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Guy Orders KFC, Gets Bag of Cash Instead

Customer realizes error, calls cops

(Newser) - A 21-year-old man just wanted some fried chicken, but when he left the drive-through of a KFC in Kansas and looked in his bag, it was instead full of money. Seems an employee had put the bank deposit into a bag, which another employee accidentally gave to the man in...

KFC Drops Finger Lickin' Slogan

Move comes as part of a general shift to healthier foods

(Newser) - KFC chicken isn't "finger lickin' good" anymore—after 50 years, the fast food franchise is dropping its famous slogan, reports the Telegraph . The change comes as the chain seeks to emphasize its shift to healthier fare; for instance, it's adding ovens to its kitchens so it can introduced non-fried...

KFC Looks to Conquer Africa With Fried Chicken
KFC Looks to Conquer Africa
With Fried Chicken

in case you missed it

KFC Looks to Conquer Africa With Fried Chicken

Chain to open hundreds of restaurants in a dozen countries

(Newser) - Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to take over Africa. Like McDonald's and other fast-food giants, KFC parent company Yum Brands has been countering the slowdown in American spending with expansion overseas. Having populated China with KFC outlets, Yum now plans to double the number of stores in Africa to 1,200,...

KFC's Butt Ads Slammed as Sexist

Double Down ad campaign on buns labeled 'obnoxious'

(Newser) - Women's groups are crying foul over the location of KFC's latest ad campaign. The company is recruiting shapely college women to act as "human billboards" and hand out coupons for the Double Down sandwich while wearing sweatpants with the product's logo emblazoned on the rear. "It's so obnoxious...

KFC's Brilliant New Tagline: So Good

 KFC's Brilliant 
 New Tagline: 
 So Good 

KFC's Brilliant New Tagline: So Good

Good luck rescuing the bottom line with that one

(Newser) - Even with the Double Down, KFC is in a slump—US same-store sales fell 4% last year—and it's been trying to dig its way out by coming up with yet another fresh message. The chain has cruised through four such campaigns in recent years, the most recent being the...

Congrats, America: Double Down Lives On

Sandwich will be sold as long as demand is high

(Newser) - The Double Down was supposed to be a limited-run sandwich—but that was before it became a national sensation . With Americans buying the bun-less, meat-heavy sandwich in droves (about 10 million sold), KFC has decided to extend it indefinitely. Otherwise, the sandwich would've been gone this Sunday, NBC Philadelphia reports....

Fast Food Worse Than the Double Down
 Fast Food Worse Than 
 the Double Down 
in case you missed

Fast Food Worse Than the Double Down

Nate Silver finds the KFC monstrosity is really only average

(Newser) - So by now you've heard of—or God help you, sampled—the gluttonous monstrosity known as KFC's Double Down , but how does it stack up in the less-than-healthy world of fast food? Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight runs the numbers, creating an index of fat, cholesterol, and sodium in which the...

Double Downs, Touchscreens Don't Mix
Double Downs,
Touchscreens Don't Mix
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Double Downs, Touchscreens Don't Mix

iPad disabled by the touch of KFC diners

(Newser) - While foodies were debating the culinary merits of the Double Down yesterday, two selfless Gizmodo reporters sacrificed their guts and their gadgets to confirm the somewhat foregone conclusion that the sandwich might not pair so well with a touchscreen device. The pair were presumably unsurprised to find their iPad disabled...

KFC's Double Down Is Double Blech
 KFC's Double Down 
 Is Double Blech  

KFC's Double Down Is Double Blech

Reviewers not so fond of latest fast-food monstrosity

(Newser) - Congratulations, KFC, your Double Down stunt has gotten more publicity than a Nazi-themed romp with Jesse James. So here's a little more, in the form of what the reviewers are saying:
  • The Double Down "arrives at a new low," writes Sam Sifton of the New York Times . Even

KFC's Double Down: For God's Sake, Why?
 KFC's Double Down: 
 For God's Sake, Why?
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KFC's Double Down: For God's Sake, Why?

Sandwich with chicken in place of bread arrives Monday

(Newser) - Given the national concern over obesity, Thomas Rogers wondered what in the world KFC could have been thinking when it created the grotesque new sandwich that slaps bacon and cheese, slathered in mayo, in between 2 pieces of fried chicken. Rogers, who writes for Salon , went to food industry expert...

Free Food Contests Pay Off for Chains

Advertising exposure trumps paltry cost of gift certificates

(Newser) - That year’s worth of free food you just got from a Denny’s or Chick-Fil-A promotion isn’t hurting the chains a bit—in fact, it’s the most effective advertising they do. For one, you don’t actually get a year’s worth. It’s usually just a...

KFC Sued Over Shift From Fried to Grilled
 KFC Sued Over Shift 
 From Fried to Grilled 
chicken fight

KFC Sued Over Shift From Fried to Grilled

Franchise owners want to keep focus on Original Recipe products

(Newser) - It's not called Kentucky Grilled Chicken, and a group of KFC franchise owners would like to keep it that way: Determined to keep "fried" the focus, they've sued the company for promoting grilled over traditional options. KFC "appears to believe that the future lies with grilled chicken rather...

US Viewers Slam 'Racist' Aussie KFC Ad

Yanks are misinterpreting ad, says KFC

(Newser) - An Australian Kentucky Fried Chicken ad featuring a white cricket fan befriending a black crowd with a bucket of fried chicken has been blasted as racist in the US. The Australian fan in the ad asks "Need a tip when you're stuck in an awkward situation?" while surrounded by...

Meat Standards at McD's Loftier Than at Schools
Meat Standards at McD's Loftier Than at Schools

Meat Standards at McD's Loftier Than at Schools

Virtually any fast-food joint is choosier about what your kid eats

(Newser) - The millions of pounds of beef and chicken doled out by the National School Lunch program every year wouldn’t pass muster at KFC or McDonald's. Though the meat the USDA buys and then supplies to schools beats the bare minimums imposed on grocery store meat, it doesn’t live...

Col. Sanders Impersonator Punks UN

Impersonator dupes security in publicity stunt

(Newser) - A Colonel Sanders lookalike got a diplomat’s welcome at the United Nations, somehow tricking the security guards into letting him in, UN officials sheepishly admitted. Once inside, the KFC mascot met with UN General Assembly President Ali Treki of Libya, even getting his picture snapped shaking hands beneath the...

Worst Food Trends of the Decade
 Worst Food Trends 
 of the Decade 
check, please

Worst Food Trends of the Decade

From onion blossoms to overhyped chefs, these things need to go away

(Newser) - Asked to name the decade's worst dining trends, chefs and other food experts couldn't shut up. There were too many (including "mache, water sommeliers, organ-meat entrees, unisex bathrooms, bacon tattoos on chefs, over-flaunted kitchen burns, chefs tables") for Christopher Borrelli to list them all, but he...

How We Get bin Laden: KFC's New Double Down

It's a bacon and cheese sandwich, except with fried chicken instead of bread!

(Newser) - Fed up with all haute cuisine? Foodie babble? An organic garden at the White House? KFC looks to have just what you need in the Double Down, a bacon and cheese sandwich in which the bread is replaced by fried chicken fillets! “Forget food porn,” Scott Gold writes...

Even Celeb Chefs Enjoy Fast Food

They admit their last indulgence to Esquire

(Newser) - Sure, fast food gets a bad rap. But even famous chefs cop to eating it, and Esquire has the details. You may notice a certain theme:
  • Alton Brown: Chick-Fil-A, last week
  • Tyler Florence: In-N-Out double-double burger, the other day

Tough Times Push Chains to Try New Fare

McDonald's classy coffee, grilled KFC widen menus

(Newser) - Desperate times are driving chain restaurants to desperate measures—straying from their bread-and-butter dishes and diversifying the menu. KFC now sells grilled chicken, Domino’s offers subs, and McDonald’s dips into the world of espresso coffee, USA Today reports. “This is a defining moment for the industry,"...

America's 10 Most Noxious Eats
 America's 10 Most Noxious Eats 

America's 10 Most Noxious Eats

(Newser) - From fries drenched in salad dressing to cheeseburgers mashed between glazed donuts, Americans are not known for always possessing the most refined palettes. Minyanville takes a look at some of the worst offenders.
  • The KFC Famous Bowl, described as tasting like “your nephew’s half-eaten dinner plate”, mixes fried

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