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SpaceX Rocket Suffers 'Rare but Catastrophic' Failure

Falcon 9 disintegrates in orbit, leaving Starlink satellites stranded; future launches may be delayed

(Newser) - Two hours after SpaceX launched its latest Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday evening, a message popped up from CEO Elon Musk on X : "Upper stage restart to raise perigee resulted in an engine RUD for reasons currently unknown." Translation, per the New York Times : The second stage of...

Japanese Rocket Explodes Seconds After Launch
Rocket Launch
Does Not Go Well

Japanese Rocket Launch Does Not Go Well

Space One stumbles in its quest to become first private Japanese company to launch a satellite

(Newser) - Space One hoped to become the first private company in Japan to put a satellite into orbit. While the dream is still alive, the company's first attempt went horribly wrong as the rocket exploded seconds after takeoff around 11am local time Wednesday, or 10pm ET Tuesday. Livestream footage showed...

Space Success Leaves Japan's Agency 'So Relieved'
Space Success
Is a Relief in Japan

Space Success Is a Relief in Japan

Rocket makes orbit and releases observation satellites

(Newser) - Japan's flagship H3 rocket reached orbit and released two small observation satellites in a key second test following a failed debut launch last year, buoying hope for the country in the global space race. The H3 rocket blasted off from the Tanegashima Space Center on time Saturday morning, two...

Inert Nuclear Missile Found in Dead Man's Garage

'And we think it's gonna be a long, long time before we get another call like this,' police say

(Newser) - An inert rocket of the type used to carry a nuclear warhead has been found in the garage of a home of a deceased resident in Washington state, police said. Bellevue police responded Thursday to a report of a military-grade rocket in the garage of a home in the city...

North Korea Gets Some Russian Help in Latest Rocket Launch

Another rocket launch after 2 failures, ostensibly to deploy a spy satellite

(Newser) - North Korea has launched a rocket in what may be its third attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit, according to South Korea's military. A rocket was launched late Tuesday, the military in Seoul said, but no further details were immediately available, reports the AP . In North Korea'...

SpaceX Mission 'Presumed Failed' Minutes After Launch

Starship reached space this time, but contact was then lost

(Newser) - SpaceX's Starship, the world's most powerful rocket, saw liftoff from Texas on Saturday around 8am ET, and the New York Times notes that its upper stage did successfully separate from its Super Heavy booster—further than it got during its initial launch in April, which ended in an...

With This Rocket Launch, Japan Hopes for a 'Qualitative Shift'

SLIM lunar lander is set to reach moon in February, hopefully within just hundreds of feet of its target

(Newser) - Last month, India became the fourth nation to achieve a moon landing . Japan wants to be No. 5, and this week it launched a $100 million mission that it hopes will help it achieve that goal. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said its H-IIA rocket took off Thursday morning...

Mystery Object That Washed Up on Aussie Beach Identified
Mystery Object
That Washed Up on
Aussie Beach Identified

Mystery Object That Washed Up on Aussie Beach Identified

Australian Space Agency says it's space junk from Indian rocket; India's space group needs to confirm

(Newser) - The mystery of a giant metal object that washed up on an Australian beach may finally be solved. reports that when the "bulky, barnacle-encrusted cylinder" turned up in mid-July on the shores of Green Head, located north of Perth in Western Australia, whispers circulated that it could...

Sweden Accidentally Fires Rocket Into Norway

Its neighbor, a little peeved, claims notice wasn't relayed through 'proper channels'

(Newser) - Monday morning is perhaps not the best time for a rocket launch, as Sweden may have learned when it fired off a research rocket, only to have it land off target in neighboring Norway. The rocket launched at 7:20am local time Monday from the Esrange Space Center in northern...

SpaceX Scrubs Launch of World's Biggest Rocket

Elon Musk's company delays test flight of Starship

(Newser) - SpaceX still plans to launch a behemoth into space—the world's largest and most powerful rocket known as Starship—but it's not happening Monday as planned. The nearly 400-foot-tall rocket was on the launch pad at the company's facility in Boca Chica, Texas, but the company called...

3D-Printed Rocket Doesn't Make Orbit but Is 'a Major Step'

Terran 1 is on track to prove its viability, Relativity Space says

(Newser) - Everything looked good for the first three minutes of the Terran 1 launch Wednesday night from Cape Canaveral. The 3D-printed rocket's first and second stages separated successfully, reports, before it failed to reach orbit. Still, the test flight was "a major step," Relativity Space officials...

After Failed Launch, Virgin Orbit Ceases Operating

Company that lost its rocket, satellites in January has furloughed most of its staff

(Newser) - The good news for most of Virgin Orbit's employees on Wednesday: They're getting at least a week off, starting ASAP. The bad news: It's unpaid furlough, as the California-based company tries to seek out more funding after a failed rocket launch in the UK in January, reports...

At Last, 'What an Incredible Sight to See'

Artemis rocket holding unmanned Orion spacecraft is finally headed toward moon after series of delays

(Newser) - With a series of nixed attempts left in its wake, Artemis I is finally on its way to the moon. NASA reports that its powerful Space Launch System (SLS), holding the unmanned Orion spacecraft, blasted off for its flying debut from Florida's Kennedy Space Center at 1:47am Wednesday...

Beleaguered Moon Rocket Has a New Launch Date

New attempt is set for Wednesday; multiple other attempts in summer, early fall were scuttled

(Newser) - NASA's Artemis I moon rocket needs only minor repairs after enduring a hurricane at the pad and is on track for its first test flight next week, a top official said Friday. "Right now, there's nothing preventing us" from attempting a launch on Wednesday, said NASA's...

Rocket Ordered to Self-Destruct Minutes After Liftoff

Japan's space agency is investigating failure of Epsilon-6 satellite-carrying rocket

(Newser) - A Japanese rocket carrying eight satellites was ordered to self-destruct minutes after liftoff in the biggest failure for Japan's space agency in nearly 20 years. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency—JAXA—said in a statement that the self-destruction command was sent to the Epsilon-6 rocket because it had "...

Jeff Bezos Has First Rocket Failure
Jeff Bezos
Has First

Jeff Bezos Has First Rocket Failure

Nobody was aboard the Blue Origin flight

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos’ rocket company suffered its first launch failure Monday, per the AP . No one was aboard, only science experiments. The Blue Origin rocket veered off course over West Texas about a minute after liftoff. The capsule’s launch abort system immediately kicked in, lifting the craft off the top....

Lightning Strikes Don't Damage NASA's Moon Rocket

Liftoff remains scheduled for Monday morning

(Newser) - NASA's new moon rocket remained on track to blast off on a crucial test flight Monday, despite a series of lightning strikes at the launch pad. The 322-foot Space Launch System rocket, the most powerful ever built by NASA, is poised to send an empty crew capsule into lunar...

Here's What It'll Look Like When Rocket Crashes Into Moon

Moon dust to fly hundreds of miles from impact crater, which is expected to be quite large

(Newser) - The moon is about to get walloped by 3 tons of space junk, a punch that will carve out a crater that could fit several semitractor-trailers. A leftover rocket will smash into the far side of the moon at 5,800mph on Friday, away from telescopes' prying eyes, the AP...

China: Rocket Set to Crash Into Moon Isn't Ours

Experts disagree, say Chang'e-5T1 booster will make impact March 4

(Newser) - China is denying responsibility for a wayward rocket expected to crash into the far side of the moon next month. Though the rocket was initially misidentified as a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that failed to return to Earth after launching a weather satellite in 2015, experts— including those at NASA'...

Rocket Due to Crash Into the Moon Isn't From SpaceX

Expert says WE0913A is likely a Chinese rocket, launched in 2014

(Newser) - Update: The space expert shouting about a rocket smashing into the moon says he made a big mistake. The item dubbed WE0913A is still projected to hit the dark side of the moon at 7:26am EST on March 4, but it's not the upper stage of a SpaceX...

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