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In Artificial Intelligence Race, 'Claude' Just Got a $4B Boost

Amazon invests big in startup Anthropic, seen as a main rival to ChatGPT, backed by Microsoft

(Newser) - The fast-intensifying arms race in artificial intelligence just intensified again. Amazon is investing up to $4 billion in the startup Anthropic, which makes an AI tool called Claude, reports the Wall Street Journal . The initial outlay is $1.25 billion, but it can hit the higher amount if all goes...

Big-Name Authors Sue OpenAI for 'Systematic Theft'

John Grisham, George RR Martin join lawsuit alleging pirated works helped train ChatGPT

(Newser) - A new group of authors is suing OpenAI, alleging "flagrant and harmful infringements" on their copyrights through the company's use of pirated books to train the AI chatbot ChatGPT. "At the heart of these algorithms is systematic theft on a mass scale," reads the complaint, filed...

China Uses Hawaii Fires in 'Disinformation Wars'

Chinese accounts spread conspiracy about the testing of a US 'weather weapon'

(Newser) - The deadly fires across Maui last month were triggered by a secret "weather weapon" tested by the US government on its own citizens—or so suspected Chinese operatives want you to believe. Researchers from Microsoft and other organizations have described an organized disinformation campaign out of China that aims...

In Las Vegas, Robots Are Taking a Lot of Jobs

Hospitality workers' union predicts a 'big fight' over tech in contract negotiations

(Newser) - The tourism-heavy economy is Las Vegas has left many workers vulnerable to being replaced by robots, and the city should work to diversify its economy to make sure humans still have jobs, analysts say. It's already common to see robots doing jobs including bartending at establishments like the Tipsy...

Breaking Bad Actors, Writers Team Up 'in Solidarity'

'Better Call Saul' team members also join picket line as Hollywood strikes continue

(Newser) - A familiar group of faces popped up on the picket line Tuesday outside of Sony Pictures Studios: cast members from the AMC hits Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, per the Hollywood Reporter . Bryan "Walter White" Cranston was there, as were Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), Jesse Plemons (Todd Alquist),...

Nvidia Reports Astronomical Sales Growth

Revenue doubled year-on-year, chip maker says

(Newser) - Computer chip maker Nvidia has rocketed into the constellation of Big Tech's brightest stars while riding the artificial intelligence craze that's fueling red-hot demand for its technology. The latest evidence of Nvidia's ascendance emerged with Wednesday's much-anticipated release of the company's quarterly earnings report, the...

Employers Willing to Pay Nearly $1M for AI Jobs

Salaries on job advertisements are going through the roof

(Newser) - Recent reports like this one from Futurism about the AI "bubble" popping notwithstanding, some companies are willing to pay big bucks for a brain that can truly understand the best uses of artificial intelligence. The Wall Street Journal reports that major employers are chasing data scientists and experts in...

Author Discovers AI Fakes Selling Under Her Name

Jane Friedman says Amazon removed them, but only after a public fight

(Newser) - The dawn of easy self-publishing has been great for select independent authors, but colliding with the explosion of AI-aided (and AI-created) writing has resulted in a new set of problems—like the one encountered by author Jane Friedman, when she learned there were several books on Amazon under her name...

AI-Powered Recipe Bot Offers Deadly Suggestions

Ant-poison jelly sandwiches, anyone?

(Newser) - A supermarket chain in New Zealand had to make some changes to its artificial intelligence-powered recipe app after it delivered some potentially deadly recommendations. The Savey Meal-bot from Pak'nSave came up with meal plans or recipes when customers entered lists of ingredients, but users soon discovered that the bot...

Tech-Savvy Job Hunters Turn to 'White Fonting'

But trick to outsmart AI screening for resumes could backfire, warn recruiters

(Newser) - Some applicants have been using an interesting hack to dupe AI and other tech filters when pursuing new positions. It's called "white fonting," explains the Washington Post. The idea is pretty straightforward—job seekers cram keywords from job descriptions onto their resumes, but change the font to...

AI Reads Mammograms as Well as Human Radiologists
AI Shows Big Promise
in Detecting Breast Cancer
New Study

AI Shows Big Promise in Detecting Breast Cancer

Large new study out of Sweden shows artificial intelligence is on par with human radiologists

(Newser) - The biggest study of its kind to date suggests that artificial intelligence has great potential to help detect breast cancer from mammograms, reports the Guardian . The study, published in Lancet Oncology , involved more than 80,000 women in Sweden. Half of the women's mammograms were assessed by two radiologists...

With Actors, Writers on Strike, Netflix Advertises $900K AI Job

Company seeks to increase the 'leverage of our machine learning platform'

(Newser) - With actors and writers on strike together for the first time since 1960, a job listing from Netflix is raising eyebrows. The company is offering up to $900,000 for an artificial intelligence-related job that involves increasing the "leverage of our machine learning platform," the Guardian reports. The...

James Cameron on AI: 'I Warned You Guys in 1984'

'But you didn't listen,' says 'Terminator' director

(Newser) - James Cameron says he's concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence—and it's something he warned about in the first Terminator movie, which he directed and co-wrote in 1984. "I warned you guys in 1984 and you didn't listen," the Canadian filmmaker told CTV in...

8K Authors to AI Producers: Stop the Theft

Margaret Atwood, James Patterson, others demand compensation for work used to train AI

(Newser) - More than 8,500 authors are asking tech companies to avoid using their copyrighted work to train AI systems, unless those companies are willing to pay up. "Millions of copyrighted books, articles, essays, and poetry provide the 'food' for AI systems, endless meals for which there has been...

Musk Forms New Company to 'Understand Reality'

Creation of xAI follows criticism of OpenAI

(Newser) - Elon Musk has brought xAI into the world—and that's the name of a new company, not a new child. Musk announced the formation of the artificial intelligence company Wednesday, though it's not entirely clear what its objectives are, the BBC reports. Musk tweeted that it had been...

Sarah Silverman Sues ChatGPT Over Copyright

Comedian and two other authors sue creator, as well as Zuckerberg's Meta

(Newser) - Entertainers and creators have already had it with AI. That's at least one takeaway from the news—reported by the Verge —that comedian Sarah Silverman and two authors have filed copyright infringement lawsuits against the creator of ChatGPT as well as Mark Zuckerberg's Meta. Silverman and writers...

AI Robots Say They Can Take It From Here

Machines hold press conference, claiming they could be better leaders but want to work with humans

(Newser) - In what was advertised as the world's first press conference featuring a panel of AI-enabled humanoid social robots, the machines spoke confidently Friday about their potential while acknowledging limitations. Although the robots said they lack the emotions that humans have, one had no trouble recognizing a tough crowd when...

It's a Vast, Vital Side of AI Hidden From the Public

Josh Dzieza at 'New York' explores the incredible amount of human labor needed to make artificial intelligence models work

(Newser) - Of all the stories about artificial intelligence that have emerged of late, a new one from Josh Dzieza in a collaboration for New York and the Verge is equal parts compelling and surprising. He explores a simple-sounding premise: In order for AI models to work, they need to be fed...

Wimbledon Adding AI Commentary to Matches

Tournament teams with IBM for AI-powered chat on highlight reels

(Newser) - Wimbledon's first championship was held in 1877, and today it remains not only one of tennis' oldest tournaments but a vibrant piece of British living history. So the Guardian reporting that artificial intelligence is entering the chat as part of match commentary at Wimbledon may be somewhat surprising. The...

EU Gets Big Step Closer to Novel AI Regulations

EU Parliament has approved AI Act, a key step in the process

(Newser) - The European Parliament voted to approve the EU AI Act Wednesday, which the AP reports puts what would be some of the first major AI regulations just a few steps away from becoming law. The Washington Post reports the act would place "unprecedented restrictions" on companies' use of AI....

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