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Harry Reid Dead at 82
Harry Reid Dead at 82

Harry Reid Dead at 82

For decades, former boxer was one of the toughest dealmakers in Congress

(Newser) - Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader and Nevada’s longest-serving member of Congress, has died. He was 82. Reid died Tuesday, "peacefully" and surrounded by friends "following a courageous, four-year battle with pancreatic cancer," Landra Reid said of her husband in a statement. "Harry was...

Harry Reid's Secret UFO Jaunts Were Just the Start

Politico unpacks how ex-senator, Blink-182 founder brought a taboo topic into mainstream DC politics

(Newser) - A government analysis on UFOs is due out next month from US intel agencies and the Defense Department, the first time in more than a half-century that the executive branch will release a public accounting of the once-taboo topic—and much of the thanks for that can be traced back...

Harry Reid: If Dems Win, Give GOP 'No More Than 3 Weeks'

The former Senate leader has advice about the filibuster

(Newser) - Former Senate leader Harry Reid says if Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, Joe Biden should take "no more than three weeks" to test bipartisanship before ending the filibuster so Democrats can overcome what they call Republican obstruction and pass bills. The retired Nevada Democrat told the AP...

She Can't Vote. 2020 Dems Are Swooning Over Her Anyway

Meet Astrid Silva, a very public face of DACA

(Newser) - One of the most sought-after presidential endorsements in a key early voting state is from a woman who cannot vote. As Democrats jockey for support in Nevada, a meeting with Astrid Silva, a 31-year-old immigrant rights activist who has become a public face of the “Dreamers,” is a...

Harry Reid's Blindness Lawsuit Comes to an End

Former US senator sued the maker of TheraBand

(Newser) - A jury in Las Vegas flatly rejected former US Sen. Harry Reid's lawsuit against an exercise band maker he blamed for injuries —including blindness in one eye—he suffered when the stretchy device slipped from his grasp and he fell face-first a little more than four years ago,...

Harry Reid on Trump: Without Question, Our Worst President
Harry Reid Is Dying, and
He Doesn't Hold Back

Harry Reid Is Dying, and He Doesn't Hold Back

Former Senate majority leader offers his biting assessment of President Trump

(Newser) - Harry Reid "does not have long to live." Mark Leibovich puts it bluntly in a New York Times Magazine profile of the former Senate majority leader, who is himself quite blunt at times. Leibovich writes that he was the first to be granted an interview with Reid since...

Pentagon Never Admitted Having Secret UFO Program. Until Now

'What was considered science fiction is now science fact'

(Newser) - The truth, as they say, is out there. In 2007, former senator Harry Reid—along with former senators Ted Stevens and Daniel Inouye—used "so-called black money" to secretly fund a program inside the Defense Department to study and investigate reports of UFOs, particularly from US military personnel. Despite...

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Will Be Harry Reid's Fault

According to conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer

(Newser) - There'll be one person to blame for for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, and it isn't Mitch McConnell or President Trump. "God bless Harry Reid," Charles Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post . The conservative commentator argues that while Trump nominated Gorsuch and McConnell kept his seat...

Harry Reid Trolls Trump: Take Citizenship Test or 'Shut Up'

The outgoing senator doesn't think the GOP nominee would pass

(Newser) - No matter the outcome of November's election, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will never work with a President Trump—so the outspoken critic of the GOP nominee is having a little fun trolling him, reports the AP . His latest salvo: An online petition demanding that Donald Trump take the...

Harry Reid Sues Over Exercise Band He Says Blinded Him

He and his wife are seeking more than $50K in damages

(Newser) - Senate minority leader Harry Reid was working out in his bathroom on New Year's Day when the exercise band he was using either broke or slipped out of his hand, causing him to fall and hit his face on a cabinet, according to a lawsuit Reid and his wife...

Reid Backs Schumer to Replace Him

Jockeying begins to determine who will lead Senate Democrats

(Newser) - Unless Dick Durbin makes a stink about it, it appears that Chuck Schumer will replace Harry Reid as the Senate's Democratic leader come 2016. In an interview after announcing that he would not run for re-election, Reid tells the Washington Post that the New York senator is his pick....

Harry Reid to Retire
 Harry Reid to Retire 

Harry Reid to Retire

'I want to be able to go out at the top of my game,' Nevada senator says

(Newser) - Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced this morning he won't be seeking re-election in 2016, the New York Times reports. The Nevada senator, who reveals he's been thinking about retiring "for months," per the Times, says he's not ending his nearly 30 years in the...

Congress Now Bickering Over 'Clean' Homeland Security Bill

Dems want House GOP guarantee before agreeing to McConnell's offer

(Newser) - Congress has until Friday to either pass a bill to fund Homeland Security or appear completely dysfunctional—and it's not looking great for the former option. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has offered a vote on a "clean bill" to fund the agency, followed by one on President...

Harry Reid Might Not Regain Vision in Eye

It's not a 'slam dunk,' he says after exercise accident

(Newser) - Harry Reid's accident while exercising looks to be more serious than thought on at least one front: He tells KNPR in Nevada that it's not a "slam dunk" he'll regain vision in his right eye. He said doctors were "very hopeful" but added that it...

114th Convenes, GOP Takes Control

McConnell grabs majority reins in Senate as GOP vows to get to work

(Newser) - The 114th Congress has convened with solid Republican majorities in both houses, Mitch McConnell as the new Senate majority leader, and John Boehner retaining his gavel in the House despite a Tea Party challenge. In what the AP calls "a day of pomp, circumstance, and raw politics," Joe...

Harry Reid Breaks Bones While Exercising

Equipment broke, causing him to fall

(Newser) - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid was hospitalized after suffering an injury while exercising in his Nevada home yesterday. His office says Reid broke a number of ribs and bones in his face when a piece of equipment he was using to exercise broke, causing the senator to fall. Reid was...

Last Night's Major Victor: McConnell

 Last Night's 
 Major Victor: 
midterm elections

Last Night's Major Victor: McConnell

NRSC, RGA also pull off major coups

(Newser) - Last night's victory for Mitch McConnell was a big one: He was expected to face a neck-and-neck race, but instead he was called the winner just after the polls closed, Chris Cillizza writes in the Washington Post . Starting next year, he's the Senate majority leader. Among the night'...

Senate Control Is Up to Iowa: Harry Reid

If Bruce Braley doesn't win, Mitch McConnell will be majority leader, says Democrat

(Newser) - If Democrats want to retain control of the Senate, they'll have to win in Iowa, says Harry Reid. Speaking today to progressive activists, Reid said that if Rep. Bruce Braley beats Joni Ernst, Democrats will do "just fine." But if Ernst—who has recently led in polls,...

Obama: I Can Hit ISIS Without Congressional OK

President appears ready to approve airstrikes in Syria: Washington Post

(Newser) - President Obama will lay out his plan to cripple the Islamic State tomorrow night, and the Washington Post reports that he looks poised to order airstrikes in Syria. That controversial action probably won't come right away, but Obama has met with foreign policy experts and believes he is within...

Harry Reid Apologizes for Joke About 'Wongs'

Senate majority leader was speaking before Asian Chamber of Commerce

(Newser) - Harry Reid has issued an apology for comments he made to the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas, reports Politico . When he was introduced to the president of the group, Dr. Terry Wong, the senator majority leader cracked, "One problem that I've had today is keeping my...

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