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Judge Judy Has Made Her 2024 Endorsement

Judith Sheindlin says former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has her vote

(Newser) - Nikki Haley is closing what once seemed an insurmountable gap in New Hampshire between herself and former President Trump, with one poll showing her just single digits behind the former president in the race for the GOP nomination. Now, the ex-South Carolina governor has another boost—this time, from a...

Judge Judy Will Soon Be Banging Her Gavel Anew

Judy Sheindlin, and her granddaughter, will be coming to IMDb TV in November

(Newser) - Judge Judy Sheindlin is returning to television on Nov. 1 with a new red robe, a granddaughter in tow, and the challenge of competing with herself. She announced on Thursday the start date and name of her new show, Judy Justice, which will be available weekdays on the little-known IMDb...

So Long, Judge Judy. Hello, Judy Justice

Judy Sheindlin's namesake show ending after 25 seasons, but a new one's in the works

(Newser) - At $47 million a year, Judy Sheindlin is the highest-paid personality on the small screen, and her Judge Judy show is one of the top-rated programs in syndication. On Monday, however, Sheindlin will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to deliver some big news about her eponymous series: It's...

Judge Judy Has a New Reason to Smile

She's the highest-paid TV host for first time

(Newser) - It took 23 years, but Judith Sheindlin is officially the highest-paid host on TV, knocking Ellen DeGeneres into second place. The Judge Judy host sold the rights to past and future episodes to CBS for an estimated $100 million last year. Combined with salaries for hosting the show and producing...

Why You Should Love Judge Judy

 Why You 
 Should Love 
 Judge Judy 

Why You Should Love Judge Judy

There's a reason Sheindlin is on top, argues Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza

(Newser) - The strongest female lead on television has been there for 19 years: Judith Sheindlin. Judge Judy earned its highest rating in 11 years to begin February sweeps, according to TVNewsCheck , and the show was recently renewed through 2017, with good reason. "Sheindlin hears and protects the reasonable American's...

TV's Highest-Paid Star? Judge Judy (by a Mile)

She brings home $47M per year: 'TV Guide'

(Newser) - The highest-paid TV star probably isn't who you'd expect: It's Judy Sheindlin, perhaps better known as Judge Judy, who earns an impressive $47 million a year, TV Guide reports. Sheindlin's massive salary is thanks in part to the fact that hers is the top-rated syndicated daytime...

Incoherent Judge Judy Hospitalized Mid-Taping

It may be related to oral surgery she had yesterday

(Newser) - Judge Judy was rushed to the hospital this morning after becoming incoherent while taping in Los Angeles, Radar Online reports. It's apparently related to oral surgery she had yesterday. After speaking a few sentences unrelated to the case at hand, she told the audience she had “to stop” because...

Judge Judy, Not Oprah, Owns Daytime TV
 Judge Judy, 
 Not Oprah, 
 Owns Daytime TV 
and she's no fan of wapner

Judge Judy, Not Oprah, Owns Daytime TV

How Judith Sheindlin became our most beloved judge

(Newser) - Think Oprah Winfrey is the queen of daytime television? Think again. Judith Sheindlin, otherwise known as Judge Judy, routinely beats Winfrey in the ratings—and she does it with a distinctively different style from the feel-good talk show host. “If I call someone an idiot, they're an idiot,”...

You Can Call Him (Judge) Al
You Can Call Him (Judge) Al

You Can Call Him (Judge) Al

D'Amato is in talks to start a hyper-lucrative daytime court show a la Judge Judy

(Newser) - As if fathering a child at age 70 weren't enough drama, now Alfonse D'Amato might get benched: The former senator is in talks to start a daytime court TV show, the New York Daily News reports. And lest his following in the footsteps of Wapner incites too many snickers, such...

Oprah Tops List of TV's Biggest Earners—Again

She collected cool $260m; second-place Seinfeld nabbed $60m

(Newser) - Talk show diva Oprah Winfrey continues her reign as the Queen of  Media, topping Forbes' list of 2007's 20 highest earning TV stars with a whopping $260 million. Jerry Seinfeld came in a distant second with $60 million—mostly from residuals. They were followed by Simon Cowell ($45 million), David...

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