Columbus Day

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Christopher Columbus Belongs on Death Row

His legacy is an 'unspeakably cruel' one, writes Eric Kasum

(Newser) - It's Columbus Day, kids, and that means it's time to honor a man "who, if he were alive today, would almost certainly be sitting on Death Row awaiting execution," writes Eric Kasum for the Huffington Post . Kasum commemorates the holiday by recounting the true tale of Christopher Columbus,...

Columbus the Crusader's Legacy Endures

Americans forget religious fervor drove the 1492 expedition

(Newser) - This Columbus Day, James Carroll invites us to reconsider the man and his motivations. Pop culture has secularized Columbus, concentrating on his mission in search of gold, spices, and trade routes. That ignores his central motivation: expanding the dominion of Christianity. An “old Crusader” ambition motivated Columbus, Carroll writes...

Dow Up 21 After Rally Loses Steam
 Dow Up 21 After 
 Rally Loses Steam 

Dow Up 21 After Rally Loses Steam

Dow hits new 2009 high but falls back amid light volume

(Newser) - The stock indices ended mixed today after strong morning gains lost steam. The Dow hit a new high for 2009, 9931.82, off strong expectations for the third-quarter earnings. But profit-taking traders capitalized on recent gains, pushing the market lower; light trading volume on the Columbus Day holiday amplified their...

States, Employers Un-Discover Columbus Day

It's dropping off the calendar as a holiday in many states

(Newser) - Columbus Day is rapidly sailing off the calendar all over the US. Some 22 states no longer give their workers the day off and many employers have begun "holiday swapping," requiring workers to come in on Columbus Day in return for an extra day off at Christmas or...

Stocks Dip on Bad Oil News
Stocks Dip on Bad Oil News

Stocks Dip on Bad Oil News

(Newser) - Stocks fell today as oil producers and miners faced fears a slow economy would hamper demand. Crude dropped as low as $78.98 as Columbus Day brought the slowest trading session of the year; the Dow closed at 14,043.73, down 22.28. Exxon and Occidental both saw declines,...

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