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Rare Daytime Fireball Streaks Over NYC
This Was NYC's Skyline Tuesday

This Was NYC's Skyline Tuesday

A rare meteor streaked over the Statue of Liberty, was widely ignored by busy New Yorkers

(Newser) - A meteor streaked across the sky above New York City on Tuesday morning, stunning residents—at least those who could be bothered to look up. "A meteor that had traveled millions of miles through deep space entered the atmosphere, passed above the Statue of Liberty, zoomed over the tourist...

Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Here
Lyrid Meteor
Shower Is Here

Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Here

But at its peak, so is a nearly full moon

(Newser) - The Lyrid meteor shower is underway. But with a nearly full moon in the sky during the peak, it might be tough to see clearly. The Lyrids occur every year in mid- to late April. This year's peak activity happens Sunday into Monday, with 10 to 20 meteors expected...

'Transitory' Visitors to Night Sky Are Coming Tonight

Southern Taurids meteor shower is at its peak, meaning you might even see a fireball

(Newser) - If you happen to see a fireball whizzing through the night sky on Monday, it's not a Don't Look Up moment (ie, no need to panic): It's simply the peak of the Southern Taurids meteor shower, which has been active since September, per NPR . Shooting stars—meteors...

In Texas, a 'Flash,' ' 'Windows Rattling,' an 'Earthquake Like Shake'

Meteorite believed to have fallen west of McAllen around 5:30pm Wednesday

(Newser) - A meteorite slammed into the ground in South Texas on Wednesday, according to local and federal authorities, who are now searching for the space rock west of McAllen. The precise point of impact has yet to be determined, McAllen Sheriff Eddie Guerra says , per KXXV . No damage has yet been...

Astronomer's Meteor Video Was Way Too Sexy for Twitter

Mary McIntyre's account was locked for 3-plus months after automated tools flagged the clip

(Newser) - Astronomers think celestial bodies are sexy, so much so that they often post about them on social media. For one UK space scientist, however, her video of a Perseid fireball over the summer was deemed too sexy for Twitter, resulting in her getting locked out of her account for three-plus...

'Flaming Basketball' From Sky May Have Caused House Fire

California man lost home, dog, truck in blaze

(Newser) - Peope in a remote part of Northern California saw a possible meteor Friday night—and an area rancher believes it may have caused the fire that burned down his home and killed one of his dogs. Nevada County resident Dustin Procita tells KCRA that he was relaxing at home after...

An Astronomer Is Hunting for Treasure on the Ocean Floor
Astronomer Thinks Something
Alien Sits on Ocean Floor
in case you missed it

Astronomer Thinks Something Alien Sits on Ocean Floor

Avi Loeb hopes to find pieces of a 2014 meteor, confirm whether it's interstellar

(Newser) - We'll preface this by saying Avi Loeb has more skeptics than supporters. But he also has an intriguing theory. The professor at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics thinks it's possible there is alien technology sitting on the ocean floor, or at least something interstellar. And he's determined...

Space Telescope Hit by 'Unavoidable Chance Event'

NASA says it's still performing above expectations after micrometeoroid strike

(Newser) - The massive mirror on the James Webb Space Telescope has been hit by what NASA calls an "unavoidable chance event"—a strike from a piece of space debris larger than they expected. NASA says one of the mirror's segments was hit by a micrometeoroid, which it defines...

Meteor Likely Exploded Over Pittsburgh on New Year's Day

Happy 2022!

(Newser) - Residents of suburban Pittsburgh were startled on the first day of the new year by a large boom, which even shook homes. It was heard and felt throughout much of western Pennsylvania, CBS Pittsburgh reports. After much speculation (earthquake? bomb? thunder? demolition?) the National Weather Service tweeted later on Saturday...

Meteorite Crashes Through Roof, Nearly Hits Woman
Space Debris Crashes Through
Roof, Onto Woman's Pillow
in case you missed it

Space Debris Crashes Through Roof, Onto Woman's Pillow

Canada woman says it's a nice reminder that life is precious

(Newser) - A British Columbia woman was awakened the night of Oct. 4 by a crashing sound and the feeling of debris hitting her face. Ruth Hamilton looked up to see a hole in her ceiling and a rock on her pillow and called 911, not sure what had happened. The truth...

Doorbell Camera Captures Fireball Streaking Through Sky

Bright meteor was traveling 32,000mph

(Newser) - A North Carolina doorbell camera captured a huge fireball streaking across the sky Friday night, the News & Observer reports. Per CBS News , NASA says at least five fireballs were seen over the US that night. The bright meteors are brighter than the planet Venus, and this one was traveling...

Was a Vicious Cosmic Airburst Behind the Story of Sodom?

Researchers say exploding meteor wiped out Tall el-Hammam 3,600 years ago

(Newser) - The biblical city of Sodom was destroyed by "brimstone and fire," as the book of Genesis tells it. Now scientists say it's possible that story is the written down version of the oral tradition of what befell an ancient Middle Eastern city now called Tall el-Hammam, which...

Asteroid 'Firework' Exploded With Force of 440lbs of TNT

It was seen from 4 US states and Canada

(Newser) - People in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and Quebec, Canada, claim to have witnessed an asteroid breaking up in the sky on Sunday, which turned out to be rattling. Many people reported hearing a rumble or sonic boom as a 10-pound bowling ball-sized chunk of an asteroid—traveling at...

A 'Boom' Is Heard From Canada to Virginia

Witnesses report seeing a fireball

(Newser) - A noontime boom that was heard and felt from southern Ontario to Virginia was likely caused by a disintegrating meteor, according to an organization in western New York that keeps track of such phenomena, the AP reports. Witnesses across the area reported hearing the boom or seeing a fireball in...

Goodbye, Neowise Comet. Hello, Meteor Showers
Get Ready for 2 New
Meteor Showers

Get Ready for 2 New Meteor Showers

Weather permitting, you could catch a glimpse of the Delta Aquariids, Alpha Capricornids this week

(Newser) - When the door for one sky show closes, another one opens—and with the comet Neowise starting to fade, two sets of meteor showers are ready to fill that slot. If the weather holds up, space enthusiasts should be able to catch a glimpse this week of both the Delta...

Earth's Gravity Catches 'Another Moon'

Scientists call it a 'minimoon'

(Newser) - Take a gander at the stars, and you might spot ... no, you won't. It's way too small. But scientists say Earth likely has another moon—at least for now—that's no bigger than a car, New Scientist reports. Astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona noticed...

Videos Capture Apparent Meteor in St. Louis

Fireball and boom startle residents

(Newser) - Mercury wasn't the only treat for sky watchers Monday. A fireball streaked through the night sky in the St. Louis area, accompanied by a loud boom, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . The apparent meteor zipped by about 8:45pm, and videos immediately began flooding social media. It's likely...

NASA: Hey, Did Anyone See That Meteor Explosion?

Blast took place over the Bering Sea in December

(Newser) - A meteor exploded in a fireball in the Earth's atmosphere in December—surely a spectacular sight, but no one seems to have seen it. The blast occurred over the Bering Sea, off Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, the BBC reports. The Air Force notified NASA after military satellites picked up...

Scientists Want to Look for Large Objects Lurking in June Meteor Shower

Chances of devastating asteroid strike remain "super, super low"

(Newser) - Meteor showers called Taurids occur twice each year: in June and in late October or early November. The latter event occurs at night, resulting in visible shooting stars. The June shower (in which the meteors are called Beta Taurids) happens during the day. And, while it may not make for...

Asteroid Far Brighter Than Moon Dazzles Over US

NASA meteor cameras capture it above Alabama

(Newser) - People up late in the Southeast one night last week had the chance to catch a brief but spectacular light show. In a Facebook post , NASA says its meteor cameras picked up a small asteroid about 1:19am Friday that burned through the night sky and would have been tough...

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