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Family of Mauled Toddler Turns Down KFC's Cash

Victoria Wilcher's family tells restaurant to donate it to nonprofit that's helping them

(Newser) - The family of a 3-year-old who was supposedly asked to leave a KFC because of the scars on her face from a dog mauling will not accept any money from the restaurant, saying it "unequivocally" rejects the promised $30,000. Victoria Wilcher's grandmother stands by her story, the...

KFC: No Evidence Scarred Toddler Was Asked to Leave

But company will still donate to Victoria Wilcher's care

(Newser) - In KFC's view, it really was a hoax : After commissioning two investigations into the story of a disfigured little girl supposedly asked to leave one of its restaurants, both internal and independent probes found no evidence the incident actually happened, the chain said yesterday. Even so, a KFC spokesperson...

Story of Little Girl Getting Kicked Out of KFC a Hoax?

Victoria Wilcher's grandma said disfigured child was asked to leave

(Newser) - A 3-year-old girl disfigured after a dog mauled her has been getting a lot of attention, sympathy, and donations after her family said she was asked to leave a KFC in Jackson, Miss., because her appearance was scaring the other customers. But the whole story looks to be bogus, according...

KFC Unveils 'Drumstick Corsage' ... for Real

But only 100 of the classy items are available

(Newser) - What's more romantic than the smell of ... a fried chicken drumstick? Not much, KFC hopes: The chicken-chain king has teamed up with a Louisville, Ky., florist to offer a corsage for prom dates that comes with a fried drumstick, CNBC reports. Actually it's a bit DIY: The corsage...

KFC Owner Opens Chick-fil-A Wannabe

Super Chix does not reference its relationship to KFC

(Newser) - Yum Brands, which owns KFC, is quietly testing a single store in Arlington, Texas, that appears to be in direct competition with Chick-fil-A, Ad Age and other outlets note. Super Chix offers up "hand-breaded," MSG-, HFCS-, and phosphate-free chicken sandwiches and tenders, toppings like pickles and jalapenos, and...

Taco Bell Ditching Kids&#39; Meals
 Taco Bell Ditching Kids' Meals 

Taco Bell Ditching Kids' Meals

It's a national fast-food first

(Newser) - Taco Bell is making a run from the kids' meals side of the fast-food business, and by next year will be the first national chain to ditch the food-and-toy offerings. The impact on sales will be "insignificant," says CEO Greg Creed, and USA Today puts the figure at...

Coming to Louisville: Fancy KFC

'KFC eleven' will ditch Colonel Sanders, chicken on the bone

(Newser) - In an effort to appeal to the 20- and 30-somethings who prefer Chipotle and Panera to McDonald's and Burger King, KFC is tossing out the bones and the quaint image of founder Col. Harland Sanders as it gets ready to test a slightly more upmarket restaurant. The fried chicken...

Guy Wanted for 13 Years Caught in Colorado...

After he was picked up for peeing on KFC wall

(Newser) - A man wanted for 13 years on attempted murder charges in Los Angeles was captured in Colorado after someone called police to report he was urinating on a wall outside a KFC restaurant. Miguel Sanchez, 59, initially gave officers a false name when he was arrested Wednesday, according to the...

Inside the Wild, 4-Hour Trek to Smuggle KFC Into Gaza

Locals pay big sums to get it brought in from Egypt

(Newser) - They say everybody needs a little KFC, and it seems they're right. Gaza residents don't have access to a local branch—so they're willing to pay more than twice the going price to get it delivered from Egypt in a highly complex process that takes some four...

Taiwan Confirms 1st Bird Flu Case Outside China

As WHO says H7N9 more easily transmitted from bird to human than H5N1

(Newser) - Taiwan is confirming it has the first case of H7N9 bird flu outside of mainland China, reports the AFP . The 53-year-old male victim recently returned from a trip to China via Shanghai, where H7N9 first broke out . He's been hospitalized since April 16 in critical condition. The spread comes...

Bird Flu Sickening KFC Sales
 Bird Flu Sickening KFC Sales 

Bird Flu Sickening KFC Sales

Yum Brands cites 'significant, negative impact' in China

(Newser) - Colonel Sanders has a bird flu problem. The H7N9 virus, which has killed nine people, has had a "significant, negative impact on KFC sales" in China, Yum Brands revealed in a regulatory filing yesterday. That's no small problem for the company: China is responsible for more than half...

KFC Ordered to Pay $8.3M to Poisoned Girl

Monika Samaan got salmonella after meal

(Newser) - A judge has ordered KFC to pay an Australian family $8.3 million after their daughter was poisoned and suffered brain damage after eating at the fast-food chain. Her lawyer says Monika Samaan contracted salmonella in 2005 after eating a Twister chicken wrap and fell into a six-month coma; she...

Fast Food Far Saltier in the US
 Fast Food 
 Far Saltier 
 in the US 
study says

Fast Food Far Saltier in the US

Same products contain less salt in Europe, Australia

(Newser) - If you're craving some Chicken McNuggets, you're better off getting them in Europe than on this side of the pond. With 1.6 grams of salt per 100 grams of nugget, the American version is packed with more than twice the salt of British McNuggets, which contain 0....

KFC Thailand: Sorry 'Bout the Quake, Have Some KFC!

Chain is really, very sorry about ill-thought-out Facebook post

(Newser) - In hindsight, maybe it wasn't so smart to suggest that yesterday's massive earthquake was finger-lickin' good: KFC Thailand has issued an apology after being criticized for a Facebook message that urged people to rush home during yesterday's tsunami scare and order a bucket of KFC chicken. As...

Woman Plows Car Into Slow Drive-Thru Customer

Jennifer Lynn Betterly wasn't pleased with the speed at a KFC/Taco Bell

(Newser) - It's called fast food, people. Or so may have gone the thought process of one Jennifer Lynn Betterly, a Florida woman who had just about enough of waiting in line at the KFC/Taco Bell drive-thru in Largo on Saturday night. And so she did what any hungry diner would...

McDonald's Key to Success Abroad: It Delivers

Delivery is driving sales growth from Cairo to China

(Newser) - McDonald's and KFC are surging ahead in emerging markets like China and India with a service available to few American customers: home delivery. In crowded cities across Asia and the Middle East where pricey real estate makes drive-through restaurants a rare sight, fleets of motorbikes make their way through...

KFC Shuts Fiji Stores in Battle Over Ingredients

Chain says government won't allow imports it needs for coating

(Newser) - KFC has closed all three of its stores in Fiji after a fight over ingredients it needs for its secret coating, reports the BBC . The chicken chain says the military government hasn't let it import milk, herbs, and eggs since late last year. "The missing ingredients led to...

Guy Orders KFC, Gets Bag of Cash Instead

Customer realizes error, calls cops

(Newser) - A 21-year-old man just wanted some fried chicken, but when he left the drive-through of a KFC in Kansas and looked in his bag, it was instead full of money. Seems an employee had put the bank deposit into a bag, which another employee accidentally gave to the man in...

KFC Drops Finger Lickin' Slogan

Move comes as part of a general shift to healthier foods

(Newser) - KFC chicken isn't "finger lickin' good" anymore—after 50 years, the fast food franchise is dropping its famous slogan, reports the Telegraph . The change comes as the chain seeks to emphasize its shift to healthier fare; for instance, it's adding ovens to its kitchens so it can introduced non-fried...

KFC Looks to Conquer Africa With Fried Chicken
KFC Looks to Conquer Africa
With Fried Chicken

in case you missed it

KFC Looks to Conquer Africa With Fried Chicken

Chain to open hundreds of restaurants in a dozen countries

(Newser) - Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to take over Africa. Like McDonald's and other fast-food giants, KFC parent company Yum Brands has been countering the slowdown in American spending with expansion overseas. Having populated China with KFC outlets, Yum now plans to double the number of stores in Africa to 1,200,...

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