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Man Accused of Setting Up 'Evil Twin' WiFi at Airports

He allegedly used network to steal login details, access personal information

(Newser) - After the arrest of a man accused of setting up "evil twin" WiFi networks in multiple airports to steal people's data, police in Australia warned the public about using free networks. Perth resident Michael Clapsis, 42, appeared in a court in the city Friday and was granted bail...

WiFi Network Name Lands Moscow Student in Jail

Officers confiscate router after a search

(Newser) - The Russian government's intolerance of dissent over its invasion of Ukraine has reached into a college dorm room. A Moscow State University student has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for giving his WiFi network the name "Slava Ukraini," which means "Glory to Ukraine."...

Clash Over WiFi Password Turns Deadly for Remote Tribe
Clash Over WiFi Password
Turns Deadly for Remote Tribe
in case you missed it

Clash Over WiFi Password Turns Deadly for Remote Tribe

Venezuelan soldiers reportedly reneged on deal to share network with Yanomami

(Newser) - A clash between Venezuelan soldiers and members of the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon turned deadly over the most unlikely of reasons: a WiFi password. The dispute left four members of the Indigenous tribe dead and three more injured, reports the Washington Post . Three soldiers also were reported injured. The...

Amazon Is About to Take and Share a Slice of Your Internet
Amazon Has Plans to Share
Your Internet on June 8
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Amazon Has Plans to Share Your Internet on June 8

Here's what to know about Amazon Sidewalk and how to opt out

(Newser) - If you have an Amazon Echo or Ring security camera, the clock is ticking: You have six days to opt out of your device being lumped into a shared wireless network. Known as Amazon Sidewalk, the plan is one geared toward making sure Amazon's smart home devices have connectivity...

Cops: We Foiled Terror Tactic Never Used in Southeast Asia

Police in Indonesia say they busted bomb plot that would've used WiFi for detonation

(Newser) - Next Wednesday was supposed to be the day. That's when Islamic militants were planning on setting off a bomb, an Indonesian police spokesman says—and they reportedly had a high-tech plan in place. They were going to use WiFi to detonate it, Dedi Prasetyo tells the New York Times ...

Airline to Test Free WiFi on Domestic Flights
Airline to Test Free WiFi

Airline to Test Free WiFi

Delta won't charge passengers for internet service for two weeks

(Newser) - Travelers can use free WiFi at their hotel, at restaurants, and sometimes in airports. But, except for JetBlue passengers, the free ride ends when they get on a plane. Delta is reconsidering that business model. The airline is says it will test free WiFi for passengers on 55 domestic flights...

Cops: Teen Burglar Woke Couple for WiFi Password

17-year-old arrested in Palo Alto

(Newser) - Palo Alto police say they've caught a young burglar with a bizarre but modern tactic: He allegedly broke into a home late Saturday night, then woke up the couple residing there to ask for their WiFi password, reports KRON . He didn't get it, however. Police say the husband,...

FBI Traces Racist Threat to Panera Bread WiFi for Arrest

John Edgar Rust allegedly threatened to kill black students at Howard University

(Newser) - The FBI has arrested a white man in his mid-20s who allegedly threatened to kill black students at Howard University two years ago, and the investigation involved a nifty bit of internet sleuthing. Agents first traced the threat posted on Reddit and 4chan to the wireless internet at a Panera...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Prank Causes Trouble in the Skies

Note to fliers: Be smart when selecting your phone's wifi hotspot name

(Newser) - A flier's (or, as some other media put it, "moron's") decision to name his wifi hotspot "Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097" caused trouble in the skies Tuesday night. In case you've been dozing during recent pre-takeoff announcements, airlines worldwide have banned the Samsung GN7 after reports...

Data Specialist Spends All Day Getting 'Smart' Kettle to Work

Twitter heats up before the kettle does

(Newser) - English data specialist Mark Rittman just wanted hot water for his 9am tea, but one thing led to another and it wasn't until dinnertime that he managed to fully diagnose the problem with his WiFi-enabled "smart" kettle, hack a workaround, and use voice control to tell his kettle...

Latest Saudi Fatwa: Don't Rip Off WiFi

No problem using it in public parks or malls, though

(Newser) - Twenty-first-century fatwas have become way more technologically advanced than edicts of old against the likes of Salman Rushdie and other supposed infidels. To wit: A Saudi scholar has issued a ruling warning against the pilfering of WiFi, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. "Taking advantage of the WiFi service illegally...

American Airlines Sues Its WiFi Provider

It thinks Gogo's service is too limited

(Newser) - If you've flown American Airlines of late and haven't been happy with the WiFi service, you're not alone: The airline itself feels the same way and has gone to court to get out of its contract with provider Gogo, reports the Fort Worth Star-Telegram . The airline says...

NYC's Phone Booths Becoming Something Much More Useful

City unveiling WiFi hotspots today

(Newser) - New York City still has thousands of pay phones on its sidewalks, but many have been gathering dust in the cellphone era. This month, the city will start replacing them with free WiFi hot spots, the Wall Street Journal reports. Ultimately, more than 7,500 phone booths will be turned...

Moscow Bringing WiFi to the Dead

Cemeteries' connection will likely bring visitors, too

(Newser) - As part of their campaign to bring WiFi to crowded public spots in the Russian capital, Moscow authorities are connecting up an unlikely new location: cemeteries. The Moscow city hall said Thursday that free WiFi—or as NPR calls it, Die-Fi—will be available at the city's three main...

Guy Racks Up $1.2K In-Flight WiFi Bill

 Guy Racks Up $1.2K 
 In-Flight WiFi Bill 
in case you missed it

Guy Racks Up $1.2K In-Flight WiFi Bill


(Newser) - When Jeremy Gutsche signed up for a WiFi plan on a Singapore Airlines flight, he knew he was getting 30 megabytes for $28.99 and would be responsible for any additional data he used. What he apparently did not know was that by "checking email and uploading a PowerPoint...

FAA Panel Clears Gadgets for Takeoff: Source

Gadgets, WiFi OKed for under 10K feet

(Newser) - The end is in sight for that game in which the flight attendant tells you to turn off your e-reader for takeoff like she really thinks it's going to crash the plane, and you nod solemnly and pretend to actually turn it off until she's out of sight....

Wallpaper Goes High-Tech
 Goes High-Tech 
and other cool stuff

Wallpaper Goes High-Tech

Soon surfaces will go online, block Wi-Fi thieves, or recharge devices

(Newser) - Why flip open a laptop when your wall can do the computing? A design firm in Madrid has launched a project that aims to make any surface in your home an online interface, the Financial Times reports. Using motion-sensor technology, webcams, and projectors, it will turn walls and counters into...

Airwaves Fight Threatens ... Cordless Microphones?

Big churches aren't happy, and neither is the NFL

(Newser) - Might the cordless microphone go the way of Betamax? The Wall Street Journal calls attention to a weird battle in the ongoing fight over control of the nation's airwaves, one that has united groups such as megachurches, the NFL, and Broadway theaters. They're all lobbying to save cordless...

'iPad Mini' to Debut Oct. 23
 'iPad Mini' to 
 Debut Oct. 23 

rumor mill

'iPad Mini' to Debut Oct. 23

For real this time?

(Newser) - Word has it a smaller iPad will debut at an Apple event on Oct. 23—though, to be fair, word has previously been wrong . This time, however, AllThingsD sounds pretty sure about it. The invite-only event, set for three days before Microsoft's Surface tablet hits stores, will take place...

Tim Cook Apologizes for Crappy Apple Maps

Meanwhile, iOS 6 users complain of WiFi problems

(Newser) - How bad is the firestorm over iOS 6's reportedly terrible new Maps app ? So bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook felt compelled to publicly apologize today. "At Apple, we strive to make world-class products," he wrote on the company's site . "With the launch of...

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