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Country Music's Entertainer of the Year Repeats

Singer Luke Combs wins CMA honor 2nd year in a row; Chris Stapleton, Lainey Wilson also win big

(Newser) - Luke Combs was crowned entertainer of the year at Wednesday's Country Music Association Awards, the second year in a row that he's taken home the night's top honor. "I want to thank country music for making my dreams come true," Combs said, dedicating the award...

Fans, Jimmy Swaggart Eulogize Jerry Lee Lewis

Hometown service honors 'a poor kid from Ferriday'

(Newser) - Family, friends and fans gathered Saturday to bid farewell to rock 'n' roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis at memorial services held in his north Louisiana hometown. Lewis, known for hits such as "Great Balls of Fire" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," died Oct. 28 at...

Jerry Lee Lewis' Life Was Even Wilder Than You Knew

Bill Wyman gives us an incredible portrait at 'Vulture'

(Newser) - Jerry Lee Lewis' Friday death brought a sea of tributes and obits , none quite like the one penned by Bill Wyman for Vulture . Wyman's in-depth write-up has it all: details from Lewis' youth, a recounting of how he first got signed to Sun Records (when he and his father...

Dylan Kicks Off Tributes to an Original

Musicians say Jerry Lee Lewis left his mark

(Newser) - "Jerry Lee will live forever—we all know that," Bob Dylan told an English audience during his concert Friday night. He then performed a Don Robertson song the Killer recorded in 1970, per Yahoo Entertainment , "I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye." Other musicians and celebrities...

Jerry Lee Lewis Is Dead at 87
Rock Pioneer
Jerry Lee Lewis Is Dead

Rock Pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis Is Dead

'Great Balls of Fire' singer was 87

(Newser) - Jerry Lee Lewis, the untamable rock and roll pioneer whose outrageous talent, energy, and ego collided on such definitive records as “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and sustained a career otherwise upended by personal scandal, died Friday morning at 87. The last survivor...

Rock's 'First Great Wild Man' Suffers Stroke

It was said to be minor, though, meaning 83-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis may be performing again soon

(Newser) - Rock 'n' roll's "first great wild" man isn't likely to be tamed by his latest setback. That's per his publicist, who says that Jerry Lee Lewis will likely be performing again soon after a stroke he suffered on Thursday, per NBC News . "Last night,...

Jerry Lee Lewis Marries Cousin's Ex
 Jerry Lee Lewis 
 Cousin's Ex 
wife no. 7

Jerry Lee Lewis Marries Cousin's Ex

Rocker, 76, says 'I do' again

(Newser) - Jerry Lee Lewis caused a scandal in the late 1950s when he married his 13-year-old cousin. Half-a-century later, the 76-year-old rocker has married his seventh wife, and this time it's more of a family tree brain-teaser. Follow the bouncing ball if you can: His new wife, 62-year-old Judith Brown,...

Rock's Worst Career Moves
 Rock's Worst Career Moves 

Rock's Worst Career Moves

Bob Dylan's Christmas album is just the latest in a long line

(Newser) - Bob Dylan’s decision to record a Christmas album is certainly ill-advised—“fans may have stuck by him throughout the musically self-destructive late '60s, the God-bothering late '70s, and the Grateful Dead-collaborating-Madonna-imitating mid '80s, but surely even Bob's fans have a limit,” writes John Matthew Hall for the...

7 Celebs Who Married Cousins
7 Celebs Who Married Cousins

7 Celebs Who Married Cousins

Bach, Rudy, Einstein all kept it in the family

(Newser) - These seven celebrities looked no further than their own family tree for a bride, Mental Floss reports—they married their cousins:
  1. Johann Sebastian Bach: Had 7 of his 20 children with Maria.
  2. Edgar Allen Poe: Fell for Virginia when she was 7; they wed when she was 13.
  3. Jerry Lee

Still in Love With Jumpin' Jack Flash

Even GOP candidate fawns over rock stars, Washington Post says

(Newser) - Rock stars snort powders and cremated parents, promote thuggish personas, and do it all for a corporate dollar – yet we only love them all the more, says the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan. Even Mike Huckabee revealed his un-GOP admiration for Keith Richards, pardoning his reckless driving charge and...

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