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Flier Charged With Groping Sleeping Woman

Veerabhadrarao Kunam accused of in-air sexual abuse on Virgin America flight

(Newser) - A woman who dozed off during an overnight flight Saturday from Los Angeles to Newark says she woke to the stranger next to her touching her inappropriately, the Record reports. Per the criminal complaint described in a Justice Department release : The woman awoke on her Virgin America flight to find...

Alaska Air Deal Makes It Bigger Than JetBlue

Airline strikes deal to buy Virgin America

(Newser) - Alaska Air will leapfrog JetBlue to become the nation's fifth-largest airline after striking a deal to buy Virgin America, reports the Seattle Times . Alaska Air announced the deal Monday morning after what the Wall Street Journal reports was a "frenzied" bidding war with JetBlue, one that resulted in...

Masturbating Man Grounds Flight in Omaha

Doug Adams, 26, allegedly tried to open emergency exit door

(Newser) - A masturbating man may be responsible for grounding an airplane in Nebraska Monday, though reports about what exactly took place on the Virgin America flight from Boston to Los Angeles are sketchy. The Federal Aviation Administration calls the incident a medical emergency, reports KNBC , but accounts from police in Omaha—...

Airline Safety Videos Get a New Ringleader
 Best Airline Safety Video Ever? 

Best Airline Safety Video Ever?

Virgin America winning praise for musical version

(Newser) - Virgin America airline is winning raves for, of all things, its new safety video. It's set to music that is "amazingly—not cringeworthy," opines Wired . The New Republic thinks it's a decent music video in its own right, and IBN Live calls it "genius branding....

Free This Month: Facebook Access, at 30K Feet

Thanks to a Ford/Gogo promotion

(Newser) - Joyful news for Facebook users who have thus far been unable to post real-time status updates like: "Enjoying Delta's Biscoff cookies ... 47 more minutes til Philly!!" A handful of airlines are dishing up freebie in-flight Facebook access all month long. They're offering the February promo thanks, in part,...

Gay Couple Marries Over Canada

Two men reportedly wed while in Canadian airspace

(Newser) - Gay Americans are finding clever ways around marriage bans: following one couple’s wedding via Skype , two men were married yesterday on a Virgin America flight that went over Canada, CBS News reports. WordPress’s founder tweeted the news: “The captain flew briefly over Canadian airspace so two gentleman...

Hellish Flight Takes 16 Hours From LAX to JFK

Passengers forced to take bus for last two hours

(Newser) - Flights don’t get much worse than Virgin America Flight 404, which took 16 long hours to get from LAX to JFK. The plane was supposed to land in New York at 3:30pm, but high winds forced it to circle for hours. Finally it landed in Newburgh, 90 miles...

In-Flight WiFi Takes Off
 In-Flight WiFi Takes Off 
Product review

In-Flight WiFi Takes Off

The last refuge from the office is gone

(Newser) - Now you can manically check your inbox from 40,000 feet, reports Walter Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. Certain American Airlines routes between New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami will offer in-flight WiFi starting in July, and Virgin America will have it later in the year....

Fly the Tech-Friendly Skies
 Fly the Tech-Friendly Skies 

Fly the Tech-Friendly Skies

PC World takes a look at getting connected in the air

(Newser) - Travelers who want to stay connected while they're on the move get an assist from PC World, which finds that some airlines and airports are soaring ahead in the technology stakes while others are stuck on the runway. Virgin America leads the way, with a power port in every seat,...

Fare War Breaks Out at LAX
Fare War Breaks Out at LAX

Fare War Breaks Out at LAX

Thanks to Virgin America, ticket prices dip as fuel prices soar

(Newser) - Even as fuel prices soar, Los Angeles airline passengers are enjoying an old-fashioned fare war sparked by newcomer Virgin America, the LA Times reports. Sir Richard Branson's brainchild has drawn United, Alaska, Southwest, and even longtime LAX holdout JetBlue into a feud that's seen one-way fares as low as $44....

Buying On-flight Perks With Plastic: Priceless

Carriers eye plastic-only policies to 'save bazillions of dollars'

(Newser) - More airlines are letting flyers buy perks with plastic, hoping it will speed up service and save money. American Airlines is the latest to sell meals by credit or debit, but others are way ahead: JetBlue, Alaska Air and Virgin America are already cashless. Nixing cash sales will ease the...

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