio were actually just coyotes that had lost their hair, DNA tests show. Researchers say the doglike beasts are a “...

Wal-Mart's Low Prices Even Attract Wayward Emus

Large, flightless bird found in parking lot

(Newser) - Consumer advocates have been pecking at Wal-Mart for exporting jobs overseas, but yesterday an overseas import returned the favor. A three-year-old emu named Myron wound up in the big-box store’s parking lot after being chased from a local farm by a coyote, the AP reports. The owner said he...

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