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Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose Ending 30-Year Tradition
Axl Rose
Ending a 30-Year
Concert Tradition
in case you missed it

Axl Rose Ending a 30-Year Concert Tradition

After woman is injured, he will stop throwing his mic into the crowd

(Newser) - As he has done at the end of pretty much every show for 30 years, Axl Rose tossed his mic into the crowd after a recent performance in Australia. Except this time, it bonked Guns N' Roses fan Rebecca Howe square in the face, she tells the Australian Broadcast Network...

Mnuchin Mixes Up Flags in Twitter Clash With Axl Rose

Rock singer is not a fan of the Treasury secretary

(Newser) - Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose tangled with Treasury Department frontman Steven Mnuchin in a Twitter spat Wednesday night. "It’s official! Whatever anyone may have previously thought of Steve Mnuchin he’s officially an a--hole," Rose tweeted . Mnuchin soon responded, tweeting : "What have you done for...

Troubling News About Guns N' Roses Drummer

Steven Adler is hospitalized after he reportedly stabbed himself

(Newser) - Disturbing news out of Los Angeles about longtime Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler: The 54-year-old has been hospitalized after stabbing himself, reports TMZ . The good news is that Adler's injuries are non-life-threatening, according to LAPD officer Jeff Lee. People reports that police responded to a possible suicide attempt...

Volatile Track Missing From Guns N' Roses Album Reissue

'One in a Million' from 1988 features N-word, anti-gay slur

(Newser) - A re-released version of a Guns N' Roses' album won't sound quite how fans remember it. "One in a Million," a song that made waves upon its release because it featured the N-word, an anti-gay slur, and anti-immigrant sentiments, has been omitted from a box set reissue...

Slash, Axl Rose Reunite as Guns N' Roses After 23 Years

The legendary band played a surprise club show Friday in Los Angeles

(Newser) - On Friday night, 500 people were welcomed to the jungle when Slash and Axl Rose played together as Guns N' Roses for the first time in more than 20 years, AFP reports. It was—as Rolling Stone puts it—"a sight most GNR fans believed they would never witness...

Sources: Guns N' Roses Reuniting in 2016

Axl Rose hasn't played with Slash in 23 years

(Newser) - In a feat nearly as impressive as bringing Tupac Shakur back from the dead , Coachella has apparently persuaded the original lineup of Guns N' Roses to get back together for this year's festival. Sources tells Billboard that the reunited band is set to headline the festival in April and...

Cause of 20-Year Axl Rose-Slash Feud Finally Uncovered?

It could all have to do with Michael Jackson, big-screen TV

(Newser) - The mystery behind why Axl Rose and Slash have been on the outs since 1996, when Slash quit Guns N' Roses, may have finally been solved. And it all comes down to ... Michael Jackson and a big-screen TV? Vulture picks up on this tidbit from former GNR manager Doug Goldstein'...

18 Male Celebrity Divas
 18 Male Celebrity Divas 

18 Male Celebrity Divas

Jay-Z will only eat fancy PB&J, thank you very much

(Newser) - You certainly don't have to be female to be a diva, as these 18 men rounded up by Radar prove:
  • While performing, Kanye West will only use $400 Versace towels to wipe his face.
  • Tom Cruise recently demanded a Montenegro restaurant clear out so he could eat there alone.

Axl Rose to Cleveland: Sorry, You Rock

He says decision to snub Hall of Fame has received a lot of support

(Newser) - Axl Rose wants the people of Cleveland to know his decision to shun Guns N' Roses' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction over the weekend was nothing personal. "I would like to apologize to Cleveland, Ohio, for not apologizing to them beforehand for not attending [the ceremony] in...

Axl Rose to Rock Hall: I Reject My Induction

He won't be there Saturday for Guns N' Roses honor

(Newser) - Green Day will make the induction speech this weekend when Guns N' Roses enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, notes Rolling Stone , but Axl Rose has just ensured that the speech might be a little ... tricky. GNR's co-founder and lead singer says he won't attend. "...

Guns N' Roses, Chili Peppers Headed to Hall of Fame

Beastie Boys also among 2012 inductees

(Newser) - Guns N' Roses' new paradise city is Cleveland: The Axl Rose-fronted rockers are among the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2012 inductees, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys, and late singer/songwriter Laura Nyro, who wrote such classics as "Wedding Bell Blues." Also...

Furious Fans Force Guns N' Roses Off Stage

Late start to concert irks Irish audience

(Newser) - Maybe all they needed was a little patience? Irate Irish fans booed Guns N' Roses and pelted the band with plastic bottles and cups after the rockers started a concert in Dublin 40 minutes late, the Irish Times reports. Axl Rose warned the audience: "One more bottle and we...

Axl Sues Manager —for Trying to Reunite GNR

Rose also not happy Irving Azoff dared to use his real name

(Newser) - Axl Rose really, really does not want see Guns N’ Roses reunited, and he’s suing his former manager for allegedly attempting to do just that. Irving Azoff mishandled both the promotion of Chinese Democracy and the tour dates for Rose’s current band, the suit claims, all in an...

5 Rockers Who Beat Drugs
 5 Rockers Who Beat Drugs 

5 Rockers Who Beat Drugs

Maybe Scott Weiland will take a cue from former bandmate Slash

(Newser) - In honor of a new book by Scott Weiland’s ex recalling the couple’s drug-fueled rock and roll escapades, Fox News takes a look at musicians who fought addiction and won:
  • Slash, Guns N’ Roses: Addicted to heroin, booze, and women; was scared straight after running down the street

5 Truly Awful Albums
 5 Truly Awful Albums 

5 Truly Awful Albums

(Newser) - Israeli researchers have created the sonic phenomenon of a black hole that kills sound. Which, of course, led Scott Thill of Wired to whip up a list of five atrocious albums he'd like to toss into the newly made void.
  • Scream, Chris Cornell: With nary an actual scream on the

Back to Rehab for Ex-GN'R Drummer
Back to Rehab for 
Ex-GN'R Drummer 

Back to Rehab for Ex-GN'R Drummer

(Newser) - Fresh from his appearance on Celebrity Rehab, ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler is going back to rehab, E! reports. Adler pleaded no contest to drug charges stemming from a July arrest, and was ordered to enter a state rehab program. The rocker, who checked out of his higher-profile treatment...

Chinese Democracry No Boon for Best Buy

Chain bought exclusive sales rights to new album

(Newser) - Best Buy paid millions for exclusive sales rights to Guns N’ Roses latest effort, but of 1.3 million copies ordered, only 318,000 have left the shelves, the Wall Street Journal reports. The chain was betting Chinese Democracy would be the record of the year. Instead, it debuted at...

Pop Culture Casualties of 2008
  Pop Culture Casualties of 2008 

Pop Culture Casualties of 2008

A look back at the year's cultural departures

(Newser) - A Led Zeppelin world tour? Sorry, that was a whole lotta hype. Madonna and Guy Ritchie's love story? Ditto. As the curtain comes down on 2008, the Los Angeles Times bids farewell to this year’s departed cultural phenomena.
  • Joaquin Phoenix’s movie career: He walked the line as Johnny

Equation Helps Procrastinators Overcome Their Stall Tactics

You know, when you get around to it

(Newser) - The legions of those of us who "will do it later" are growing, reports the Sunday Times, but now there's a formula to figure out what chance you have of beating back your delay tactics. A Calgary University business professor claims in a new book, The Procrastination Equation,...

Axl Outraged by Dr Pepper Promo Fizzle

Fury over 'exploitation' of fans in promo that offers free drinks linked to album release

(Newser) - Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is furious about a nationwide soft-drink giveaway linked to the band's latest album that went bad, reports E! Online. In a promo not authorized by the band, Dr Pepper offered free 20-ounce bottles if Guns N' Roses' new album was released in 2008. But...

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