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Online Sleuth Finds Mystery Monolith

And theories are popping up that might explain it

(Newser) - Artists? Aliens? Prop masters? A monolith discovered in the middle of the Utah desert has spawned all kinds of theories—including the notion that a film crew left it behind, the Smithsonian reports. So let's start with that one:

Archaeologists Find Swastika in Kazakhstan Landscape

Google Earth spots more than 50 geoglyphs, including the enormous ancient symbol

(Newser) - Google Earth can be used for more than peeking into your neighbor's backyard: Archaeologists have discovered more than 50 geoglyphs in Kazakhstan, thanks to images from the virtual geographical and map service, reports the International Business Times . Geoglyphs are large designs on the ground, usually created out of mounds...

Cops Bust Pot Garden ... Using Google Earth

Guy was authorized to grow 30 plants; he had 94

(Newser) - Police say the view from space helped them bust a medical marijuana garden with too many plants in the state of Oregon. The Grants Pass Daily Courier reports authorities received a tip that 50-year-old Curtis W. Croft was bragging about all the pot he was growing on his property outside...

Have Mankind's 'Greatest Pyramids' Been Pinpointed?

New research helps support amateur archaeologist's findings

(Newser) - An amateur archaeologist in North Carolina made headlines last year when she claimed to have uncovered long-lost pyramids in Egypt via Google Earth. Real archaeologists have been a bit more skeptical. But Angela Micol says new discoveries help prove her findings, reports Discovery News . Another amateur archaeologist recently did a...

Solved: Case of the Missing Island
 Case of the 
 Missing Island 
in case you missed it

Solved: Case of the Missing Island

'Sandy Island' error blamed on 19th-century chart

(Newser) - There was some consternation last month when researchers sailed out to a Pacific island only to find that it wasn't there . Now, a New Zealand researcher says he can explain how the nonexistent Sandy Island got onto many maps. It all comes down to a whaling ship that passed...

Long-Lost Pyramids Spotted on Google Earth?

Angela Micol uncovers two Egyptian sites online

(Newser) - Surfing Google Earth can be quite fun—especially when you zoom in and find a pair of possible long-lost Egyptian pyramids. Angela Micol of Maiden, North Carolina, has done just that, spotting a pyramidal shape about 140 feet wide and another, bigger one with mounds roughly 250 feet across. "...

Has Google Earth Stumbled on China Satellite Targets?

What are those things in the Gobi Desert?

(Newser) - The weird giant hen scratches spotted in the Gobi Desert by Google Earth might be Chinese—and not proof of aliens from outer space. Observers have been puzzled by the strange markings seen from space. But now some experts believe the marks were painted on land to help calibrate China'...

Google Earth Archeologist Finds 2K Potential Sites

Australian researcher 'outflanks' travel restrictions with Saudi Arabia find

(Newser) - It's another example in the growing field of what New Scientist dubs "armchair archeology": An Australian scientist has used Google Earth to identify nearly 2,000 sites of interest in otherwise hard-to-reach Saudi Arabia. More than half appear to be ancient tombs made of stone, though only an on-the-ground...

Gawker Finds God —on Google Street View

Where else?

(Newser) - Not even the almighty is safe from Google's cameras. Or so it appears, based on an image on Google Street View taken over a lake in Switzerland, notes Gawker . "Is it something on the camera lens?" asks Max Read. "Or is it maybe... God and His only begotten ...

Massive Meteor Crater Found by Google Earth

10-ton meteor hit only a few thousand years ago

(Newser) - An Italian mineralogist found a massive meteor crater in the Egyptian desert using only Google Earth, the Telegraph reports. The meteor is thought to have hit as recently as a few thousand years ago, and geologists say its impact site is one of the best preserved ever found. The previously...

Man Writes Massive Message Across US Via GPS

Google Earth message says, 'Read Ayn Rand'

(Newser) - An ambitious man drove more 12,000 miles and through 30 states to write a message on the globe he feels the world should know: "Read Ayn Rand." Following a planned route, Nick Newcomen traced his path on a GPS logger, turning it on to write letters and...

'Jesus' Seen in Google Earth
 'Jesus' Seen on 
 Google Earth 

in case you missed it

'Jesus' Seen on Google Earth

'It's obvious,' says spotter

(Newser) - An Internet surfer perusing Google Earth has reported finding what he calls the face of Jesus in a pattern of fields in Hungary. "I'm not a religious person looking for images of Mary or Jesus in everything, but this is obvious," said Zack Evans, 26, a sales assistant...

Google Earth Updates Views for Quake Groups

Firm responds to organization requests for up-to-date info

(Newser) - Google Earth is updating views of Haiti at the request of relief organizations seeking current information to aid rescue efforts. Google, working with geospatial image company GeoEye, has already released an overlay for Google Earth showing post-earthquake devastation while also maintaining views before the massive tragedy.

Google Earth, Al Gore Detail Climate Change

Al Gore narrates intro to new feature detailing perils, and solutions

(Newser) - Google—with the help of Al Gore—has introduced new “layers” to its Earth application that detail the possible effects of climate change in the next century. The Nobel laureate narrates an intro to a series of virtual tours that highlight terrifying scenarios and solutions. The upgrade allows users...

Google Earth Visits Moon

 Google Earth 
 Visits Moon 

Google Earth Visits Moon

Latest version provides out-of-this-world satellite images

(Newser) - Google Earth is no longer restricted to its namesake: on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the latest version of the software lets users explore the moon in 3-D, the Financial Post reports.  “Forty years ago, two human beings walked on the Moon," said the...

Take Me Off Google Street View: McCartney

Ex-Beatle's home removed after complaint

(Newser) - Add Paul McCartney to the list of people who are freaked out by Google Street View. The Internet giant removed the former Beatle’s multimillion-dollar London abode after his security team complained, the Sun reports. “He was unsettled when he heard Google users could get a 360-degree view of...

Google Earth Helps Amateur Spies Map North Korea

Annotated map exposes graves, nuke facilities—and swimming pools

(Newser) - Spying on North Korea would seem to be a job for intelligence services, but one PhD student at George Mason University has exposed many of the secrets of the insular regime from his home computer. Piecing together clues from news reports, photos, and eyewitnesses, Curtis Melvin and colleagues have annotated...

Google Earth Knows Its ABCs
 Google Earth 
 Knows Its ABCs 

Google Earth Knows Its ABCs

(Newser) - From an A-shaped street crossing to a building in the form of a Z, an Australian man has spelled out the alphabet using Google Earth. Rhett Dashwood spent 6 months painstakingly scanning satellite images of his native state, Victoria, and found buildings or geographical landmarks in the shape of all...

Google Denies It's Atlantis
 Google Denies 
 It's Atlantis 

Google Denies It's Atlantis

(Newser) - Google has rebuffed a claim that Google Earth 5.0 helped uncover the lost city of Atlantis, vnunet reports. The undersea lines spotted by an engineer are not streets, a Google spokesperson said, but traces of boats gathering data with sonar technology. Google Earth has aided in other "amazing...

Google Earth Sparks Texas Treasure Dispute

(Newser) - A California man who used Google Earth to locate a 19th century Spanish treasure ship is suing for the right to excavate on private land, ABC News reports. Nathan Smith drove to Refugio, Texas, after spotting evidence—what it was isn’t clear—from a satellite photo. The case of...

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