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NBA Player's Stolen Dog Tale Is a 'Christmas Miracle'

After 12 hours of searching, Kelly and Jackie Olynyk reunite woman with dog missing for 4 years

(Newser) - When Utah Jazz player Kelly Olynyk and his wife, Jackie, found a lost dog, it was the start of a 12-hour Christmas Day adventure that would see the couple enjoy dinner in the cold with their new pal and later reunite him with his home after four years. The heartwarming...

Toddler Opens All Family's Gifts at 3am: 'No Present Spared'

Hilarious X thread shows what happens when a 3-year-old has free rein under the tree

(Newser) - As a science fiction and fantasy author, Scott Reintgen is used to probing Q&As . Over the Christmas weekend, however, the North Carolina resident held an impromptu one on social media after he and his wife made a rather jolting discovery early Christmas morning. "Yall. My three year old...

Next Christmas, Mariah Will Shoot for 23,701,698

Carey sets the Spotify record for single-day streams with, of course, 'All I Want for Christmas'

(Newser) - Mariah Carey is doing her best to cement the designation as "Queen of Christmas." On Christmas Eve, she busted her own Spotify single-day streaming record with 23,701,697 streams of "All I Want for Christmas," reports TMZ . That eclipsed the record she set last year...

Men at Greater Risk of Penile Fractures During Holidays
Unwelcome Christmas Gift:
Risk of Sex Injury Is Up

Unwelcome Christmas Gift: Risk of Sex Injury Is Up

The season's 'intimacy and euphoria' come with greater risk for penile fractures

(Newser) - Hang your mistletoe with extra care, because a new study published in the British Journal of Urology International found that the season of love comes with greater risks for a painful trip to the ER. According to the Guardian , researchers found that penile fractures are most common during Christmastime. The...

The Secret Life of Gift Cards
The Secret Life of Gift Cards

The Secret Life of Gift Cards

Billions go unused every year

(Newser) - Gift cards make great stocking stuffers—just as long as you don't stuff them in a drawer and forget about them after the holidays. Americans are expected to spend nearly $30 billion on gift cards this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation. Restaurant gift cards are the...

King Charles Tweaks Tradition With Christmas Message

He stands next to the palace's first live tree, a nod to his push for the environment

(Newser) - Updated with details from the address. King Charles III gave his second Christmas message from Buckingham Palace in front of a live tree with sustainable ornaments—a nod to his environmental ambitions. The tree itself marks a break from royal tradition because it's the first such address featuring a...

In Snub to Russia, Ukraine Celebrates Christmas on 25th

Nation shifts to Gregorian calendar, joins the West

(Newser) - Christmas is being celebrated around the world on Monday, but festivities in Ukraine are particularly noteworthy. The nation is marking the day on December 25th for the first time since 1917, reports VOA . Ukraine has long celebrated Christmas on January 7, where it falls on the Julian calendar. But this...

Ukraine: 'There Are No Holidays for the Enemy'

Russian barrage kills four people in Kherson region

(Newser) - Russian shelling in southern Ukraine's Kherson region killed four people Sunday, including an 87-year-old man and his 81-year-old wife who died after a strike on their apartment building. The barrage injured nine other people, including a 15-year-old, sparked fires in homes and at a private medical facility, and set...

Poinsettia Namesake Comes With Thorny Past

US official Joel Roberts Poinsett spotted the plant in Mexico 200 years ago, popularized it in the US

(Newser) - Like Christmas trees, Santa, and reindeer, the poinsettia has long been a ubiquitous symbol of the holiday season in the US and Europe. But now, nearly 200 years after the plant with the bright crimson leaves was introduced north of the Rio Grande, attention is once again turning to the...

Have You Gotten 'Whammed' Yet This Holiday Season?
39 Years Later, Wham!
Tops UK Christmas Chart

39 Years Later, Wham! Tops UK Christmas Chart

George Michael wanted a holiday No. 1, Andrew Ridgeley says

(Newser) - The avoidance game that's all the rage apparently is not hurting the popularity of "Last Christmas," released by Wham! 39 years ago. For the first time, the song is top of the Christmas chart in the UK, the BBC reports. Andrew Ridgeley said the other half of...

This Is America's Most Christmas-y City

Atlanta is No. 1 on WalletHub's list of where the spirit of the season shines, affordably

(Newser) - Looking to get your Yule on? WalletHub has sought out the cities across the US where celebrating Christmas doesn't have to break the bank. The site looked at 100 of the nation's largest cities, tapping into more than two dozen metrics in five main categories: traditions and fun,...

Bing Crosby Would Be Disappointed This Christmas

Prospects aren't good for a white Christmas across much of the US—except in Alaska

(Newser) - For most Americans dreaming of a white Christmas, this year's prospects aren't good. Although parts of the Rockies and Midwest already have snow or could get a fresh dusting by Monday, other parts of the country that are normally coated in white this time of year are still...

With Sale of This Tree, 'the Magic of Christmas Lives On'

'Humblest Christmas tree in the world' is 100-plus years old, just sold for $4.3K

(Newser) - If you've always had a soft spot for Charlie Brown-style Christmas trees , this story will warm the cockles. An auction for what's been deemed "the humblest Christmas tree in the world" has come to a close, though the final price tag was far from humble itself. The...

Retailers Steel for What May Be a Holiday Mixed Bag

Consumers seem set to spend on Black Friday, but how much, how long after that remains a question

(Newser) - The holiday season is a critical one for many US retailers, and with Black Friday just two days away, it appears consumers are gearing up for a shopping spree: According to the National Retail Federation, about 182 million people are expected to open their wallets online and at brick-and-mortar stores...

Taylor Swift Isn't Only One in the Relationship With a No. 1 Song

Turns out boyfriend Travis Kelce can also carry a tune, as heard on Christmas tune with brother Jason

(Newser) - Watch out, Taylor Swift— your new man can apparently sing. The BBC reports that a Christmas song recorded by Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, along with his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, shot to the No. 1 spot on Apple's iTunes, just hours...

The Holy Land Cans Christmas Festivities

With a war raging, church leaders in Jerusalem, Bethlehem say it's no time to celebrate

(Newser) - Each year around Christmas, a tree is set up, lights are strung, and a nativity scene is arranged in Bethlehem's Manger Square, home of the 6th-century Church of the Nativity, which is said to mark the spot where Jesus Christ was born. There will be none of that this...

How the Grinch Got a Sequel
How the Grinch Got a Sequel

How the Grinch Got a Sequel

This time, he's lost Christmas

(Newser) - Dr. Seuss fans might find their hearts growing three sizes this coming holiday season with the release of a sequel to the 1957 classic children's book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The new book picks up one year after the original, and like the first, it teaches a valuable...

Here Are the Most Festive US Cities
Here Are the Most
Festive US Cities

Here Are the Most Festive US Cities

New York tops LawnStarter's list

(Newser) - Do you don your party hat on Dec. 1 and not take it off till the new year? You might want to seek out cities where you'll find like-minded festive souls. LawnStarter gathered public data from 200 of the nation's largest cities to see where those in a...

For Millions, This Might Be the Coldest Christmas in Decades

Arctic air set to chill central, eastern US

(Newser) - Something big from the Arctic will sweep into the US in the days before Christmas, and it's not Santa Claus. Forecasters say that thanks to a dip in the jet stream, a huge mass of cold air from the north is making its way south and will bring some...

Woman Wins $175K at Office Gift Exchange

Kentucky woman's first choice at the white elephant gift exchange was a $25 gift card

(Newser) - A Kentucky woman was disappointed when somebody "stole" a $25 TJ Maxx gift card from her during a holiday party gift exchange game, but she ended up with a gift worth 7,000 times more. Lori Janes, an office manager at a dental center in Louisville, chose $25 in...

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