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Mark Bittman: Go 'Semi-Vegan' for a Better Diet
 Fix Your Diet: 
 Go 'Semi-Vegan' 
mark bittman

Fix Your Diet: Go 'Semi-Vegan'

Drop meat once a week: Mark Bittman

(Newser) - "Lose weight" tends to make a whole lot of Americans' lists of New Year's resolutions. But Mark Bittman has a news flash for you: What we all really need to do is not obsess over dieting, but "eat better." And to do so, all we need...

Why We Stopped Being Vegetarians
 Why We Stopped 
 Being Vegetarians 

Why We Stopped Being Vegetarians

A butcher, hunter, and rancher discuss the ethics of eating animals

(Newser) - For long stretches of their lives, Nicolette Niman, Tovar Cerulli and Joshua Applestone were all vegetarians or vegans. Now, they’re a rancher, a hunter, and a butcher, respectively, who “firmly believe food from animals can be healthful, environmentally appropriate, and ethical,” they write in the Atlantic . Their...

PETA to Turkey, Texas: Change Name to 'Tofurky'

Animal rights group promises vegan feast for all residents if city complies

(Newser) - Apparently, going after a video game character wasn’t the only publicity stunt this week: Now PETA has petitioned Turkey, Texas, to rename itself … wait for it … "Tofurky." Of course, the change would just be for Thanksgiving, explains the animal rights group in a letter to...

Tobey Maguire Sends Back Free Mercedes

Plus: five famous meat lovers

(Newser) - Tobey Maguire wasn’t happy with the luxurious Mercedes he was given to use while filming in Australia, so he sent it back—but not because he’s a spoiled Hollywood star. Rather, Maguire is a vegan and took issue with the car’s leather seats, Australia’s Daily Telegraph...

Guilty Verdict Stands for Vegans Who Starved Baby

Couple's baby died after being fed only soy milk, apple juice

(Newser) - In April 2004, the 6-week-old son of Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas starved to death, and Georgia’s top court today upheld the couple’s murder convictions and life sentences from 2007. A court initially found the first-time parents guilty of murder after investigators discovered they fed the boy mostly...

Texas College Opens All-Vegan Cafeteria

But another hall will serve fried chicken and BBQ

(Newser) - A sign of the times, and possibly the makings of an epic food fight: The University of North Texas is opening a cafeteria devoted exclusively to vegan fare—and it appears to be the first such college dining hall in the nation, reports Inside Higher Ed . This being Texas, the...

Activists Hang 'Go Vegan' Sign on Iowa Butter Cow

After impressive late-night raid

(Newser) - Animal rights activists staged a daring late-night break-in Saturday night to hang a “Go vegan” sign on a butter cow at the Iowa State Fair. The activists snuck past a guard, scaled a wall in a back hallway, and broke into the refrigerated case holding the sculpture. Then they...

PETA: Go Vegan, Mars!
 PETA: Go Vegan, Mars! 

PETA: Go Vegan, Mars!

Animal rights organization lobbies SpaceX founder

(Newser) - If PETA has taught us nothing else, it is that we have completely messed up our own planet with our insistence on wearing fur, eating meat, and racing goldfish . But there's a light at the end of the tunnel: Mars. The animal rights organization is lobbying for the planet...

5 Claims About Vegans That Just Aren't True

They aren't rich, obsessive sissies

(Newser) - Vegans are rich, obsessive sissies, right? Not exactly, writes Carol J. Adams for the Washington Post . She lays out five myths surrounding the 0.5% of Americans who abstain from everything animal.
  1. Vegans have so many rules: It's the trickiness of avoiding all animal products that make this claim

Why Bill Clinton Is Veganism's No. 1 Buddy
Why Bill Clinton Is
Veganism's No. 1 Buddy

Why Bill Clinton Is Veganism's No. 1 Buddy

PETA pick shows need for 'indulgent' vegans

(Newser) - Most people snickered when PETA named Bill Clinton its person of the year , but it was a genius pick, writes Mary Elizabeth Williams on Salon . Most people also know the benefits of veganism, but what it lacks is a guy who can make it "seem realistic, accessible and, frankly,...

PETA's Person of the Year Is... Not Who You'd Expect

Now that Bill Clinton's given up the burgers, PETA loves him

(Newser) - Bill Clinton has officially gone from McDonald’s addict to PETA’s Person of the Year. The animal rights group honored the former prez based on his decision to become a vegan this year, The Stir reports. "Thanks to his new plant-based diet, he's shed some pounds, decreased his...

PETA to LiLo: We'll Pay for Rehab If...

...she becomes a vegan. Or $20K of rehab, at least

(Newser) - If Lindsay Lohan really wants her stint in rehab to be sponsored , all she has to do is give up her addiction ... to meat and cheese. Headline-grabbing PETA has reached out to the star, offering to pitch in $10,000 if she goes vegan for the rest of her stay—...

Meet Bill Clinton... Vegan?!

It would appear so, based on last night's interview

(Newser) - Well, vegans , get excited: None other than Bill Clinton , famous McDonald’s lover, appears to have joined your ranks. No more Big Macs for Bubba: He’s now on a “plant-based diet,” he told Wolf Blitzer last night on CNN . “I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit....

New Health Ad Targets Death by Big Mac

Don't be lovin' it, commercial warns

(Newser) - A health group with a beef against McDonald's is taking its complaint to TV. A new ad by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine features a chubby dead man in a morgue still gripping a half-eaten burger, and implies McDonald's is to blame. The words "I was lovin'...

Eating Meat OK if It's Farmed Right
 Eating Meat OK 
 if It's Farmed Right 

Eating Meat OK if It's Farmed Right

New book changes George Monbiot's mind

(Newser) - In 2002, Guardian columnist George Monbiot wrote a piece called "Why Vegans Were Right All Along"—but eight years later, he's changing his mind. He originally concluded that, after considering the vast divide between land used to feed people and land used to feed livestock, veganism "is...

For Some, Veganism Hides an Eating Disorder

Those who undertake diet to lose weight are at risk

(Newser) - For most vegans, their diet is a way to avoid animal products, but for some, it’s become a way to avoid food—period. Veganism is becoming more popular in America, where 5% of the population follows the no-animal-products diet. Most of those people are making a healthy choice, writes...

11 Items Weirdly Made From Animal Parts

Fabric softeners, cigarettes, sugar, and other meaty products

(Newser) - Turning down a cheeseburger is one thing; truly abstaining from all products containing animal parts is a wee bit trickier. Hugh Ryan reveals 11 surprising everyday items made from an animal ingredient for the Daily Beast .
  1. Fabric softener: The reason your clothes are so Downy soft? Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium

7 Lessons From Going Vegan
 7 Lessons From Going Vegan 

7 Lessons From Going Vegan

Try it before worrying that you'll die of a cheese craving

(Newser) - Instead of a trendy juice cleanse to start the New Year, Heather Wood Rudúlph went with a different detox diet: going vegan for a month. She shares seven lessons she learned from the experience in Sirens Magazine :
  • She can cook: And so can you. Forced to stop making your

Meet the 'Hegans': Middle-Aged Male Vegans

They used to 'eat American,' but no more

(Newser) - Introducing "hegans." The term, courtesy of the Boston Globe , refers to middle-aged men who eat only vegetables, often eschewing animal products to the point of veganism. They don't match the cultural mainstream of veganism—in their 40s and 50s, they're disinclined to proselytize, and espouse little of vegetarianism's...

Vegetarians: Beware That Glass of Wine

Vintners often use animal products in production

(Newser) - Just because it's made from grapes doesn't mean a glass of wine is OK for committed vegetarians. Many vintners use animal products made from bones or even fish bladders in the final clarifying stages, explains Steven Kolpan. The good news is that only minuscule amounts of the so-called fining agents...

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