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The Ballet School Was Missing $1.5M. The Story Gets Stranger

A convicted embezzler is again at the center of a financial mess

(Newser) - They gave her a second chance. Bad idea, perhaps. The New York Times reports on the financial mess the elite Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, DC, finds itself in: As the paper puts it, the school is "recovering from one of the bigger embezzlement scandals in the history...

Rev. Moon's Son Hopes to Rule US With 'Rod of Iron'
Rev. Moon's
Son Hopes
to Rule US With
'Rod of Iron'

Rev. Moon's Son Hopes to Rule US With 'Rod of Iron'

Pastor Sean sees the AR-15 as a divine weapon

(Newser) - The Rev. Sun Myung Moon died in 2012, and the changeover in leadership of his Unification Church has been anything but orderly within the Moon family. In a lengthy story at the Washington Post , Tom Dunkel explains that two of his sons have formed their own church in Pennsylvania called...

With Bullet Crowns and AR-15s, Church Ceremony Riles Town

Offshoot of Unification Church slammed by locals for 'scary' event

(Newser) - Worshippers wearing crowns made of bullets clutched AR-15 rifles, drank holy wine, and exchanged or renewed wedding vows in a commitment ceremony at a Pennsylvania church Wednesday, prompting a nearby school to cancel classes. With state police and a smattering of protesters standing watch outside the church, brides clad in...

3,500 Moonie Couples Get Hitched

First mass wedding since death of church founder

(Newser) - They definitely do: The Moonies have staged their annual mass wedding, joining some 3,500 couples in matrimony in a South Korea stadium, reports Sky News . The group nuptials were the first since the death of Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon in September, and were presided over by...

Unification Church Founder Rev. Moon Dead at 92

Sun Myung Moon died at a hospital owned by his church

(Newser) - The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the self-proclaimed messiah who turned his Unification Church into a worldwide religious movement and befriended North Korean leaders as well as U.S. presidents, has died, church officials said Monday. He was 92. Moon died Monday at a church-owned hospital near his home in Gapyeong,...

Thousands Marry in Mass Moonie Wedding
 Thousands Marry in 
 Mass Moonie Wedding 

Thousands Marry in Mass Moonie Wedding

40,000 gather for blessing of Sun Myung Moon in Korea

(Newser) - He is nearly 90 years old, but Sun Myung Moon—cult leader, Washington Times founder, self-proclaimed Messiah—can still draw a crowd. The leader of the Unification Church led a mass wedding for some 40,000 people outside of Seoul today, on the campus of, yes, Sun Moon University. It...

Rev. Moon Hurt in Copter Crash
 Rev. Moon Hurt in Copter Crash 

Rev. Moon Hurt in Copter Crash

Founder of Unification Church, 88, apparently has only slight injuries

(Newser) - The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church and leader of the so-called Moonies, was among 16 people injured today after his helicopter crashed and burst into flames in South Korea, the BBC reports. The controversial religious leader—traveling with his wife, 11 family members and three crew...

Moonie Scion Is Gun Magnate
Moonie Scion
Is Gun Magnate

Moonie Scion Is Gun Magnate

Reverend’s son Justin has built a lethal—and godly— weapons business

(Newser) - The son of aging messianic leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the frontrunner to take over the Unification Church. Meantime, he’s built Kahr Arms—which makes some of the smallest and most lethal guns. One of 13 children, young Justin Moon was encouraged to be violent, Portfolio reports, and...

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