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After Boy Mishears Imam, a Severed Hand, an Arrest

15-year-old Pakistani boy cuts off own hand after being called 'blasphemer'

(Newser) - It was a simple misunderstanding of a question asked by a holy man, but it cost a 15-year-old Pakistani boy his hand, and landed an imam under arrest. Imam Shabbir Ahmed was giving a sermon at a mosque in Punjab province, reports al Jazeera , when he asked his congregation who...

2 Shot Dead Outside Texas 'Draw Muhammad' Event

Suspects opened fire in parking lot, were killed by police

(Newser) - Police shot two suspects dead after they allegedly opened fire outside a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, yesterday evening. The suspects were shot in the parking lot of the Curtis Culwell Center after getting out of their vehicle around the time that the controversial event inside was scheduled to...

Saudis Destroy Artifacts in Mecca's Grand Mosque

Including column where Mohammed began 'heavenly journey'

(Newser) - Has Saudi Arabia's rebuilding of Mecca gone too far? The Independent is running photos of construction crews as they demolish areas of the Grand Mosque—Islam's holiest site—including a column that marks the place where Mohammed is said to have started his journey to heaven on a...

More Mohammed Cartoons, Now From Spain

'How does anyone know?' asks El Jueves

(Newser) - First a French satirical magazine publishes cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed , and now Spain is joining in. The cover of the latest issue of El Jueves shows a lineup of bearded, Middle-Eastern men, with the headline "But...does anyone know what Mohammed looks like?," reports the Huffington Post...

French Paper Publishes Nude Mohammed Cartoon

Paris shutters embassies in 20 countries

(Newser) - France is on lockdown today after a satirical French newspaper published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed—including at least one featuring the prophet naked, reports ABC News. Fearing reprisals, Paris has closed embassies in 20 countries, reports the Jerusalem Post . The caricatures in the cheeky weekly Charlie Hebdo make fun...

Afghanistan Bans YouTube Over Mohammed Video

Filmmaker goes into hiding in wake of embassy attack

(Newser) - The Afghan government has reportedly censored YouTube to prevent anyone from watching the anti-Muslim film that inspired violent mobs in Libya and Egypt, leading to the death of the US ambassador to Libya. "We have been told to shut down YouTube to the Afghan public until the video is...

Pakistan Blocks Twitter
 Pakistan Blocks Twitter 

Pakistan Blocks Twitter

(Newser) - Pakistan has decided it's had about 139 characters too many of Twitter, yanking the microblogging site over material it says is offensive to Islam, reports al-Jazeera . The material in question was promoting a Facebook contest to post images of the prophet Mohammed—which are considered blasphemous, even those framed...

Islamists Call for Execution of Young Tweeter

Hamza Kashgari, 23, tweeted that he wants to talk to Mohammed as a 'friend'

(Newser) - Islamists are calling for the execution of a young Saudi Arabian who tweeted last week about the Prophet Mohammed. "I have loved the rebel in you, you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me," Hamza Kashgari, 23, wrote in a tweet addressed to Mohammed. But "...

Firebombed Paper's Cover Now Boasts a Kissing Muslim

'Love is stronger than hate,' says 'Charlie Hebdo'

(Newser) - Remember the boundary-busting French satirical newspaper that was firebombed for making the Prophet Mohammed a "guest editor"? Journalists toned down the controversy this time around—not. In fact, right on the cover, a Muslim is planting a big, slobbery kiss on a figure representing the publication, Charlie Hebdo....

Satirical Paper Firebombed Over Mohammed Joke

'Charlie Hebdo' announced the prophet would be 'editor-in-chief' of issue

(Newser) - A satirical French newspaper's offices were firebombed early this morning, one day after announcing this week's issue would feature the Prophet Mohammed as "editor-in-chief." Charlie Hebdo, long known for taking an irreverent stance with regard to all religions, also featured cartoon depictions of Mohammed on the...

Fatwa Sends Seattle Cartoonist Into Hiding

Molly Norris changes name over 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'

(Newser) - A Seattle cartoonist has been forced to change her name and leave town over the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” cartoon she drew this summer. “You may have noticed that Molly Norris’ comic is not in the paper this week,” the Seattle Weekly's editor wrote. “That’s...

'Everybody Draw Mohammad' Cartoonist Makes Hit List

Yememi-American jihadist Awlaki targets Molly Norris for death

(Newser) - Anwar al-Awlaki, the US-born jihadist linked to the Fort Hood shootings and the Times Square bomb plot, has drawn a target on Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris, for her "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" cartoon. Awlaki added her to the execution list, saying her "proper abode is hellfire." The...

Muhammad Cartoonist Head-Butted at Lecture

Scuffle breaks out at Swedish university

(Newser) - Swedish artist Lars Vilks, famous for inciting Muslim rage over his depiction of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog, was assaulted yesterday as furious protesters interrupted his Uppsala University lecture about the limits of free speech. "A man ran up and threw himself over me. I was head-butted and...

South Park Censors Depiction of Mohammed
 South Park Censors 
 Depiction of Mohammed 

South Park Censors Depiction of Mohammed

But it might just be a joke

(Newser) - Apparently there are places even South Park fears to tread. After getting a death threat from the jihadist website, the show pulled the prophet Mohammed out of this week's episode, bleeping out all mention of his name, putting “censored” banners over parts of the episode and, where...

Irish Police Arrest 7 Over Plot to Kill Swedish Artist

Al-Qaeda placed bounty on Lars Vilks over Muhammad drawing

(Newser) - Irish police arrested seven people today over an alleged plot to kill a Swedish artist who depicted the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog. Officials say the suspects are foreign-born Irish residents, mostly from Yemen and Morocco, who had been under surveillance since November and were identified based...

Met Yanks Mohammed Art
 Met Yanks Mohammed Art 

Met Yanks Mohammed Art

Is Metropolitan Museum of Art getting jihad jitters?

(Newser) - New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art may be burying its collection of Islamic art, all in the name of political correctness.Three ancient renderings of the prophet Mohammed are no longer on display. “This is typical of the Met—trying to avoid any controversy,” an inside source tells...

Mohammad Child Bride Book Hits US Early

Publisher moves up release date after London firebombing

(Newser) - A controversial novel tracing the life of the Prophet Mohammed's child bride has been rushed out early by its US publisher, Reuters reports. The Jewel of Medina's British release was suspended after its London publisher's headquarters was firebombed. Beaufort Books—which took the project after Random House dropped it amid...

Teddy Bear Teacher Tells Her Own Tale

Gibbons doesn't regret going to Sudan, blames herself for ordeal

(Newser) - "I had no idea at all that I'd done something wrong," Gillian Gibbons tells the Guardian in an interview about her incarceration in Sudan for letting her class name a teddy bear Mohammed. But the teacher's ordeal hasn't soured her on Khartoum, which she calls a "wonderful...

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