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Edwards Donor: I Warned Obama Camp About Affair

Tim Toben didn't want Edwards to get an important post

(Newser) - After rumors of an affair had already started to swirl and John Edwards’ presidential campaign unraveled, Edwards revealed to onetime donor Tim Toben that he still had his eye on a prestigious position in Barack Obama’s administration, should he be elected. Toben was shocked—so he warned the Obama...

'Bunny' Money Was Gift for Edwards: Lawyer

Rachel Mellon never intended the payments as campaign donations: testimony

(Newser) - Another prosecution witness in the John Edwards trial may have just helped torpedo the prosecution. The lawyer for Rachel "Bunny" Mellon testified today that the billionaire heiress gave Edwards payments as gifts, not campaign contributions, MSNBC reports. Falsely labeled for furniture purchases, the checks were always intended to help...

101-Year-Old Donor Had Crush on Edwards
101-Year-Old Donor Had Crush on Edwards
Latest Testimony

101-Year-Old Donor Had Crush on Edwards

Interior designer testifies about how 'Bunny' Mellon funneled cash to Edwards

(Newser) - Rachel "Bunny" Mellon didn't just throw money at John Edwards because she liked his liberal platform. A close friend of the 101-year-old testified yesterday that the millionaire heiress had something of a crush on the senator, the New York Post reports. "She liked how he looked, what...

Edwards' Betrayed Wife Tore Off Shirt, Collapsed: Aide

Ex-aide testifies about confrontation over Rielle Hunter affair

(Newser) - After learning that John Edwards had lied about breaking off his affair with Rielle Hunter, wife Elizabeth had a meltdown at an airport in North Carolina, a former aide testified at his trial yesterday. Edwards, who was dying of breast cancer, "stormed off and collapsed into a ball in...

Edwards Sex Tape Testimony to Be Allowed

But tape itself won't be played, judge decides

(Newser) - The sex tape John Edwards recorded with mistress Rielle Hunter while he was running for president will not be played at his trial, but the judge has cleared the way for jurors to hear about it. Both sides have agreed that testimony about the tape can be introduced, and Edwards'...

Young's Wife: Edwards Knew About Cash

Cheri Young testifies during trial

(Newser) - John Edwards knew about the hush money being funneled to his pregnant mistress, and even lied about it to the wife of aide Andrew Young, who later claimed he was the child's father, testified Cheri Young today. "I heard Mr. John Edwards tell me on the phone that...

Aide: Edwards Called Hunter 'Crazy Slut'

Andrew Young testifies in campaign finance trial

(Newser) - Andrew Young, who also once pretended to be the father of Rielle Hunter's baby to cover for former boss John Edwards, took the stand at Edwards' campaign finance trial yesterday—and he was a mess. He got flustered, gave conflicting (and at least once, wrong) answers, and constantly asked...

Former Aide Grabs Spotlight in Edwards Trial

Former aide improperly spoke to other witnesses

(Newser) - A former campaign aide took center stage in the first day of John Edwards' campaign finance trial today, Reuters reports. During opening statements in Greensboro, North Carolina, Edwards' attorneys said the nearly $1 million Edwards is accused of accepting in illegal funds actually went toward a $1.5 million house...

John Edwards Trial Begins: What to Watch

Plus, how many Americans like him? Not many: poll

(Newser) - It's not a great day for John Edwards: As his trial begins, a CBS News poll finds that just 3% have a favorable view of the former politician, and the New York Post reports that even his romance with Rielle Hunter—who will likely be called to testify—has...

Is John Edwards a Criminal?
 Is John Edwards a Criminal? 
trial starts today

Is John Edwards a Criminal?

As his trial begins today, legal experts question government's case

(Newser) - Jury selection begins today in the trial of John Edwards, and if it were a crime to be a sleazeball, he'd be going away for life. But what he's actually charged with—failing to report gifts of almost $1 million, hiding them as campaign contributions, and using them...

John Edwards Repays $2.1M to Taxpayers

He had received the public matching funds after dropping out of race

(Newser) - John Edwards' campaign has repaid more than $2.1 million in public matching funds it received after the Democrat ended his bid for the 2008 Democratic nomination. An FEC rep confirmed yesterday that the agency had received the money. The bipartisan election commission ruled unanimously last year that Edwards was...

Millionaire Madam Rolodex Has Big Name: John Edwards

Former pol vehemently denies call girl's claim

(Newser) - If John Edwards thought his 15 minutes of infamy were finally up, it looks like he was mistaken. DNAInfo , which broke the story of New York City's so-called Millionaire Madam , reports that the first major name to bubble up in the alleged prostitution scheme belongs to none other than...

FEC to John Edwards: You Owe $2.1M

Former candidate has to pay Treasury for matching funds

(Newser) - John Edwards owes the US Treasury a couple million dollars, and he has just 30 days to pay it. The Federal Election Commission announced yesterday that Edwards received $2.1 million too much in matching funds from the Treasury during his 2008 Democratic nomination campaign, MSNBC reports. The commission dismissed...

John Edwards Sex Tape Will Be Destroyed

Rielle Hunter settles suit over ownership

(Newser) - One sordid little detail from the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter mess has been ironed out: An infamous sex tape they made will be destroyed within 30 days, reports ABC News . Hunter and former Edwards aide Andrew Young settled their suit over ownership of the tape, which Young says he found discarded...

Cardiologist: John Edwards Has Life-Threatening Heart Condition

Judge delays trial so he can have surgery in February

(Newser) - A federal judge says she has two letters from a cardiologist saying John Edwards has a life-threatening condition that will require surgery in February. The letters were revealed during a hearing today to consider whether the 58-year-old would go on trial later this month for alleged campaign finance violations. Attorneys...

John Edwards Seeks Trail Delay Due to Mystery Illness
 Edwards Seeks Trial Delay 

Edwards Seeks Trial Delay

Lawyers say former candidate has undisclosed medical condition

(Newser) - John Edwards is suffering from an undisclosed medical condition and will be too sick to stand trial next month, his lawyers say. The former presidential candidate's attorneys filed a motion seeking to have the trial, which was due to begin Jan. 30, pushed back another 60 days, ABC reports....

Ignore Candidates&#39; Spouses
 Ignore Candidates' Spouses 

Ignore Candidates' Spouses

You have no way of knowing what their marriage is like: Frank Bruni

(Newser) - Ann Romney has been out on the campaign trail recently, attempting to deflate any flip-flopper accusations directed her husband's way. "You want constancy? They’ve been married since the Mesozoic era," quips Frank Bruni of the New York Times . But he’s not impressed. The candidate’s...

John Edwards' Daughter Cate Marries Trevor Upham
 Cate Edwards Gets Married 

Cate Edwards Gets Married

John Edwards' daughter marries college sweetheart Trevor Upham

(Newser) - If anybody has reason to steer clear of the institution of marriage it's probably Cate Edwards, but John Edwards and his oldest daughter marched down the aisle yesterday nonetheless. With a candle at the altar lit in memory of mom Elizabeth, Cate Edwards married her college sweetheart Trevor Upham...

John Edwards' Trial Pushed Back, to January
 Edwards' Trial Pushed Back 

Edwards' Trial Pushed Back

Judge to consider defense's move to dismiss

(Newser) - It looks like John Edwards' lawyers have, if nothing else, bought themselves some time. A federal judge yesterday pushed the trial, which had been scheduled to start next month, back to January, the AP reports. The delay will give Edwards' team the time it says it needs to review some...

Edwards Moves to Dismiss Case

Lawyers argue case is 'about politics,' not the law

(Newser) - The case against John Edwards is political, not criminal, and should be dismissed, lawyers for the onetime presidential candidate said yesterday in a hefty court filing. “While much can be said in questioning how Mr. Edwards conducted himself throughout this saga, the allegations… that he violated campaign finance laws...

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